Komi Says: The liar anon defends Kubeta!

Anonymous 2013-Oct-4; 3.06 AM said in this article:


Jesus Christ, man! Anong hard-working ang pinagsasabi mo? Well, ang hard-working talaga na artista ay hindi sumasa-ilalim sa tinatawag natin na CASTING COUCH. Yeah, this is a response to a AAdik fantard named leagantalao who infested QueenRoxy’s blog!

Ang mga kagaya ni Anon 3.06 AM ay avid fantard ni AA! I don’t think mabait naman talaga si AA (check out this article to educate yourself). Like what MSP said in her previous article, AA is only accommodating when having a photo taken with her, but there’s one account saying na kapag inunahan pala siya by other celebrities, she will immediately go ballistic.

AA, you don’t need to be pa-controversial just for people to label you as “genuine.” You just have to showcase yourself in a more genuine manner–walang ka-ere ere sa katawan, in other words. Also, ‘wag ka sanang conscious sa hitsura mo kapag uma-acting ka. Sino ka ba, si Kim K?

Well, I do not also like Kim Kardashian, but I do not despise her either. Bumaba lang ang tingin namin ni MSP sa kanya because of that palengkero Kanye West! When he shamed Taylor Swift, I looked down on him, and thought that he’s someone not to be a boyfriend material–but Kim K’s stupidity made her fall for him, and named their child NORTH, para lang matawag siyang North West.

Jesus, am I the only one who thinks this way? Gah, Kim K should have increased her standards–but yeah, there’s something in her which made me look down on her.

Well, at least Kim K never underwent a lot of relationships (she often keeps mum about it at least) compared to AA. Kim K is also BETTER-LOOKING than AA for many reasons (will not mention it). Also, Kim K teams up with her sisters even though they have conflicts with one another, unlike AA who has negative feedbacks from her clan.

Yeah, call Kim K an attention whore, but you don’t even realize that she’s the daughter of the late Rob Kardashian, who used to be the lawyer of OJ Simpson. And her sex scandal? Jeez, that’s just plus points for her. AA is also nothing to Kim K because at least, Kim K still seems wholesome despite being an attention whore.

MSP says

Sis manhattanite saw both Kim K and Kanye personally, and she said that they’re full of themselves. I won’t be shocked with that because they’re welcoming the paps to make them more popular in a negative way. Whether it’s for good or for bad, it’s still publicity.

No wonder pangit ang feedback kay Kim K sa GirlTALK. Well, anong talent ni Kim K at the first place? Magpapa-pansin lang, hindi ba? I just think that she’s got a great bod and good looks, but that’s it. But I never had any bad impression against her not until the paps surrounded her, thus making her overrated. Lalo na when she became on with Kanye West–which made me look down onto her.

Well, the rich and good-looking ones are the ones who are not talented at all. Kung sino pa ang hindi gaano kagandahan at hindi masyadong mayaman according to society is often rewarded with a lot of talents. Now look at Annabelle Rama. During her sexy star days, all she got is good looks and a great bod to boot–but talent-wise, waley (she chose to be a talent manager). Now, Komi Says Memes even stated this fact:

I think there’s a reason why I prefer Cacai Bautista to become popular than Kitchie Nadal. Speaking of stage presence, mas maganda naman ang magiging impression ng mga madla kay Cacai than Kitchie. I think I have to take the Cha Gascon blog comments and the PEX statements seriously when it comes to Kitchie–as compared to Cacai who never had any issues surrounding her (well, awkward comparison though, but speaking of talent, I don’t think may manager na kakilala ng pamilya ni Cacai–because she’s better known to be a comedienne more than a singer).

Also, if you’re the type of person who really still looks good without makeup, you get your own manager na at least, family friend or relative niyo para lang sumikat (well, if you are not talented enough in the entertainment industry). However, kung sino pa ang hindi kagandahan, they became famous in their own way–without the help of a manager (who is an acquaintance out of cronyism/nepotism). No wonder I used to bash Kate Hudson simply because she became famous because of her mother Goldie Hawn. While I do not find Kate Hudson that good-looking (Goldie Hawn’s better-looking, and Kate does not even look like her mother that much, also, Kate is just baby-faced), she isn’t really a convincing comedienne. She sticks to romcoms and chick flicks (remember, I despise American romcoms!) if she cannot showcase her talents in other genres of comedy. However, speaking of attitude, Kate knows how to handle her lovelife and her personal life–compared to other Hollywood stars who just create controversies just to become popular (in Hollywood, that happens as well!). She does not care about the paps chasing her, too!

Same thought when it comes to AA. She did not earn her fame her own way not simply because she’s the sister of Ara Mina, but she became infamous instead by creating a lot of controversies through catfights and making love with different kinds of men. Remember why I labelled her as “poseur” for many reasons. AAdiks may insist that she’s “totoong tao,” but nevertheless, she’s still a skank no matter how much you place her into context–for instance, she goes to Japan. Hindi nakapag-tataka kung magiging japayuki siya na mag-e-enjo kosai lang just to earn a career there. For one thing, even my other friends will NOT like her (people from DLSU, except one of my profs–and there are still people there who do not think she’s a laughing stock) because of her kagagahan.

Anyways, she’s like one of the popular kids who is known for bullying other people–one schoolmate of mine used to be like her as well, minus the promiscuity thing (ano lang, bitchesa lang talaga’t palengkera). But at least she changed and improved herself, which is why people cannot accept the fact that she’s being a good person. For me, she’s OK naman, ‘yun nga lang hindi siya taken seriously, unlike AA, who never dared to improve herself. Basta makagawa lang ng isyu, ‘yun na! And she never failed to make us netizens bash her infinitely. AA, when will you stop being a bitch? I mean come on, nakaka-pagod ring mang-bash sa’yo, and we won’t be interested with your catfights if you will just do it discreetly. Kung may alitan kayo ni Angelica or RR, well, I would not care at all. I just think Banana Split was cleaner when you just left there. At least naman, hindi nagmukhang bastusin ang show, hindi ba?

And to those detractors and hypocrite people, ALAM ko ring tao rin si AA. But there’s SHEER difference between being a bitch to earn more attention vs. being a totoong tao. Si AA, she’s being annoying nowadays, and yeah, back to Komi.

Komi Says (he’s back!)

Yeah, I just think that she should STOP BEING A BITCH. Sawang-sawa na kami sa mga papansin moves niya, and speaking of MSP, no one could stop her from bashing AA. Well, let’s place this into context: People will stare at you if you a faux pas, and when you do these things consistently, they simply stare at you without any question at all. They just simply stare at you then backfight you. As a matter of fact, no one has ever taken you seriously. No one has ever treated you as a good person because what you do is against the norm, so being a proud bad girl yourself, we think that you are absolutely a bad girl because you do catfights while being a man stealer. As simple as that.

And you’re NOTHING compared to MSPdzhella! She almost idolized you in Banana Split, but she chose not to. Anyways, based on your track record, she cannot be a fan of yours, and I’m sorry, she thinks that you’re really a pestilence in people’s lives. Remember when she saw you personally, she has this vibe that something really wrong will happen, and t’was the death of Antonello (ahaha… of course, MSP meeting you personally for the first fucking time? Those were a few days before Tonells passed away). I also don’t think that your damage control tactic visiting Lola Betty was a good move. As a matter of fact, her life was taken away in a jiffy to protect her–her death was the most peaceful one. Y’know what I mean?

Well, MSP disclosed all these information to me just because. I mean, yes, you have the good looks and the great bod, according to society dictates, but hell, you’re still an outcast, if you were to ask me. Wait, nakagawa ka na ba ng successful Box Office Hit? You only won several awards because of casting couch as well, since you do not know how to act at the first place. Meanwhile, Marian won an acting award simply because she never failed to improve her craft as an actress. She didn’t need to undergo casting couch just to earn a career at all. In fact, Marian truly deserves to be popular not just because of her beauty and dancing talent, but because she does not give NEGA vibes towards the audience. Ganyan ka-galang galang si Marian.

You could still have self-respect even though you hate yourself. Everyone does not like a dictator, but these spectators still respect him for many reasons. You could see that there is a good side in everyone, but why can’t you do the same as well? I bet, marami ring artistang hindi nakikipag-friendship sa’yo, and those are the veteran stars. Not even Majarot since she’s pro-Sarah. Not even Lea Salonga or even the “IT” girls. I also think that you’re friends with Maxene Magalona, and you were the bad influence kaya siya nagka-ganyan ganyan when she answers back to her bashers. Not even the family of Rayver Cruz will like you as well because you’re a bully. Hindi ba? I also think if Rico Yan were still alive, he would be very open to tell his negative thoughts against you–kahit si Chris Tiu, to think that this Chris dude has a guy-next-door turned diva reputation. Kaya ka hindi pinanindigan ni Dennis Trillo eh, because MSP and another commentor from GirlTALK stated that he only wants you just for a free fuck. Plain and simple. You know naman, may good side si Dennis Trillo despite controversies surrounding him. Also, he was very violent against Jennylyn Mercado because of her bad attitude (well, no say against Jennylyn, but not a fan, either. She looks like the ordinary-looking Squidward, TBH. Only retards with low standards will think that she’s very beautiful. Even MSP thinks that Jennylyn isn’t her type as well).

Well, wala palang sinabi si Majarot at saka ikaw kay Lovi Poe, eh! Sure, those hypocrite FP bashers will bash Lovi as “dugyot” at “mukhang bungo,” but for some reason, I like Lovi Poe. She’s talented, smart and amazing. I just cannot imagine GMA without Lovi, TBH.

Hindi nega ang tingin ko kay Lovi because she knows how to handle herself with class. Well, despite growing up without the presence of her father FPJ, at least FPJ recognized her as his own daughter, and at least Lovi really acknowledged FPJ as her father. She didn’t need to look for a father figure unlike Majarot, she still has to burn bridges and lose her guy’s career just to satisfy her needs (LOL). Well, her mother used to be a Japayuki, right? Kaya no wonder, mana-mana lang ‘yan! Besides, you and Majarot can never be the best-est of friends because both of you are promiscuous. Majarot is a bridge-burner and at the same time has NO delicadeza while YOU are simply a man-stealing catfight starter. Right? Now you see, you two are like Kris Aquino! Malandi at saka mahilig sa weakling. Kayo ang nagdo-dominate, and no wonder, your attitudes reflect how people despise you. Your actions reflect the fact that even the jeje-guys (and typical Filipino guy mentality, no joke, but I think Filipino guys who conform into female beauty standards) LIKE YOU SO MUCH THAT THEY WILL TOLERATE YOUR SHIT!

In some way, you are well-liked because you don’t have a real-time sex video scandal yet. Pero ang totoo naman, mas masahol pa kayo sa may sex scandal video. I bet, you will commit suicide when you have a real sex video na talaga, with matching STD pa! Not surprising if you will receive lambastments from Korean netizens because they think that women like you are TRASH! One way to find out why you are promiscuous is to look back to your roots. Ano ang pinag-huhugutan ng pagiging nympho niyo, aber?

No wonder MSP called the meek people as “weaklings,” who will idolize you because you are “totoong tao” raw in their POV. But for MSP, she can’t help but bash you. No mala-Chris Tiu guy will (ever) take you seriously because of your attitude on-cam.

That way, I have said enough. Matapobre na ako kung matapobre.

Well, to the anon, get yo facts straight. Just take this shit into context: AA is a laughing stock, that’s why she’s always been the butt of jokes in every forum you visit.


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