Why Are Filipinos So Dark?

Same thoughts here. The original Filipino race originated from Taiwan (no wonder, if you see some Taiwanese people who look Filipino, those are mixed with Attayal/Amis/aborigine ancestry), but there are arguments claiming that the Negritos are the original inhabitants of the Philippines. We cannot tell, actually. :/ It seems that everybody is mixed-raced except for a few homogenous societies.

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Repost from the old blog. Explains why people in hot climates evolved melanin protection of their skin. Guess what? It’s not so they won’t get sunburned.

If they hardly have any Negrito genes, that is. If so, what explains their dark skin?

From a question in the comments on the old blog.

I’ve been over this on the blog before, but since hardly anyone knows about this stuff, we may as well go over it again. The commenter asks, if Filipinos only have .02-.11% Negrito genes (and only in certain tribes that have been tested), why are Filipinos so dark?

The suggestion here is the common popular anthropological notion that Filipinos are part Negrito. The truth is that Filipinos have few Negrito genes, but Negritos have lots of Filipino genes. That is because the Filipinos simply swamped the Negritos genetically.

Various Filipino tribes have been surveyed and the…

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