Are you (still) a virgin?

Asking that question is absolutely a sensitive topic. It is like imposing double standards towards both men and women, and if a woman is not a virgin, does it mean she’s a bitch, whore, skank, slut and a CUNT!?

For Pete’s sake, even though I am (still) a virgin myself, I never dared to ask that question. Expect a (literal) slap at the face if you’re not going to begin your question with, “No offense.”

As a matter of fact, if you’re going to reveal your virginity, that would be more acceptable, compared when asking someone about their virginity.

Normally, I do not take offense about that question, but it is more appreciated if you’re going to begin it with “no offense.” Of course, I am proud of answering that question with a YES coming out from my mouth because I am mature enough to read FHM, and no way would I think it is disgusting whenever I see artistic porn. Showing off your rack, booty and err… cunt won’t offend me, nor showing some sex thrusts won’t disgust me as well.

Seriously, FHM does not offend me at all. Yeah, I may read Mocha Uson’s blog and I won’t think she’s a bitch, whore, skank, slut and a cunt at the same time just because she talks about sex in her blog. I think people should realize that Mocha Uson has no intention of offending religious feelings because she’s really FAR AWAY from Mideo Cruz (well, I actually don’t like Mideo Cruz’s Poleteismo artwork because it mocks the representation of Jesus Christ and HELL, nobody in the Philippines will ever be open-minded when it comes to those art concepts, and they won’t ever be open-minded towards atheists (whether it’s a Filipino or a foreigner).

Well, I have explained enough the difference between Mocha Uson vs. Mideo Cruz. I would choose the former simply because she has the BALLS to empower women through her liberated views in life. Call her liberated, walang-hiya or anything negative, but after reading things about her, I guess she’s admirable in many ways. She’s not a sexual objectification compared to these promiscuous celebrities that you usually lambast (*ehem!*).

What I’m saying is that, the concept of sexual intercourse should be sacred. It is society that forces us to believe that “to fuck” is bad, wrong and the worst, IMMORAL. I don’t see anything immoral about the word SEX or the concept of fucking in a literal sense since it is a natural process. Spouses fuck with one another, they undergo the process of reproduction. Fucking is actually healthy–you earn a baby if the sperm and egg cell unite with one another–now you have it! Fucking only becomes unhealthy if a person fucks with more than one person, which actually causes STD (sexually-transmitted disease). Look why Kris Aquino contacted STD from another man (and NOT Joey Marquez–in Joey’s case, it was an aborted baby!). Look why it is inevitable for someone like KubetAA to contact Herpes (the blind item says so!). Look why some people get HIV for fucking more than one person. Well, remember that sticking to one person is a better idea than to be a womanizer/haliparot. I could also sense that whoever sticks to one person has a lesser chance of contacting STD, as compared to those who have a LUST for sex.

Well, this is sex education for you, reinvented.

Disclaimer: These words come from a morally-conservative virgin. No joke, I just think this is worth sharing. Please don’t laugh at things like these because learning things like these is good for your sexual health.


6 thoughts on “Are you (still) a virgin?

  1. Hahaha! I literally blushed when I read the title of your blog post. πŸ™‚ Anyway, to answer your question…. I’m no longer a virgin because I’m already a mom of a 22-month old toddler. πŸ˜‰

    • Well, good to hear that. (: Actually, I decided to make a blog entry out of it mainly because I would like to share my insights about women empowerment and err… sexual life. Tee-hee. xD

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