Theology and Natural Disasters

Self-reliance… and camaraderie, teamwork as one. DROP DOWN crab mentality from your stupidity. WORK YER ASS OFF!

Thanks Louie Encabo for this article.


Am I the only one who doesn’t believe there’s a direct correlation between religion and geology?  Because that seems to be the case.

After a devastating, magnitude 7.2 earthquake rocked the Central Visayas region this week the Filipino people, as always, turned to the most irrelevant angle of the story to scrutinize. Despite the fact that the earthquake is the strongest the country experienced in recent years, or that the death toll was likely to exceed 100 casualties, the focus was on the damage done to churches.

Apparently, these Filipinos find it intriguing why the earthquake destroyed what they perceived to be houses of God – saying that as if earthquakes could choose where and when they want to occur. Speculations were plenty from all religious groups: Christians were saying it was because of the declining religiosity of their adherents, Muslims were saying it was a testament that Christianity isn’t…

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