Jus’ wanna share sumthin’: Sarah Meier’s take one brown skin and whitening

Well, to become fair-skinned should be a personal choice. not something to be shoved upon through traditional media. If your crushie happens to glorify the things that traditional media promotes, he must be stupid.

Being fair-skinned is not for everyone. So to speak, if you have a friend who is half-Filipino, half-black, do you think he/she’s ugly? I know lots of half-black people around my school and hell, they’re good-looking–but thing is, in the Philippines, we already have our own Negritos, but that should not be an excuse, DUH.

Remember, the likes of Cristine Reyes cannot be parred with someone like let’s say… Melai. Not saying that Melai is very dark (she’s brown-skinned), but I choose the latter despite her “exotic-looking” features. Cristine’s nothing to Melai, so to speak (Disclaimer: Not a Melason fan at all).


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