My thoughts about Lovi Poe’s sexy shoot…

(Originally drafted on July 12, 2013)

Thanks FP for the photo.

I don’t see anything wrong with Lovi Poe’s pose here, but what most people pinpoint is no other than her skin color(!?).

As much as I do find Lovi “dirty-looking,” at least here, she does not look as if she didn’t take a bath. In fact, walang sinabi si Kitchie kay Lovi (big, dark eyebags plus high cheekbones will only make you more like Morticia Addams, and I don’t think big and dark eyebags rin si Lovi). Recent photos show that Lovi could still look clean with the right hairstyle, right clothes and the right makeup. Thing is, her face shape is just ruining everything.

Speaking of Filipino beauty standards, why do they think of Lovi Poe as “dirty-looking”? Granted, she’s not even that good-looking ever since she lost a few pounds, but I was wondering why people think that she looks like as if she’s not taking a bath?

I bet she’s really a low-maintenance person.

If she’s low-maintenance, eh ‘di wala pala siyang sinabi kay Solenn. Solenn may also be low-maintenance, but why does she look clean and let’s say, high maintenance?

Solenn is an epitome of what we call it as God-given. Whether she has makeup or wala, she’s really very beautiful, and she’s really a goddess. However, there are speculations that she’s not pretty in person. Hmmm… but I don’t think she’s ugly, too. For me, Solenn is effortlessly beautiful, and same goes with Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera.

Lovi Poe’s skin color makes her a goddess. Ang shape lang talaga ng face niya, masyadong matulis.

She also explained where she got her dusky complexion:

“I look like my dad,” she agrees. “But I don’t know where I got my morena complexion. Maybe it’s from swimming. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved swimming.”

Hmmm… I saw her mom Rowena Moran’s photograph where she used to be morena as well. I don’t think the mom was fair-skinned before, so yeah. I think she got her dark skin from her mother.

She’s very lucky to be proud of her dark skin, probably because she wants to have an identity of her own. Heck, I am not a fan of hers, but I used to be one when she was only starting her career. She was very pretty, not until she became a high-maintenance freak.

However, I do find her prettier than Kitchie Nadal. No idea why. I think that’s because of her charm and charisma that makes her stand out from the rest of the fair-skinned actresses that we know in Philippine showbiz. Also, hindi ako fan ng napakalaking eyebags, na magmukha kang binugbog. Deep-set rin ang eyes ni Lovi, but at least she does not have this bagong-gising eyebags. When you see them like waking up in the morning, I bet Lovi won’t look sabog.

When she does everything sexy, she does not even objectify herself. Like, come on. Wholesome parin ang peg ni Lovi even though she’s posing sexy for magazine shoots.

Thanks FP for the photo.

Despite lacking boobs and ass, she’s sexy for me. At least kahit papano, when it comes to lovelife, she knows how to handle herself very well, unlike the other overrated celebs who do nothing to flash their bodies in a wrong way.

Dark skin = DIRTY!? I don’t think soooo…

I know some you think that I am very proud of being “brown,” but actually, it’s the opposite. If I didn’t let’s say, had a crush on this popular kid, I would have very proud of being dark, and at the same time I would have been swimming more and more. I tan easily, and that’s one of the things that I really don’t like about myself, actually. However, for Lovi, it’s a blessing towards her. People who tend to be fair-skinned at their infancy to their toddler years easily get darker. Same with Alessandra. I’ve seen Alex’s photos and whoa… she only got her bronze when she came here in the Philippines.

What Alessandra and Lovi had in common aside from their brown skin is that, they refuse to have a boobjob and securing a Nicki Minaj ass (hahaha, why not J-Lo!? After all, J-Lo is very down-to-earth when it comes to her butt. Meanwhile, Beyonce and Kim K spend their time flaunting their ass!). However, if let’s say, they’re skinny, small-chested but has a nice ass, I would go for it. After all, mas fan pa ako ng payat na katawan, small-chested pero malaki ang booty. Toni Gonzaga is one example.

Well, dahil hindi ko masyadong type ang mga mala-European Caucasian na lalaki (hahaha, I only had a few Caucasian celebrity crushes, and it’s only Jesse McCartney, Alex Pettyfer and Daniel Radcliffe that attracted me), I was more into Asian guys. While Asian guys attract me, mas lalo naman kapag halfie ka.

Pero it’s kinda true when Asian guys will be very particular about Filipino beauty standards. Ang mas gentleman pa ang hindi gaanong particular sa beauty standards:

Wala kang ipinagiba sa karamihan ng Chinese dito sa Hong Kong. ayaw sa mga brown or dark skin people dahil sa kanila marumi. Ang bababoy naman. At least si Lovi isa na lang sa very few celebrities na hindi lumalaklak ng Gluta.

One reason why I don’t like to date chinito-looking guys is because they prefer someone who is also Chinese-looking. Yes, they think that when you are “exotic” to them, they will think that you come from a plebeian status, you are not “burgeoise” enough (funny but true) and the worst? Kat Viola agreed with one of my posts:

East Asian beauty pala sinusundan natin tapos pinagtatawanan ng ibang shallow people yung mga East Asian stars dahil sa false pride at double standards. Tsk… Tsk…. Shallow people need to dig deeper than the beauty or status of the person.

I think my first crush at school was too shallow, to think that if you’re dark-skinned, curly-haired (I have to say this, he has fans who are dark-skinned and/or not-so straight-haired, but he would rather choose a mestiza or a chinita)–he won’t notice you. Ang mga nakakatuluyan niya ay kung sino pa ang maputi lang. Ironically, crush niya pala si Cass Ponti, so I had this mentality na “Mahilig pala siya sa maitim ah, okay, magpapaitim na lang ako haha!”

I don’t really know why people think that if you look East Asian, then you’re attractive kaagad? Honestly, kung hindi lang sumikat ang F4, malamang we would have been using digi-perm, and shampoo commercials will always remain as a strategy to convince us that “this shampoo is nice!” (Meteor Garden really shoved to us the ideal beauty coming from the Chinese just because of being over-hyped)

Ironically, women with East Asian features really wished to have thinner lips, longer lashes and double eyelids. As much as they’re blessed with good keratin buildup (yes, healthy skin is equal to healthy hair) and faster and stronger metabolism, they’d rather be Western-like.

Actually, I would rather be myself and enhance my features if I’m not in the Philippines. I would be much happier if I live in the US since individualism is really encouraged there, and even though they think that tan is “in,” they don’t really mind about any person’s skin tone. They won’t really view pale-skinned women as “ugly,” but rather they won’t be too attracted.

What’s so fucking wrong about Lovi Poe’s skin color? And her cheekbones!?

Call Lovi Poe UGLY just because she is dugyutin with her skin color and “mukhang bungo” because of her cheekbones, but nevertheless, I do not find her UGLY in some way. Personally, I really do not find her THAT attractive since she’s too skinny for my taste–but I do find her more attractive than any other mestiza with fair skin but with common, ordinary-looking features. Come on, hypocrite FP readers, just because Lovi Poe isn’t WHITE-SKINNED like her mother won’t make you look squeaky clean! Man, I just tend to cringe if people lambast a fair-skinned, Caucasian-looking mother having a dark-skinned, kinky-haired and Malay-looking (or African-looking) son/daughter. Well, you may think that I am being brutally frank right here, since I was like you guys as well–and until now, I still am (TBH, I do prefer G Toengi over Donita Rose mainly because G and I share the same standards–and guess what? Maganda ang combination niya with her husband, as compared to Donita’s, but that does not mean I am against Donita). However, who am I to judge someone who is a WHITE mother with a dark-skinned child? Actually, for the fair-skinned women, having a dark-skinned child is considered a trophy for them (ask Gretchen Barretto and Lucy Torres! They really think that dark men make better children! HAHA!), while a typical Filipina with typical Filipina features (yep, the exotic-looking one like Melai–don’t tell me I am again being tactless! There’s nothing wrong to be frank and honest here!) thinks that having a Caucasian-looking kid (whether it’s a boy or a girl) is a trophy to them. Kaya mapapansin ninyo, baligtad ang mundo. Such for instance, an exotic-looking Filipina woman having a halfie-looking kid. Actually, malakas talaga ang dugo ng tatay, so if you hypocrite guys want to marry someone, better find a white guy (the James Franco type!) or a Japanese guy (again, not being racist, but I really do find Japanese men of pure and mixed blood attractive MINUS the vanity) if you want to IMPROVE your race. Well, between white versus Japanese, I choose the latter–just in case people will tease me again for not improving my race, if I am actually doing it.

Evaluating our hypocritical beauty standards

Guys, let’s take consideration about ourselves. Why were most of you offended when Lucy Liu said that she will look “a little Filipino” when she gets dark? I just think it’s true that Lucy said that because we’re really a brown race, and yet your society PRESSURED me (I was a victim of being criticized for not being fair enough, although I was originally not raised in a color-centric environment) rather that being dark makes someone ugly and dugyot, while I obviously do not look dugyot when I’m not THAT fair-skinned (well, before the pimples). Do we need to look like let’s say, Barbie Hsu or Zhang Ziyi to become attractive? Do you think looking like Ellen Adarna would make you “fit in” the society? Think again about Cristine Reyes–sure, she’s the epitome of what beauty is all about in the Philippines because she looks like a goddess by our hypocritical beauty standards, but why are we lambasting her? It just boils down to our veins that we are as consistently hypocritical like no other. We tend to settle for anything less if we have higher expectations–if you think that Mariel Rodriguez and Trina Nadal are attractive already without makeup, good skin texture and big, dark eyebags won’t ever get along with one another (You find that attractive? It’s like saying that having chinky eyes and flat nose at the same time if you’re really Caucasian is already VERY attractive. Kate Hudson and Suri Cruise, anyone?).

Seriously, our hypocritical beauty standards won’t prosper our entertainment industry. However, when someone acts cute (e.g., Alodia) or pa-cute while at their 20s, you find that retarded. It’s also like saying that Ha Hwang Haiyen, Emily Browning and Rosa Kato look like idiots for acting cute. Well, I do not buy into those things at all. At least carry nila ang magpa-cute kahit papano because they really look younger than their age. I won’t mind Amuro Namie acting younger than her age since she DOES LOOK like in her early 20s, or even Aragaki Yui. Anyways, I also won’t mind if Alodia Gosiengfiao will act pa-cute because she knows how to carry herself very well despite all the retoke rumors and whatever is thrown against her–at least she does it very well. I have watched the Gwiyomi thing, and even though I don’t find Alodia admirable doing that thing, at least she knows how to do it very well. I mean, she does it with class–and she does everything with class. Remember, she is an ADMU graduate, and it’s only the haters who think that she is just a creepy doll.

Also, Alodia isn’t really that fair-skinned, but despite the heavy makeup, she still stands out. I also doubt that your favorite chinita celebrities are really fair-skinned since most of them are already mixed with Filipino ancestry (iilan lang sa kanila ang mapuputi talaga, but nevertheless they’re still good-looking), and there are some Pinay na Pinay beauties out there who are really attractive. Nasa taste lang ng tao ‘yan, and the more you oppress women just because they do not conform into society’s beauty standards, the more you make a society full of CRAP!

No wonder why I still like Japanese beauty standards despite the fact that fairer skin is more desirable. There, they won’t judge you for your skin color alone, speaking of beauty standards. In fact, why the hell is Namie Amuro popular in Japan? Why the hell is Masato Sakai very handsome even though he’s not fair-skinned? In fact, Japanese people are free to choose whether they should go tanning (Toma Ikuta was quite fair before) or retain their fair skin (Aya Ueto, Yui Aragaki and Yukie Nakama were not fair-skinned before, just look at their previous photos). Eh ngipin pa lang, hindi nga sila nagpapa-lagay ng braces, eh! Also in Canada! When I came in there, I really felt like a superstar (LOLz) because many Canadian boys were staring at me (I just felt that I’m at home when I’m in Canada, as compared to the US).

I really don’t get it why most Filipino netizens look up to East Asian people when it comes to beauty standards. Not to sound racist right here, but I do think that they look up to East Asian features when it comes to beauty standards–although they would lambast Korean stars hypocritically up to no end (well, some of them). There are some Korean stars that I do find attractive (I find Eli Kim of U-KISS attractive! No kidding, but he’s not my crush at all), and there’s one point that I would really want to end up with a Korean guy someday–but it just came into me that they’re not really into interracial marriages, unless the guy is open-minded (I could sense that they’re nice, but they prefer to be with their own race). If Koreans are often criticized as racist people, I cannot simply blame them because they really take pride of their race–and that’s one example that we should look up to, but not to the point of dissing anyone who is a foreigner. Being pure-blooded (for me) is too old-school, and believe it or not, it’s never wrong to be multiracial. Look at the half-Filipino actors who have very foreign features–they make it to Philippine showbiz because of their face value alone, although they do not have enough talent to be a thespian onscreen–especially the Brapanese, and Brazilian women who venture in the Philippines. We Filipinos think that Latina women (Mexicans, Brazilians, Argentinians) have almost no such person who looks ugly–in fact, we find them almost-perfect due to their model-esque features and their mixed-raced features. However, I do not actually find some Brazilian celebrities attractive (e.g., Daiana Menezes and Gisele Bündchen). Also, no wonder Brazilians also make it to the United States mainly because they look exotic, according to American standards. I have nothing against Brazilian people, actually–in fact, anything Brazilian is really exotic and at the same time mysterious to me.

Racism in the Philippines and white-washing of traditional media (sorry medyo OT lang po!)

I also do not believe that Filipinos are not completely racist. Yeah, call us racists to our own, but no other nationality would ever dare do that! In fact, the concept of “detraction” (the more appropriate term for what is called as “crab mentality”a) does not even exist in their vocabulary. The notion of “crab mentality” isn’t only in the Philippines–it is everywhere, but consistency-wise, we Filipinos tend to pull down one another for our personal gain. It just sickens me to see people support immorality nowadays–and everything’s becoming hypocritical. Remember the philosophy of Satanism (here, be open-minded because this is NOT an evil religion at all! It’s just a philosophy) does not also glorify hypocrisy!

Before you accuse me for being racist, hypocrite or whatever, better have a reality check about your performance as a commentor and a netizen. At least I DO MY RESEARCH VERY WELL, and I also consider PinoyExchange and GirlTALK forums credible enough to reveal the shenanigans of a certain celebrity–and not to mention tabloids are becoming more credible nowadays compared to broadsheets (that are often whitewashed). Here, traditional media becomes not so credible because of white-washing, and to think that our history textbooks are also white-washed with regards to the People Power thing–and sadly, history teachers will tell us that Cory is the Mother of Democracy, if in fact she didn’t actually proposed the notion of democracy–it was the Greeks after all who conceptualized it–why call her the Mother of Democracy if in fact there are several shenanigans that surrounded her? Well, as much as I do find some aspects of her that are likeable and admirable, I do not think she’s a saint at all. She’s also human, for the love of humanity–being a saint nowadays is being equated to a superhero, and these type of people do not exist, unless you are proving to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not if you are a superhuman. A superhuman has a SHEER difference with a superhero. Here, we think that someone who does not eat for a year is AUTOMATICALLY Superman. We call that guy a superhuman being, not a superhero type of human being.

Well, I have said enough. Good luck to all Lovi Poe bashers who will bash me for defending her, if I am just pissed off about their comments spewing ad hominem lambastments against her skin color.


9 thoughts on “My thoughts about Lovi Poe’s sexy shoot…

  1. Nice article.

    I don’t think Lovi Poe is ugly. I think her good personality and acting prowess is one of her strengths besides her sexiness and nice skin. I think that is how she holds the attention of everyone.

    Like you, I developed crushes to Asian guys (particularly celebrities) more than American ones (though there are few exceptions. I like my Caucasian crushes because of brains and good personality…) I don’t think there is nothing wrong for Filipino to be open-minded to different types of beauty.

    • Right? I just think people have to be open-minded about Lovi Poe. And I have very high respects for her for not conforming to the oppressive society of Filipino beauty standards. (:

  2. me either, I do not think that Lovi is dirty looking, maybe it is just so happen that She is morena, that is why
    they said that .. but, for me She is pretty.. and wholesome actress. ^_^

    • Yeah, and I don’t see anything bastusin about her. She has no serious issues in her life that’s why I wrote this article for FP readers.

  3. Despite the troubles she went through (she was courted by Jolo Revilla), she keeps her personal life in wraps and did not fall in love with her leading men.

    I really noticed it.

    • Yeah, that’s one thing that I liked best about her. Hindi siya nagpapa-pansin by putting them down and ending their showbiz career in a terrible way. Though underrated in terms of acting career and a number of projects, she is still genuine in terms of attitude–and personality.

  4. I don’t think Lovita deserves to be bashed as “dugyot” just because she’s maitim. Mas mukha pa kayang mabaho si Kitchie (no offense, but true). Without makeup, Lovita looks fresh and clean.

    • Mukhang hindi ako nag-iisa ah! Anyways, mukha ngang mabaho si Kitchie kapag maitim siya. Mas mukha pang dugyot as lalong mas haggard kumpara ke Lovi.

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