Happy Birthday, Sakai Masato!



Otanjoubi Omedetou gozaimasu, Sakai Masato-sama!

I cannot believe he is… YONJU-sai! In other words, he’s 40 years old! Cannot believe that his wrinkles showed us a sign that he’s old… but looks effortlessly young.

Bad thing I do not have any other Japanese-language TV channel besides NHK. Therefore, I cannot watch Legal High Season 2, unless torrents are provided. I have heard in Maji De website that the second season wasn’t as awesome as the first season. Oh well, we’ll just see after I watch the second season. I just love to see it because of Sakai Masato (oh well, though originally I watched it because of Gacky).

Without him, I won’t be enthusiasted to watch any Japanese film that stars HIMSELF there–together with the people he has worked with (Kitaoji Kinya, Kagawa Teruyuki), but sadly, I didn’t like Hanzawa Naoki. I simply prefer the good old Komikado Kensuke (hahahaha… no wonder, you cannot see any Hanzawa Naoki memes because you’ll just think like, “Oh, this is not Sakai Masato, Sakai Masato is Komikado Kensuke for us!”

With regards to his err… well, you know, I wish him all the best! No matter what happens, he’s still the good old Komikado Kensuke to me!


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