What!? An 18-year old shot dead by someone whom she met on Facebook!?

I just saw this post HERE while I am checking out my FB account.

Actually, well, I really don’t like the idea of meeting people on Facebook unless these people are either from GirlTalk, online blogs and a whole lot more. You see, I do make friends with QUALITY online buddies who are worthy to be on my “good people” list.

I just think that there are some people who are being fooled by those who are low-quality.

I guess, Cheryl Dacillo was very unlucky to meet this guy coming from one of the poorest cities in Metro Manila. I ain’t kidding either, Valenzuela City is a poor city, and I used to live there before we moved to Q.C. in 2002.

Well, I personally believe that there’s NOTHING really wrong when making friends with someone on Facebook, but in my case, I usually make friends with them if they’re loyal followers of my blog, and also if I know them personally. Sad part is, I do not make friends on Facebook if they sound too jeje, and I had this experience before. Luckily, I just turned off my Chat because in reality, I really do not make friends with someone on Facebook directly. There are certain standards to follow.

Well, call me elitist, but somehow, I am oftem misinterpreted for being “choosy,” “not friendly,” “snobbish,” but in reality, I do not discriminate, regardless of your social status. However, if you sound too jeje to me, that’s the time I will start to filter out some people. I ain’t kidding, I do not meet someone directly unless they’re willing to. I do not make the first move. I just make sure that they make lots of efforts to impress me.

I cannot say anything more. I guess this should be a warning to everybody.


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