A PEXer’s comment regarding KubetAA!

thirstquencher said:

4. cristine reyes – ewwww..the super maldita gurl ever…buti pa sya ha nabigyan ng solong teleserye pero si kristine wala…baka may ginawa para maka teleserye..body lang naman nya ang kaya niyang ibuga…sa aktingan walang wala…

I agree with this dude. AA cannot act at all, at kahit anong improvement niya, it will always limit to 5%. Puro pa-cute lang ang alam niya, sa totoo lang. She can’t cry decently unlike her fellow hali-harot Majarot, who cries as if people will sympathize on her. No doubt, people will choose Maja based on her acting skills.

But what they share in common is that, they both don’t have movies that are really a big hit. Tumbok became a flop movie while Thelma? It’s still not as popular as other indie films. I think reputation plays a BIG ROLE in making any movie a BOX OFFICE HIT. Cristine was only a supporting actress in No Other Woman because it’s only Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey who are the LEAD actors–and giving Cristine an acting award is really questionable. She has no substance in acting. If you think that she is good in acting, I bet, that’s because of ABS-CBN allowing casting couch to happen. Hmmm…

There’s one GTalker who even said that AA is super-conscious on her (retoke-fied) looks. DUH, AA should act decently since she’s often taunted for being pa-cute. In Japan, she will be “attractive” for acting pa-cute and being a damsel in distress, but with regards to her “image,” Japanese society will place her in the TOP MOST HATED/DISLIKED celebrities list. No kidding, even though Japanese society is tolerant, they think that AA will always and forever remain in the most disliked people list. Dagdag ko pa, AA will be viewed as someone doing enjo kosai. Not even the United States of America–since AA is a homewrecker herself, the USA won’t ever approve of her, too. NO WONDER, basta foreign country, AA will not be accepted AT ALL.

Okay… to analyze each country’s society…

China – AA will be viewed as “immodest” since in China, modesty is the norm.
Vietnam – Same situation with China.
Saudi Arabia – Guess what? AA will either be banned there or will receive the death penalty, due to its traditional-conservative environment and society.
South Korea – She should expect a flack from Korean netizens–and she will be forced to take her own life due to the netizens’ power of bashing Korean celebrities who do not follow society’s norms.

AA should be thankful that she’s being tolerated in the Philippines, even though she is being lambasted here. If she happens to be especially in South Korea, well, you know what’ll happen next.

Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig didn’t actually became a big hit either because of AA being the lead star. Si Denise Laurel lang talaga ang nagdala, second is Maricar Reyes. But AA? Meh, she’d rather be a kontrabida rather–the kabit one. I bet, she’ll be loved and admired. *sarcasm*

But still, no matter what happens, Cristine Reyes will never be respected as an actress if she does not clean up her act 100%.


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