Biased towards Kapamilya Network

Well, this is for the GirlTalkers in GirlTALK forums and to Fashion Pulis readers.

You all know me as an advocate for protecting the most lambasted among the celebrities. So to speak, I have noticed that BIASED parin ang mga GirlTalkers tsaka Fashion Pulis readers sa mga TV personalities ng Kapamilya network maybe because naka-apak na sila doon sa Kapamilya network. Pocha! Here are some examples that I would like to give you, ah:

Fashion Pulis readers:

Kapag si Carla Abellana, Rhian Ramos at Maxene Magalona ay nasa patola mode, WAGAS naman silang bumatikos! Subalit nung pinahiya ni Cristine Reyes ang basher niya sa Instagram during the Yolanda thing, todo puri naman ang mga readers na may point daw si KubetAA. Putang ina naman, oh! We still look at the two sides of the story, probably that guy is a douche, or he’s doing the right thing bitch-slapping KubetAA. Comparing Cristine to these classy Kapuso stars may be awkward, pero pagdating siguro sa image, walang sinabi si AA kay Rhian, Carla at Maxene, since these three Kapuso stars had always been prim and proper. Thing is, they do not even know how to handle their bashers very well. They should learn from Marian Rivera (well, I recommend the way she responds to bashers).


They lambasted Ricky Lo and praised Anne Hathaway for her bitchy mode, samantalang some GirlTalkers actually defended Korina from what she said to Anderson Cooper. Well, yes, may good side din si Korina (to those who have met and worked with her), but guess what? What she did is WAAAAY worse than Ricky Lo (messing up with a well-respected reporter is more unforgivable than just simply interviewing with a [conceited] A-lister). Face it, guys. If you read my posts about Anne Hathaway, mamulat na kayo sa katotohanan (even you, Perez Hilton!). Also, it’s better that you still keep your cool as a journalist rather than bitching out. That’s why I had more respect towards Anderson Cooper for giving suggestions to Ka Koring. At the end of the day, Ka Koring owes Mr. Cooper an apology.

Also, GTalkers will be on a defensive mode whenever I compare a [rather] deceased Kapamilya matinee idol to someone who is still living–and is also a Kapamilya. They will also compare it to Kapuso celebrities. How?

When I compared Rico Yan to Papa Piolita AND Antonello Joseph to DJ Padilla, I said:

“Kung hindi namatay si (former), hindi sisikat si (latter).”

Well, sisikat parin siguro, but not as popular as the former. And it’s not acceptable to be famous on your own?

“Ryzza Mae became famous because of the hype.”

It’s still being biased towards Kapamilya network, and Ryzza Mae is undeniably talented–even more talented than Kris Aquino. If people won’t buy the fact that people will be famous on their own (I think the “starting from small things” is universal), that means that everyone can be a one-hit wonder.

Being famous on your own means that you don’t bring the name of your family/clan. Or you’re being famous just because manager mo ay family friend/kamag-anak niyo, tapos part pa siya ng Executive Branch ng ABS-CBN/GMA. Without these managers, nasaan na ba ang career niyo, hindi ba?

Cristine Reyes is a primary example of someone who joined a talent search reality series, but actually became famous just because she’s the sister of Ara Mina. Okay, so to speak, wala siyang sinabi kay Yeng Constantino at Sarah Geronimo dahil the latter two became famous ON THEIR OWN, even though they come from talent search reality series. Si SG, suportado ni Mother Divinity, si Yeng naman, her song-writing ability was the strong point of her career.

Another primary example of a person who became popular because of an acting clan would be no other than Maja Salvador. She didn’t became famous on her own, actually. Yeah, she became famous because she’s the dancing queen, but that’s it. I really do not know why alongside AA, she is good in acting. Para sa akin, walang depth. No wonder, similar lang sila (Maja) at Andi Eigenmann ng acting style–good enough at the eyes of the spectators, but there’s no actual depth in it. Kaya hanggang ngayon, starlet parin si Maja because she lacks charisma. If you have enough charisma, may depth ka na in acting.

On the other hand, those people who became famous because they could actually carry themselves without makeup–were actually backed-up by network honchos (who happen to be their relatives, friends…). Primary examples? Mariel (Padilla nee Rodriguez) at Kitchie (Nadal). Rhian Ramos is also not spared, either, since she’s also the niece of a network honcho–and up to now, she’s still a lame actress. Kristine Hermosa, meanwhile, was rather chosen over her sister Kathleen because of her face value and her height. Usually, people who were hand-picked because of their face value become popular not simply because of the face value alone, but they undergo casting couch. Kristine Hermosa (before becoming Mrs. Sotto) underwent this process to earn more projects. Not sure ah, but probably she was pressured, or ginusto talaga niya ‘yon.

I never heard Ellen Adarna undergoing casting couch, ah. She’s another primary example of someone still good-looking without makeup, but despite her rebellious past, she never underwent the same process as Kristine Hermosa.

Ellen became famous ON HER OWN and through her hardwork because she just posted photos, which eventually became the profile photos of many people during the time of Friendster. Only a few could make Mariel and Kitchie’s photos being the profile picture of every Friendster account (except sa mga fake accounts nila). If face value will be the basis, Mariel and Kitchie only became good-looking by Filipino standards because of their aristocratic skin texture. In other words, by Filipino beauty standards, you’re considered as good-looking even though your features aren’t very extra-ordinary, provided that you are makinis. In Filipino, madadala mo lang sa kinis ng balat mo ang kagandahan mo, kahit gaano ka pa ka-haggard. Unlike Ellen Adarna, Mariel and Kitchie didn’t possess these authentically mixed-raced features.

GirlTalkers and FP readers (majority of them) towards Yeng Constantino and Lovi Poe:

Some Kapamilya-tards dislike Yeng just because of her weird fashion sense. Also, some GirlTalkers (not only FP readers) are pinpointing towards Lovi Poe’s skin color. Just because they don’t follow society’s beauty standards does not mean they’re outcasts. You will see that both Lovi and Yeng aren’t people pleasers, and if they are, they’re doing it for their fans, not for the society as a whole. Some GirlTalkers are kind of elitist just because they do not discuss Yeng in the Celebrity Gabfest forums.

So you think Yeng Constantino sucks? Sa stage presence pa lang siguro at pagdating sa Music Video concepts, Yeng Constantino is undeniably the winner when it comes to these things. Well, some of you are not even a fan of hers, and I understand that. Also, FP readers just simply agreed that Yeng’s gown in the 2013 Star Magic Ball is rather DRAB because of the see-through. Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Rodriguez worn these see-through gowns as well, and just like Yeng, they stood out as well.

With regards to Lovi Poe, she is dark, yes. However, just because she is “too dark” won’t give anyone a free pass to call her “dugyot.” Look at her pics na wala siyang makeup. People simply attested that she’s better-looking in person–in other words, walang sinabi ang mga kagaya ni Georgina Wilson sa kanya.

Fashion Pulis readers towards Mariel Rodriguez:

Mariel is despicable in many ways because she’s rather a bitch on the inside, but look at her when she married Robin Padilla. She changed. She cleaned up her act. But still, there are many FP readers calling her “walang trabaho” or “laos” na. Well, she’s even more tolerable than AA… and she’s more OK than Toni Gonzaga (a GT even said that Toni Gonzaga actually reprimanded someone in a rather haughty manner to shut the crying baby up).

Just because Mariel is no longer in the Kapamilya network does not mean she deserves lambastments. Hell, hindi ako fan ni Marielita (and never will), but I tell you, if she comes back to Kapamilya network, she will be again, receive defense from the fantards. Hindi po ba?

FP readers towards Charice’s new look:

HAHA! Though I didn’t like Charice being a lesbo, I don’t think she deserves lambastments from FP readers. I won’t mind FP readers lambasting Majarot, but on the same token, they rather lambast Charice for her new style.

‘Tang ina lang! Kaya masyadong butt-hurt ang karamihan ay dahil my fave blogger Tricia G. commented on the fashion sense of Filipino people. Hindi raw fashion-forward.

Malamang! You could only see fashion-forward people in posh universities such as DLSU, AdMU, UA&P… ano pa nga ba!?

Therefore, bashing Yeng just because she’s the worst-dressed and praising Majarot for being the best-dressed just makes the Philippines a not-so fashion-forward country. Tricia G. was RIGHT all along.

Overall Take:

Pababa ba ng pababa ang mga quality posts sa GirlTalk!? I guess, it would be a big YES, since most GirlTalkers na mahilig maglagi sa Celebrity Gabfest (well, I consider myself as the most frequent GTalker in that forum) post things that are now similar to FP readers (and their biases) and PEP readers. Well, in PinoyExchange, makikita mo parin na kahit gaano karami ang mga fantards doon, still, you get quality posts. Informative lang ang GirlTalk when it comes to the latest fashion and beauty trends, and of course, how to handle things in life (and love advice, to add). But in Celebrity Gabfest, I really cannot say anything extremely negative or extremely positive about it.

Meanwhile, in Fashion Pulis, the commentors there are witty yet jeje people. No wonder, GirlTalkers hate Fashion Pulis for posting things that are sensitive and offensive.

Pero huwag kayo. GTalkers who read FP think that if it’s a blind item about KubetAA, that would be the most entertaining for them.

GirlTalk (Celebrity Gabfest):

So far, when it comes to GirlTalk, I noticed that there are GirlTalkers being biased towards ABS-CBN. Just because ABS-CBN produces good shows does guarantee them being damn good in the news department. Also, Star Magic is only good in producing actors, not singers or dancers. No wonder, Michael V. departed from ABS-CBN because he cannot be FREE in executing his comedy acts. At least in GMA, he does things freely.

GMA may have the reputation for being “pabaya sa talent,” but they impose discipline towards their talents. Kaya maraming mga artista doon na sosyal parin ang arrive, hindi gaya sa ABS-CBN na nagiging jeje rin ang mga sosyal na artista.

While GMA is actually doing things for the audience and for the people, ABS-CBN, on the other hand is only doing things for profit!

Roxyisferox said:

Mga rabid commenters galing FashionPulis, PEP at PEx nananalasa rin sa GirlTalk. Ang audience nabayaran, (artista) nabayaran, kapag may concert siyempre, bibilhin nila sariling ticket ipamimigay ng libre.

Indeed, this is true. For some reason, I cannot help but cringe on my seat when GTalkers start to post things that are biased towards ABS-CBN.


ang dami talagang mga kapamilya fantards na nagkakalat ng lagim sa FP at PEP. nakikita na nila ang OBVIOUSLY PANGET sa mga idul-idul nila sa Kapamilya network, all-out defend pa rin and on the same token, makapanglait sila ng Kapuso talent na walang kabasis-basis, walang sense.

Maraming mga hypocrites sa PEP at saka FP. Basta lang makapag-bash ng Kapuso, pupuriin ang mga taga-Kapamilya network. No wonder, makapag-bash lang sa mga Kapamilya stars na kakaiba ang hitsura, swak na sila diyan!

Roxyisferox also said:

My basis of the above-stated verdicts doesn’t focus solely on the gowns worn alone. I am not claiming to be beauty and style expert; however, I have been reading, checking and observing different styles in accesorizing, gowns, putting a makeup from past to present. Another factor that makes me judge like this is that I may have a wide range of style influences—Hollywood, Vintage, Victorian, Gothic, Filipiniana, East Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and even European. I want everything else well-coordinated. Even in this event, even if you wear just a mere corporate attire, you can still look fabulous if properly made-up and accesorized. One’s fabulousness does not rely solely on what they wore alone, who designed the gown, how much it was worth and where you bought it.

You can wear an extremely gorgeous gown designed by the likes of Max Azria or Alexander McQueen, wear Louboutin heels, donning jewels and accesories from Jewelmer, Patek Philippe watches and Chanel clutch bag pero sa halip na magmukhang diyosa at sosyal, nagmukha lang nagnakaw ng mga gamit-gamit sa mga amo. Baluga at skwater pa rin ang itsu.

After all, it should still depend on one’s personality and the way how you assemble things out. You can just buy gowns from ukay-ukay, as long as you wash it perfectly, turning it as-good-as-new, got fab accessories eventhough you bought it from Quiapo or Divisoria, and yet you can still manage to look Goddess. BTW, you don’t need to be a half-breed Caucasian for you to be able to pull-off everything you wear. Regardless of race, skin complexion, height, weight and body figure, what matters most is you must have the right aura and personality to carry a certain style.

Also, since my sense of style/taste is heavily influenced by Japanese, Korean and vintage/underground Western culture, I do not focus on what to wear alone. If you are going to pull-off a Kpop-inspired fashion, you don’t just rely on clothing alone. You really have to accesorize yourself with unique and funky, bordering punk-like, stuff, sport unusual hairdo (note: not just waves), and balance in make-up. You can still look great on your nude lipstick, just as long as you match it with bolder, striking eye-makeup.

I won’t care if somebody would raise their pitchforks when I pan at some Star Magic artists whom I deem to be baduy during the event, because I think they ended up really baduy! It is no secret to some of you that I am on Kapuso side, but still, I can be on-bitchmode on someone not properly-dressed or made-up, or simply plain BLAH!

I am not fashionista myself, it’s just that when I wear something, I have to make sure I will look fab and pretty despite my uber-heavy frame. If I wear something, I match it with right make-up and accessories. Admittedly, I have the tendency to overdo my make-up and accessories. Well, at least, just onto those two aspects. My face is not perfect either, and not to brag at anything, any makeup styles are lookin’ great on my face despite my brown skin, quite flawed and chubby face. I can buy clothes from ukay-ukay or some stores from Divisoria or Quiapo but I know how can I make it look FAB, or maybe, the clothes I pick from ukay-ukay are FAB! And some can call me delusional, but sorry, I know how to make myself FAB.

Last words to fantards: before you raise your pitchforks, you better check Google, view and read articles not just on local red carpet fashion, check different styles—including avant-garde ones—-Kpop red carpet fashion during MNET awards and SBS Gayo Daejuns, MTV Video Music Awards Japan, and check runway models not just focusing on Philippines and United States alone. Check Asian runway, fashion and magazine models from China, Japan, Korea, and you see what I mean.

True that. I am also far away from the typical fashionista person, though I design clothes out of my own imagination. Just so you know, people, my fashion taste comes from anime–yes, Japanese cartoons, and video games. If you think I am designing clothes, that’s because my favorite part in playing video games is simply the… customization part.

God forbid, I am a bitch when it comes to fashion sense, but if it suits you, then it suits you. No wonder, Yeng Constantino still looks FAB with her red hair, and if Sandara Park will be a redhead, that would be PLUS POINTS for her!

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Biased towards Kapamilya Network

  1. Well, masyado naman kasing elitista ang mga comments sa GirlTalk, eh–to think na like what you said, biased talaga sila sa ABS-CBN. Doon sila agree when FP starts to approve comments that are bashing Yenggay and Ka Ricksy at the same time. Basta elitista, they love bashing Yeng and Ricky at the same time–isama na rin on how they call Lovita as “dugyot,” pero puro puri naman kay Majarot!

    Napapansin ko rin, they also tolerate pretty faces with liberated attitude. Basta maganda ka na, pwedeng-pwede kang maging liberated at straight-forward, pero pagdating naman siguro kay Annabelle Rama–wagas silang mang-bash na pangit ang ugali niya, et cetera. Mas NAKNGPOWTUH!

    Anyways, I don’t hate Tita Bisaya pero pagdating siguro sa Anger Management, dun lang siya sablay.

    Hindi ko nilalahat ang mga GirlTalkers na naglalagi sa Celebrity Gabfest, pero pumapantay sila sa mga readers ni FP. (:

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