Good Vibes from GirlTALK!

Marami pala akong ilalagay na kowts dito sa blog na ito. Ahahaha… sana nga ma-aliw pa kayo, eh! (:

Actually, I have been receiving MORE and MORE forum replies that are more substantial and well-analyzed. If you are going to take a look at my blog posts, it seems that I’m becoming more vindicated than ever! Haha, to the haters out there, I am now receiving good vibes from GirlTALK. (: Let’s see kung may makaka-pantay pa sa mga blog posts ko… and the number of follower counts.

PS: I am grateful to all the likers and followers of MSPanythinginrandom and of course my official blog for the UNENDING support! I really appreciate that.

For some reason, I would really like to present to you the things I have said in GirlTALK:

Yeah, I also believe that beauty is also relative. There are some Hollywood stars who(m) I really do not find physically attractive like Sarah Jessica Parker. Also, personally I really do not find Catherine Zeta-Jones that attractive–what made her attractive is her sophisticated appeal, and the mere fact that she knows how to carry herself is another thing that made her attractive to both Asians and Westerners.

OT: The only reason why being fair-skinned and straight-haired is attractive here in the Philippines is mainly because of two factors: One, basta Caucasian ang features mo, you are attractive. Second, it was Meteor Garden who popularized straight hair because of Barbie Hsu–and being “chinita” or “chinito” became attractive, respectively. Well, there are some people who are fair-skinned and straight-haired and is of Spanish-Chinese descent pero hindi parin sila pansinin, not as attractive as Ellen Adarna or Grace Lee.

I really cannot blame society for setting beauty standards that would oppress women, eh marami namang mga mestiza’t mapuputi ang balat na hindi naman talaga attractive, and some of them would admit that they’re appreciated for their fair skin–there are olive-skinned women there who are even more attractive say for instance, Solenn Heussaff and Iza Calzado–both of them may be more attractive on-screen maybe because of their mixed-race features, but nevertheless, they’re still more attractive (for me lang ah) compared to the likes of Cristine Reyes or let’s say, Kim Chiu. Eh kung sa Japan o sa Korea sina Cristine at Kim, they’re very ordinary, I must say.

Sometimes, being maputi makes one’s facial features nakaka-sawa rin, especially kapag kasing-puti na ng papel ang balat mo. Also, I do think that Solenn and Iza are beautiful in their own way even though they are not very fair–remember they are mixed race, Solenn is half-French while Iza is of Spanish descent. These two Latina beauties defeat Julia Montes when it comes to beauty–si Julia kasi, nakaka-umay ang beauty niya, just like Bianca Casado. The reason why most Filipinos find fair skin as attractive is because it signifies wealth–so kung maitim ang isang tao eh, mahirap na kaagad? Sadly, there are still GirlTALKers who find Lovi Poe dugyutin. Personally, Lovi is not very attractive to me, pero hindi naman siya nakaka-bad vibes. Now there are reasons why Westerners prefer tanned girls than fair-skinned ones. Basta exotic-looking, attractive na sa kanila ‘yun–because for them, being dark-skinned is healthy.

I think being maputi should be a personal choice (I would par myself with Kaye Abad), not something that would pressure women just because society dictates so. Anyways, I don’t really find fair-skinned (basta maputi lang ang balat, kahit mukha naman siyang yaya choz!) and mestiza women that attractive unless may X-factor talaga sila. Ask me why I like Solenn–if I were to have her face, siguradong magiging narcissist ako at puro selfie na ang nasa celfone ko. (:

Another harsh reality I said in GT:

Agree with sis Purple_Power and sissy Tumblrista. Ever since naman naging LAUGHING STOCK at saka BUTT OF JOKES talaga ‘yang si CR eh, despite having the good looks, fair skin and the bod. Looking and judging CR’s Instagram, halatadong ma-jeje ang lokaret, pati ang mga captions niya, it really comes from a jeje person, like seriously. No decent guy would actually take her seriously, compared naman sa mga nagka-sex video pero sineryoso like Maricar Reyes. If CR is an actress/celebrity in South Korea, lagot siya diyan! Korean netizens are notoriously known (well, majority of them, not all) for lambasting celebrities once they do a single faux pas, and if Koreans will lambast her, expect helluva bashing na parang they will force her to commit suicide. No kidding, open-minded K-Pop fans who are not blinded with the “good things” that you see on Korean TV will clarify that.

Now there’s a reason why hindi nakaka-kilig kapag may nagiging ka-relasyon siya, lalo na when sila pa ni Rayver Cruz, and Rayver is being the underdog.

I do not buy into La Greta’s comment that CR is being jologs. Well, come on, you could still be jologs with class, and it does not mean kapag jologs, walang class. Pwedeng i-lugar ang pagiging sosyal at jologs, pero to the point that magiging jologs na NO CLASS at all!? Jeje na ang tawag diyan. I also doubt that classy si CR when it comes to carrying herself–as in malayo pa ang mararating niya compared kay Yeng Constantino or kay Lady GaGa, ano! Si Yeng, I do think she’s jologs, but she does it with class. Okay, accuse her for being “jeje” when it comes to captions, but it just shows that she does not try hard to look sosyal because she does look sosyal in her own way. Also with Lady GaGa–but I do find GaGa classier than any other sex object right there!

Looking at Yeng’s posts, as compared to AA’s posts, at least Yeng sends good vibes and most of the comments are really positive. Well, in some way, hindi trying hard magpaka-sosyal si Yeng in whatever outfit she wears, unlike AA who tries so hard to look sosyal but at the end of the day, she still looks skanky.

And AA is also NO MATCH to Rufa Mae Quinto. Kahit nagmukhang tuyot si RMQ sa mga IG posts niya, at least she also knows how to carry herself very well, and very consistent pa talaga ang aura niya ever since. Si RMQ, kahit sexy star pa ang tawag sa kanya, at least sosyal ang dating niya with matching jologs act. Now you see why I still think P-Chi is still likeable despite looking “plasticized” lately?

Guys, just because you’re jologs does not make you jeje, if you do it with class. Look at how I post things–yeah, they seem jologs, but I make sure I do it with class. Sure, I may not conform into society’s sosyal standards, but at least I do fit in because I do not need to kiss rich people’s asses to become popular. Look–kahit sino pwedeng maging ka-friendship ko, just don’t piss me off (number one pet peeve: to be irrationally arrogant without proving your worth as a person), even though I rarely turn on my palengkera mode.

Kahit komedyante si P-Chi, she is still respectable, kaya I do not approve of people messing up with her. Okay lang kung brutally frank kayo sa hitzu niya ngayon, but it can never be denied that she has a positive aura just like Yeng. Same with Marian Rivera (as much as I hate to make her redundant–at least I have to admit that I’m an ex-fan of hers)–she is often accused of being palengkera and pala-away, but I do see her as sosyal na jologs in her own way.

Yeah, you may say it again that nobody’s perfect, and you can never please anybody. However, being pa-controversial to gain more attention is another story–and that is NOT being jologs at all. In fact, that is being a jeje-tard! Hindi nakapag-tataka kung maraming JEJE-fans ‘yang si AA. They will tell you that you should be judgmental towards AA because of this and that, but truth is, like any other Kapamilya fantard, they are very butt-hurt when you say bad things against them, without hurting them. Eh, parang diyos-diyosan na nila si AA, eh… well I don’t think AA is a goddess material (eww! Goddess of Snakes, pwede!).

Why is AA not a girlfriend or a wife material?

Well, looking back at her past history, Ara Mina disclosed AA’s past: She (AA) was really a spoiled brat and she was over-appreciated by her foster-family. There is something that made AA that person, and I doubt that she was not a bully during high school (I think she’s a bully). Kumbaga, she never learned from her mistakes and has the potential to act “goody-two-shoes” once she’s caught in the act for doing bad things.

Siguro kahit ako ‘yung lalaki, I would NOT be stupid enough to fall for her. Malamang, mga jeje-tards lang ang magkakagusto sa kanya aside from her good looks (bwahaha!). If you were to look at her, she’s only good for bed. PEACE to her fans, but I just think this is a brutal reality that you should know! Actually, the reason why I got very angry to the max when blogging against AA is because she still acts like the underdog even though in contrast, people view her as a skank. I bet, people like AA will not be taken seriously, especially people who are DECENT enough and SMART enough and WISE enough not to make patol with her. Also, I do not buy her being “totoong tao” when she is having rift with someone. Sure, there are some people who think she’s a totoong tao, but come to think of it, kukulo talaga ang dugo niyo sa kanya, mapa-bitch man ang ugali mo o hindi.

Sadly, Rayver and Derek chose to be with AA for the wrong reasons. Una sa lahat, AA is NO MATCH to both Angelica Panganiban and Sarah Geronimo. Okay, accuse Sarah Geronimo for acting pa-tweetums, and people will disclose na may suplada moments rin si SG, but there’s one FP thread that stated a lot of good memories with SG–in other words, walang ka-ere ere sa katawan si SG. Same with Angel P., even though she’s mataray and palengkera at the same time, she knows how to carry herself very well. At saka, she’s the WIFE material for many reasons–one, she loves her foster family and cares for them. Two, she takes care of Derek Ramsay while in their four-year relationship… and lastly, she knows where she’s coming from, kaya kahit bad influence pa si AP sa mga madlang pipol, she never fails to project a good impression towards the audience. Ganyan siya ka-classy. Another example of being jologs with class.

What AA really IS, that AP and SG is NOT, is being poseur. Okay, SG is accused of again, being pa-tweetums, but she cannot afford to do pa-sexy roles, even though she could do it with class. She knows her limitations. She knows how to be kalog without acting jeje. She could be jologs and sosyal at the same time. Meanwhile, Angelica knows that there is always a right time to be mataray and at the same time has a good side to show. AP isn’t afraid to admit that she became on with Derek Ramsay and they were live-in partners, and that’s what I really like about her.

Well, the reason why I said that AA is being poseur is because there are some instances wherein nagawa na niya ang isyu, gumawa siya ng kabulastugan para lang mapansin, tapos she will act like a saint just to conceal her wrongdoings. DUH, and even ABS-CBN is tolerating her bitchiness, that’s why I do think she’s a POSER, especially if she’s in her Carrie Prejean mode (I would understand Perez Hilton bashing Carrie–preaching Christianity while having a scandal is total poseur!)–kahit anong i-post na God-fearing posts ni AA, we won’t be convinced about that. Ang talent lang ni AA ay ang manloko ng tao.

Another reason why AA is a poseur is how she stayed almost anorexic-slim despite being “matakaw” kuno–one thing that she does is to go to the gym, but I am convinced as well. One netizen asked if AA is bulimic and she responded in a sarcastic manner. This made me cringe because that means AA is offended and insulted and being in a defensive mode without any second thought. I am also not convinced that AA didn’t undergo liposuctions to stay that slim since her skinny skeletal arms do not match her large thighs (a big mismatch!). Well, I also have large thighs, but at least it matches well with my arms, unlike AA’s.

Lastly, AA is poseur because dine-deny parin niya hanggang ngayon ang mga pagpaparetoke niya. If she claims that she’s being a totoong tao, then why the HELL is she not admitting her nose job, boob job, skin whitening job, lipo job, as if everything on her is nature-blessed? Close-close-an kay Belo!? Close-close-an kay Calayan!? ETCHOS! I don’t think AA is being true to herself while she blocked a lot of people mentioning her second nose job. Defensive much? Well, I bet she cannot admit these “retoke” thing because she’s afraid people might throw some ugly shizznit against her. Well, face the reality, AA! Maiintindihan ko ‘yun if you’re turning on your 30s while having a boob and butt job, facelift and any retoke, or in your 40s, but being too young to have any surgeries will make you look older than your age. In other words, you looked older than your age not because of the retoke’s on your body, but that’s because nagpaka-laspag ka at a very early age, that’s why you badly needed a BODY-LIFT para lang bumata ang hitzu mo!

Kuha mo!?

I also think that AA should act her age, even though she has childish moments. Besides, feeling niya teenager parin siya, even though she’s not. Well, I also admit that I have childish moments such as buying a lot of stuff for kids and whatnot, but at least I know how to put it at the right places. Yeah, I hate to say the fact that I am already 20 years old, but to think that I still act childish is kinda normal. Besides, everyone has a childish and a mature side. It’s only that you have to be consistent with what you’re doing.

After all, AGE IS JUST A FREAKING NUMBER. But you cannot avoid society’s expectation for us. Live with it. Face it. It’s life. There’s no such thing as EASY way. Everything is difficult at first, but you have to face it. Eh si AA naman, wala talaga siyang ikinatanda! She’s like Kris Aquino who is best known for being an attention-seeking whore! Kung ang pag-uusapan ay ang pagkatao nila, I don’t think they will grow the fuck up the RIGHT WAY because they never learned from their mistakes. Besides, they were both raised to become power-tripping spoiled brats! That’s how simple it is!

Side Note: No wonder, Kris Aquino, just like AA, was never exposed to the harsh realities of life. I remember my prof. saying that Kris should have been a Lasallian than an Atenean because at least, DLSU has a subject that teaches you how to prepare yourself when you fall in love with someone, but Tita Cory insisted that Kris should be in Ateneo because her (Kris) bodyguards would be allowed to assist her there. Kaya you know the reason why Kris is very immature and unstable at the same time–no wonder, her eldest son Josh did not improve very well. I bet, kung si Phillip Salvador pa ang nag-alaga kay Josh, he (Josh) would have improved a LOT. Yeah, hindi rin perfect si Ka Phil (well, nagpaka-weakling kasi siya kay Krizzy while being married to someone else), but even though he was also controlled by Kris, you’ll see that he has a very strong personality–he learned from his wrongdoings. Malas lang niya and he was deprived from his role as a father to Josh–due to Krizzy’s selfishness.

Now I have said enough about Kris Aquino. Moving on…

I think AA was deprived from being like her mother and her one-chan. She was deprived from learning good manners and right conduct by being over-appreciated, kaya naging loka-loka rin pala siya in the end. Kaya she was a laughing stock when it comes to her GMRC performance. People will say, “Mag-enroll siya ulit sa GMRC class niya!” Another would be, “Siguro naka-ilang bagsak na siya sa GMRC classes niya!” Well, AA was never been disciplined in the right way–in other words, she needs to be in a military camp in a jiffy!

If AA needs to learn her lesson, she should be in a relationship with a military officer, but these military men won’t ever dare do that because they might lose their dignity. Haha!

I think I have said enough. Haha, super long post about kay AA. Well, that’s life people. It cannot be helped.


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