Apple Addict Score

58%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

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Well, at least I have reached 50 percent. Yes, I hate to say this, but ever since the iPod, I have always been a sort of Apple fan not until I had a Mac, then an iPhone. Call me a rich kid, but HELL, I am just lucky because I am not even an elite person. I’m just a techie one.

People’s usual misconception about Apple users: They’re RICH.

Only those who own an Apple TV and an iMac are rich. The rest, I dunno. Well, please don’t judge someone by the number of their Apple products. No matter how expensive Apple products are, that won’t make a person “rich” enough.


11 thoughts on “Apple Addict Score

  1. Well, I am not an Apple/Mac gadget fan, and I apologize if I happened to be too harsh on Apple gadgets, but in fairness, whenever I see musicians using MacBook, I can’t help feeling amazed not because they are rich, but one of my informants told me that MacBooks are great to use for creating music. ‘Yan ang ginagamit ni DJ Buddah during his gigs. Also, as I check even iPod Touch, kahit mukhang nagpapa-redundant siya sa mga Apple gadgets, the screen resolution is great. I think one of the factors why I don’t become an Apple gadget fan simply because of its exorbitant price.

    • Actually, ‘yan ang naging problema ko when I was about to buy an iPhone 4S. I liked the 64GB mainly because adik akong mag-screenshots ih. Though the iPhone 5 is still costly, it costed 46k (64GB) as compared to the 4S which is 49k (64GB). It’s really losing a child kapag nadukutan ka lang ng iPhone. :/

  2. first apple product na meron ako ipod touch 4; what I like about it compared sa ibang mp3/mp4 players out there aside from the music nakaka games and read din ako and yung battery life nya matagal nga. Isa rin ako sa mga tao na nag iisip noon na apple is for rich people only but then if you will compare their prices sa ibang devices almost the same din naman. gusto ko yung craftmanship nila. then I got myself an ipad mini while kasama ko at work merong high end phone will not name the brand nalang sabay kaming naglaro ng candy crush di hamak na mas malinaw/maganda yung images sa screen ko kesa sa phone nya and mas sensitive sa touch. ooppss haba na ng comment ko gusto ko lang kasi mag share good day!

    • my ‘special friend’ has given me pala ipod shuffle kasi dyahe sa pagjogging ang ipod touch. so happy naman kasi it’s very small and light so mas enjoy ang jogging. hindi ako mayaman/mapera. 3 years na yung ipod touch ko and still running smooth ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Good to hear that. ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, the iPod shuffle and the iPod nano are basically MP3 players that are good for jogging and other kinds of sports, while the iTouch is basically good for gaming and Internet browsing–if you are not a fan of the iPhone.

        Sa bagay, kung hindi ako nag-iPhone, I would have opt the iTouch rather.

    • Thanks for the comment, even though it’s long. Actually, my impression about Apple products lalo na when it comes to the MacBook Pro line, I just thought it’s for the rich people only, but if you’re a tech-savvy person, you will never find a hard time browsing the settings and the Mac’s functions.

      Na-compare ko na ang AMOLED vs. Retina display. They’re basically (almost) the same when it comes to resolution, but pixelation close-up wise, the Retina display has no, not even a single pixel popping out from the screen. Kahit ang mga MacBook Pros without retina display, they often par with the HDMI screen on TV, but still not close to what we call it as high-density resolution.

      • True to that, and thanks for educating us about Amoled vs Retina display. As far as I can remember, most high-end Android phones happened to be Amoled display right? While I do not care much about screens, I have nothing to say about iTouch and iPhone’s screen display. Katrabaho ko may iTouch which nung 2011 pa niya binili. I have no idea kung ano ang model nun pero ang linaw ng screen and nakakapagdownload pa ng mas maraming games at apps, especially Camera360.

  3. Ang ayaw ko lang sa MacBook and MacPC is no other than their keyboard. I felt kasi, parang ang nipis ng keys, tapos nagta-type pa naman ako ng hindi tumitingin sa keyboard, kaya baka mamali lang ako ng type. Tapos yung short cut keys, iba sa Windows, so nasanay na ako sa Windows short cut keys

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