Komi Says: Ano sey niyo kay KubetAA without makeup?

Komikado Reacts: MEEEEHHHH… she just looks like a zombie to me. Yes, she’s extra-ordinarily WHITE-SKINNED, but face value wise? Jeezes, she has nice skin, but has the dark eyebags (like Mariel and Kitchie, DUH).

I don’t buy the fact that you still LOOK EXTRA-ORDINARILY good without makeup with this kind of combination: Nice skin texture + big and/or dark eyebags. You do not see any East Asian having dark eyebags, I tell you! Also, you only see a few people who could still look good with those eyebags, like for instance, Venus Raj.

What’s the use of your flawlessly-textured fair skin if your dark eyebags will make you rather like Morticia Addams? You cannot even make yourself be like a Taylor Momsen with raccoon eyes.

But here’s AA’s skin is not flawless. She has physical flaws too, sadly, and yet, it’s becoming worse with her attitude. I would appreciate someone with facial flaws but has a great attitude to boot *ehem Beppu-sama ehem*.

Anyways, maido ookini gozaimasu, Fashion Pulis (via queencristinereyes) for the pic! Mwwwwwahugs!


6 thoughts on “Komi Says: Ano sey niyo kay KubetAA without makeup?

  1. ano ba iyan!? mas mukha pa akong bata kay AA. Hindi pa flawless ang mukha ko niyan, may dark circles pa ako and nagtatrabaho pa ako sa gabi… alamna.

      • Girl, you have seen my barefaced pics right? Minsan pa nga, ang panget ng res ng cam ko may mga pixel grains pa nga eh… hahahah! Isa pa, may pimple marks pa nga mukha ko eh.

        Anyway, mukha siyang kabayo sa pic niyang iyan. hahahhaha!

      • Yeah! You could handle your eyebags better than she does.

        PS: Mas cute pa si Donkey (Shrek) diyan! *Tito Bhoy laugh*

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