*Ehem* About that ghostly-pale… brat

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Here you go again, Anne Hathaway! I bet, James Franco and even Joan Rivers is RIGHT about the Hatha-haters! It seems that your fame is GOING DOWN THE DRAIN! Oh my, what beautiful face, body, skin you have… and what amazing acting talent you’ve got… but money can never buy class and breeding.

Where Perez got the LINK.

I really think that Anne Hathaway is NOTHING REALLY DIFFERENT from Justin Beaver. Goodness, Perez isn’t also impressed at JB’s diva attitude on his China trip–he made his bodyguards BRING HIM UP to the Great Wall of China! How gross could you get from that Bieba!? No wonder, you cannot compare someone like Miley Cyrus (albeit being whore-ish) to these good-for-nothing brats!

Komikado Reacts/Komi Says

Ahahahaha… there are reasons why I prefer Miley Cyrus over Anne Hathaway. I bet, these KaEPALmilya-tards from PEP, Fashion Pulis or even GirlTalk would even trashtalk ME for being so vocal about their stupid POVs, and their stupid analysis… and they cannot even realize why the way I bash Annitta is the same like how I bash JB. Of course, they think that Anne Hathaway has the right to be rude to people who are actually “dissing” her and “stepping into her diva status.” I guess, both Anne and JB are nothing but garbage, if they still continue their diva attitude. Am I right, Kanye West? Kim K?

To fantards lurking in GT, FP or even PEP, I guess you should realize why I bashed Anne Hathaway on the controversial interview in Tokyo. I can’t help but simply believe these celebrities who open up about the Hatha-bashers. Anne was NEVER been a diva at all. It only came to the fact when she was casted in Les Miserables–where she started to change and to act “goody-two-shoes,” but nevertheless, it shows how she acts in real life: Mood swings put fuel to the fire.


muffet1123 said:

When did she become a big star? Her Oscar win is what you call a one hit wonder. She is not even beautiful. Perhaps if the press and charities ignore her then she will know her place and realize she is actually a nobody.

Well, she’s only good-looking just because of her fair skin (Filipinos love her skin color, and I’m not joking, either–but I still go for Lucy Torres’). Other than that, I bet, she cannot be a Hollywood star. It’s her talent that actually stood out and not her looks–as a matter of fact, she even surpassed Kate Hudson in Bride Wars. Sadly, Anne became one of the most hated celebrities in America (yet these Kapamilya fantards keep on defending her diva-ness just because she’s BIG in Hollywood)–even the likes of co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt called her an “insufferable snob” and even Hugh Jackman’s wife isn’t a fan, either. These Kapamilya fantards did not realize that:

I will make a separate article about this one if time permits. I think these fantards should WAKE THE FUCK UP about the issue. Anne Hathaway is nearly becoming a has-been, and usually, people with a “nasa loob ang kulo” reputation usually go down the drain–unless the fantards will hype them all over and over again. I guess, these people who think that Anne did was right to Ricky Lo were rather S-T-U-P-I-D for merely bashing a Kapuso TV personality. Am I right, Kapamilya-tards?

2straws said:

She was terrible in Les Miserables. Talk about overacting and mugging for the camera took away from the experience. I liked her best in Princess Diaries when she didn’t always act like a stuck up spoiled b!tch.

I have yet to see the movie (well, the controversy won’t stop me for watching the movie), but I saw the way how AH sings. She sounded like a MAN, and I bet Paris Hilton and ScarJo sing BETTER than her. No wonder, Lea Salonga said that AH isn’t hire-able for stage play. If you were to ask me, she’s only good in acting, but her singing ability is just so-so. It should have been Kate Hudson who got the role of Fantine instead. Besides, Kate should have been a singer than merely a comedienne.

ljov said:

Has always been a big pain in the ass, a friend daughter saw her shopping years ago in Vancouver, her people told everyone to stay away, and made everyone uncomfortable. Very rude.

Ever since I saw her attitude during the interview, I could still tolerate her, but the nerve! She cannot be the next Audrey Hepburn because Audrey has always remained down-to-earth despite her star status (well, I saw it on GTalk than a GTalker’s best buddy would gush on AH because she cannot be like Audrey). Annitta should realize that she was NOT like that when she was starting. Also, being married isn’t also an excuse to manifest a diva attitude (I never heard Amber Tamblyn being a diva–but still, I am not a fan of Tamblyn). I never thought that Anne would be as arrogant as JB, and stooping to his level as well.

Allie Maine said:

Oh Anne, you only have a few movies left before you are a has been. The actress from Catching Fire has already replaced you. Better start acting better.

I knew that JLaw will be the WINNER of the story. Yes, JLaw has always been a down-to-earth person and she’s actually ready to make fun of herself as well. What I like best about Jennifer Lawrence is that, she’s being the protagonist of the awarding ceremony–unlike Anne, who is being booed nowadays just because she’s projecting something that people could actually predict. In fact, Anne, according to Jojo Gabinete, is notorious for her reputation for being not-so well-liked by fella Hollywood celebrities.

UPDATE: Gah, my MBP screwed up again! Did not restart as in “recover” as in it restarted from square one? Damn, I hate it when my MBP is draining its battery and shutting down and restarting it from the TOP! BOO!

I think people from PEP, GirlTalk and Fashion Pulis should again, WAKE THE FUCK UP. In fact, majority of American citizens are not liking her attitude anymore. No wonder, she’s been placed in the Most Hated List (thank goodness Miley’s not included there). I think it’s too awkward to say that Miley Cyrus is BETTER, but as a matter of fact, I have never heard of Miley manifesting a diva attitude (well, if she’s acting rude or snobbish of some sort, I would not cringe on my seat because of that). I guess, being a big star should not give you a free pass to be rude.



7 thoughts on “*Ehem* About that ghostly-pale… brat

  1. I don’t hear any news about Anne Hathaway’s movies recently. I think the incident at Tokyo affected her reputation.

    • True. But there are many encounters wherein she should be an “untouchable.” She ain’t a Hindu goddess at all.

  2. Hmmm… I don’t think it’s just Ricky Lo or James Franco. Chos lang!

    Grabe naman kasi ang mga taga-FP, GirlTalk at saka Twitter universe (Filipino diaspora). Halos lahat sila mga Kapamilya-tards, no wonder, mas kinampihan ko pa si Vhong sa una, disregarding the opinions of @OfacialDionisia. But then, it turns out that most of these Twitter peeps are Kapamilya-tards.

    Iba talaga kapag Kapamilya-tard, ano? Basta tatak Kris Aquino, it’s good, interesting and funny, but Kris Aquino is NOT funny at all! Jeezus! Kumbaga, GirlTalkers are not even spared from my lambastments is because their mentality is no different from the FP-tards (well, not all GTalkers, ‘yung mga mahilig mag-tambay sa Celeb Gabfest lels) speaking of criticizing a certain celebrity. No wonder, “birds of the same feather, flock together” sa una pero at the end of the day, “Psychological projection” ang magiging end result.

    Pardon my OT-ness. Haha.

    Back to topic, I think Anne Hathaway must have been in a bad mood. However, I really do not buy the fact that being in a bad mood or being jet-lagged is an excuse to be rude. Being rude is still rude, but most GTalkers and FP-tards deny that fact. If they really buy the fact that “bragging is still bragging,” Jeezus! Sila pa nga ang mas masahol ang double standards compared to how they perceive you during the height of Jeane Napoles’ shizznit. I really buy the fact that “Being rude is still rude,” and it really applies not only to Asian celebrities but it also applies to Western ones. No wonder, I’d rather cringe on the comments of FP-tards and GTalkers that Ricky Lo is a bad interviewer and something like that. What do you expect from them? Majority kasi sa kanila, KAPAMILYA-TARDS, eh! No wonder, it’s alright to tolerate the rudeness of Western celebrities. Gosh. Galit na nga sila kay JB at kay Lindsay Lohan, samantalang they think that Anne Hathaway is excused to be rude!? S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y and sheep mentality!

    Tolerating that kind of attitude (diva attitude) while being douche to local celebs is one big example of double standarding! No wonder, our values are slowly deteriorating!

    Sa bagay, I could not agree more with the bigating celebs like James Franco, Joan Rivers and the rest of those who think that Jennifer Lawrence deserves more love than AH. I don’t hate Anne Hathaway but her behavior’s a turn-off, just like what you’re saying haha. Sa bagay, if Kris Aquino will be the interviewer, baka nag-walkout na nga si Ella Enchanted!

    • Ipo-post ko ‘yang comment mo wait lang. Buti ka pa, you know how to spot forums with a very high concentration of Kapamilya-tards. Grabe kung blind followers sila ng Kapamilya network, mas NAKNAMPOTA talaga ang dating (whoops sorry for the loud mouth! LOL).

    • Check out my article. Haha, disabled nga lang comments. Naku, gusto ko na talagang mag-rage out because it shows that there’s this one GTalker sa STUPID na talaga kung stupid! Tapos hindi pa talaga nagme-make sense ang mga comments niya!

      Well, gusto mo bang makita ang buong usapan namin? Just check out GirlTalk and search the forums. You saw that in IG, right? Lol.

      • Gusto ko ngang mag-comment eh! Yeah, ang sakit sa bangs ‘yung mga comments niya about this and that, and I won’t hesitate to make a blog entry about her nonsensical, ad hominem comments! Just wait for me to do that! #BasherModeOn

        Buti na lang at hindi ako member ng GirlTalk. Baka mas lalo pang sasakit ang bangs ko niyan lol!

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