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Open Forum: Long Discussion on Education

@reynaroan611 (Roxyisferox)|#TumFACT #REALTALK

This is how I reacted on the said photo above:

No elitist or matapobre people realize that it does not depend upon the school’s tuition fees whether or not a school’s quality education is HIGH. As a matter of fact, mahal rin ang tuition ng high school alma mater ko (SMCQC), but it’s even more affordable compared to MC. However, it’s sad to say that my high school alma mater cannot even surpass the rigid standards of DLSU or even other schools that are popular (lesser or no population of jeje people). Sometimes, a school is popular not because of its EXHORBITANT tuition fees or its quality education, but it’s because of the way they train their students to observe proper behavior, which my high school failed to do so (what is the use of these ueber-strict rules, eh ito-tolerate pa ang bullying? Being kiss-ass to teachers is one form of power-tripping). Ang pinaka-pasaway na batch pa ang nai-i-spoil nila, and the upper batches noticed the ugali of the students (the younger batches) in my alma mater are not very impressive (maraming bastos, walang breeding). It just shows how reputation-conscious my high school is while they cannot even address the real problems of some pasaway students.

Another thing, hindi basehan ang pagiging Katoliko ng isang paaralan pagdating sa moral values. Sometimes, non-sectarian schools are much stricter, but they even managed to groom their students BETTER than Catholic, sectarian schools. Ever heard of the controversies surrounding UST? Even one of my friends did not like UST because of its structured and institutionalized system (not like DLSU, it’s quite structured, but it gives more freedom to students–thus, the expensive tuition fee, provided that it focuses more on technology).

I have to admit that hindi rin perpekto ang DLSU, and its enrollment system sucked like hell (ask my other fellow Lasallians about that!). One time, I was sanctioned for nor returning the book, but that was a technical error of the library staff (nag-panic ako that time! LOL!). At saka, lastly, rather than renovating the “aged” parts of the school, rather, they make it even more decorated, which eventually deteriorated the old-school vibe of the school.

Ang advantage lang ng SMCQC (my HS alma mater) sa DLSU is that, mas maganda naman ang quality ng camaraderie at teamwork ng isang class section, kumpara naman sa isang block section. At least, there’s no evident discrimination compared when I was in a homogeneous block section in DLSU (well, there are two types of block section: Homogeneous and heterogeneous. A homogeneous block section ensures that ALL students have the same degree program, same major; a heterogeneous block section, meanwhile, is composed of students with different degree programs)–and it is more evident that a heterogeneous block section is easier to get along with, as compared to a homogeneous block section–if you come from the College of Liberal Arts. Mas ok pang kasama ang taga-COB, SOE, COS, COE at saka CCS. Iilan lang sa mga taga-CLA ang ok kasama (most of these people are shiftees from other colleges).

Roxyisferox said:

Yan din ang mindset ng mom ko. The only different is, anything that is NEW to her, kesehodang exceptional ng facilities and even having international partners, the school will be all MEH! to her.

Since ENDERUN College is really new to her, I am sure she will just smirk at it. I guess, I don’t think she remembers hearing about UA&P. Either UP, Ateneo, UST, Miriam College ang gusto niyang i-glorify. Minsan niyang i-glorify ang DLSU kasi walang LaSallista sa Provident. Tawa nga ako sa reaction niya na nung sinabi ko sa kanya na #3 ang Aquinas University sa Bicol out of top100 or 200. Para ngang hindi siya maniniwala. She even believes that Bicol University is bulok, pero kung titingnan mo ang ranking, never pa nakatuntuong sa top 100 or 200 ang Divine Word College Legaspi City, her alma mater, considering na Catholic School ‘yun.

I replied:

Kapag paaralang pampubliko, bulok na kaagad!? Remember, I even lambasted SMCQC and even compared it to MC pa. However, MC’s college department is usually a target of criticism. Super-strict tsaka for-profit ang college department nila, samantalang ang high school nila ay mas reputable. ‘Yun lang, MC does not balance major and minor subjects at the same time.

As for state U’s, I actually salute them more for their never-ending excellence. CLSU has created food products out of carabao milk, and UPLB has been specializing in VetMed aaaaaaaaand Agriculture at the same time. Kung ano pa ang public school, sila pa ang nag-sstrive not only for excellence but also how they will execute what they have learned. PNU has been the center of excellence for pedagogy.

If the public school system is “bulok,” then how come they’ve managed to outsmart their private school counterparts? Public elementary and high schools in the provinces are more recommendable than their private counterparts. And does not she (your momma) realize that UP and ADMU prioritize people from public schools and/or the provinces? Also, if both schools realize you’re a promdi from a public school, aba big time ka na! Kaya usually, if you’re a city person coming from a private school (lalo na siguro kapag malakas ang segregation at discrimination sa sistema nila), you need to strive hard just to be accepted, or else waley rin.

Actually, My profs from PUP are really good! Tsaka I think that the system there is better than UP (the school trying to fit in ADMU and DLSU when it comes to tuition costs). One of the guidance counselors told me that it is a super cheap school, but how come she does her part well? Now I know na maganda ang reputasyon ng PUP kahit papano, as compared to UP.

To add, not all Catholic schools can enter the Top Schools list. The admin needs to swallow a lot of rice grains to be an excellent institution. No wonder, any secular school will ousmart Catholic schools, speaking about excellence.

Roxyisferox said:

Yes! Amen to that! To be an excellent institution is not about cutting out students, kicking out for not meeting the grades, it’s all about proper motivation for students to study better, to invest for better facilities and equipment, and making institution a BETTER PLACE to LEARN, not SOMETHING to FEAR at GOING to.

My Take

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GirlTalk’s sis blooming said:

As for the stress, dito (Singapore) medyo salungat ang experience ko compared sa Pinas. Sa Gradeschool, I find Pinas private schools more stressful compared to Sg public schools. Lagi nga silang walang assignment dito. Tapos, 4 lang ang subjects compared to almost 10 sa Pinas. Dito, all they have to do is focus on understanding the lessons for Math, Science, English and Mother Tongue (Chinese or some other language). Kahit pangit sulat ok lang (which is another thing I dont like, ang pangit ng penmanship nila kasi wala nga sila masyadong homework or practice sa pagsulat). The advantage is, naka focus talaga sila during exam time. Whereas sa Pinas, sampung subject, kahit Social Studies, PE or Homeroom, nakiki-agaw ng oras mo sa pag-aaral.

Feeling ko nga naging mas kampante ang anak ko when we transferred here. Laging naglalaro at hindi nag-aaral kasi nga walang assignments. Siguro depende din sa school, kaya kino-complement ko nalang ng ibang homework on my own.

I said on Facebook,

No wonder, maganda ang education system sa Singapore because they simply focus on MAJOR subjects alone + another language besides English. Sana ganito rin sa Pilipinas.

I think their history class, together with other subjects are taught in high school and college.

In other words, our education system taught us to become laborers than Filipinos.

My take

Who needs TLE, Religion class, History class and err… some other subjects like P.E. if these can be learned at home?

As a matter of fact, the Philippines should adopt a system wherein major subjects such as English, Math and Science will be the main focus, plus another language (Filipino and other languages such as Visayan (mainly Cebuano), native language).

Our professor in the English department is right. Our education system teaches us to become laborers than Filipinos. We are taught to serve than to lead, quoting our high school teacher.

Children are too young to learn about what TAX is all about in the Philippines. It could be learned at high school later on. Somehow, subjects like Philosophy, Political Science, International Studies and a lot more things could be taught later on. Somehow, DepEd should do something to make education reforms in the Philippines.

Well, do you have any idea on countries with the BEST education system?

I will mention it: Japan, Singapore and of course, Finland.

Which countries has tuition-FREE education?

Germany, Norway, Sweden and of course… Finland.

Japan’s education system teaches pupils and students how to be independent and how to apply things that they have learned in class. Also, it is a training ground on how to be productive and creative at the same time.

Meanwhile, Singapore only focuses on major subjects only: Math and Science. Besides that, English plus another language is taught, but most students choose the native language.

Finally, Finland has the best seat in this list. In the system, their education is the most liberal. They only call their teachers by their frist names, there is no such thing as school uniform, everyone’s equal and the exams are quite easy. Every kid starts at first grade, to ensure that they enjoy their childhood.

Somehow, the Philippine education system should learn a thing or two from these countries. But between the three, the Singaporean education system works best in the Philippine setting.

Quoting fujiringo-san from my previous blog post:

Sa ibang bansa, kahit mga high school graduates lang or hindi na nakatapos ng pag-aaral, binibigyan ng chance na magtagumpay sa field na gusto nila. Suportado pa sila ng gobyerno nila at ng mga civic groups. Eh dito, may diploma ka na nga, kung hindi ka naman galing sa kilalang school eh mamatahin ka pa. That’s how superficial we are. At kung hindi ka nakatapos ng pag-aaral, hahayaan ka na lang na mabulok.

That means that you still have to swallow a lot of grains to be recognized. Look at once of my relatives. He did not finish college, yet he was accepted in this publication company because of his talent in writing. This means that he accepted the job ahead before he graduated.

However, since this is the Philippines, what do you expect? You only achieve this kind of thing through nepotism and cronyism. In other words, superficiality on Philippine education is still rampant, until now.

My take on this issue: That’s because we don’t create a lot of jobs in the Philippines! We create jobs only for the elite, and the masa relies on the oligarchs!

fujiringo-san also adds:

I never believed in what’s written on my report cards. Those are just merely numbers used by our teachers to judge our performances. We know ourselves and we know where we can really excel.

Sadly, professors allow kiss-arse students to get high grades. Isang close-close-an mo lang sa mga professors, you get a very high grade. However, I am not the type of person who will be kiss-arse to professors just to get a high grade. At heto pa ah, there’s this certain anonymous student who has sacrificed her virginity to a professor just to get a passing grade.

Now I know why the Philippines isn’t an immigrant-friendly country, speaking of looking for jobs. Look at Thailand and Malaysia–these are upper middle-income countries, and they even managed to welcome immigrants, speaking of job searching. Why? Because their governments support their people and not themselves alone. In other words, they have a strong, supportive government. No oligarch presence. Eh sa Thailand pa lang, maraming nagpo-protesta laban kay PM Yingluck Shinawatra–well, the oligarchs and the elite class in Thailand HATE the Shinawatras (Shinawat is the correct pronunciation). If Filipinos will protest against the oligarchs who have written the 1987 Constitution, somehow, an honest president will rather make oligarchs angry.

Well, if I were to be asked, I won’t let my children study in the Philippines anymore. If that would be in the Philippines, it should be in well-known and sikat schools since:

Even my gay buddy said that “Bakit sikat ang Miriam College, St. Paul Pasig, Assumption?” Again, people may insist that it still depends on the student, but ask him and he will disagree. Even DLSU has its own flaws–it does not give ample generosity to most introverts who are willing to be on the Dean’s List, unless masipag lang talaga sila (well, slackers not allowed to be DL unless they’re just lucky). Also, you need the right set of friends in order to maintain your grades. Therefore, in college, the concept of “it’s in the student” applies–to some extent. Crab mentality and nega vibes are also rampant in DLSU since competition is also rampant, and the only way you could get a 3.0 as your GPA is the number of friends you get in order to help you with your homework (not joking about this one). In Japan and in the US, it’s different. You are given more room to excel, and there are reasons why there are Filipinos who study abroad rather than in the Philippines–they’re not as superficial when it comes to track record, credentials and also, if you come from a not-so famous school, you’re going to be interrogated.

Even colleges and universities in the Philippines has this structured vibe, which you cannot even see in other countries. In Japan, tertiary education is completely optional, since only the Japanese elite could afford sending their children to universities, and in a Japanese university, they have high standards. The good side is that, they’re often generous when it comes to scholarships.

I also heard that madali lang at chill ang mga subjects sa mga Japanese universities, eh. In the United States, however, tertiary education is quite difficult and more rigid. However, the Japanese and U.S. government ensures that these students receive support from them. Sa Pilipinas nga lang, students are often suffering from this STFAP policy. This STFAP policy reminds me that even BIR Chief Kim Henares (aka Ducut twin) is omnipotently present in the UP system–but this policy was reformed, after the death of Kristel Tejada.

Lastly, Roxyisferox said:

It all boils down to this one thing, and I know you guys are sick and tired of blaming to the government, but for the last couple of decades, none of our Presidents PRIORITIZED EDUCATION. CHED could not control the tuition fee that continuously increases. Cheaper than other Universities around the world, but still, our condition is a total mindfuck.

Well, if only our presidents prioritized education, healthcare and of course, telecommunications, it would make the Philippines a peaceful country. But here, we need to have more honest public servants such as Dick Gordon, MDS, Bayani Fernando, Juan Flavier and a lot more. We need more scientists, engineers and lawyers, alongside doctors and teachers to run for public office. Lastly, we need more people in DSWD who are generous enough to distribute relief goods towards Yolands victims, not crocodiles.

In the Philippines, we need PUBLIC SERVANTS, not POLITICIANS. A public servant is an advocate of a specific field, while a politician is doing everything to meet national interests and contribute towards conspiracy.

REAL TALK Discussion: Between Good and Evil (not a Nietzsche critique)

The Dark Side of Cory Aquino

As you all can see, I have always been a vocal critic of the 1987 Constitution–which explains all the flaws of the Executive and the Legislative branch of the government. Until now, there are always fucking bad news, that even other websites are showing ALL the bad traits of the Filipinos that are simply spewed (and finally being exposed) by the 1987 Constitution… which secretly allows the “bahid” of the Spanish criminals who colonized the Philippines–LURK, in such a way that it will damage the Philippines due to oligarchy and American imperialism care of Aguinaldo’s selling of the Philippines combined.

It’s the Filipino version of ILLUMINATI.

Kaya naman pala… biased masyado ang ABS-CBN pagdating sa Aquino-Cojuangco clan!

So after all, even though that Ninoy has his own share of dark secrets, he was the poor guy right here–in-under lang pala siya ng kanyang asawa. So you know why I have always thought of the 500-peso bill as something worth to make waldas of, rather than valuing it as money.

Kung si Marcos pa ang nakalagay sa 500-peso bill, matutuwa pa ako niyan!

As the saying goes, “There’s always two sides in a coin.”

However, even though Marcos wasn’t a perfect president, he was the reason why the Philippines was placed in the map. People dislike him with respect–in other words, they don’t like his atrocities and cronyism issues, yet they respect him because he loved the Philippines so much that he did everything to make it one of the richest countries in the world. After all, many people have jobs, and I bet, employment rate during his time was low. As a matter of fact, the Marcos family was rather a POWERHOUSE of ideas–even Madam Imeldific had her own share of ideas.

I was really against Imelda Marcos mainly because she’s too extravagant, yet what made me fascinated is how she promoted and nourished the arts and culture of the country. She was also taking place of Marcos while he was sick (terminally-ill). Overall, she did everything to continue his legacy, yet there are many people who were against them, thus the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

Now let’s take a closer look at the 1987 Constitution.

Of course, I was born during the term of Fidel V. Ramos, that’s why he’s the only president that I know. Sure, during his time, maganda pa nga ang buhay sa Pilipinas, eh. Everything was the rise of music, the flourishing of OPM and the time where our ate’s and kuya’s set a good example to us. Nowadays, our generation has been screwed up. Typical popular kids ang ugali, hindi ‘yung disente’t kagalang-galang. I just feel sad since Filipinos nowadays are actually aiming for LESS.

I was thinking, “Naku, kaya pala si Tatay Fredo the Teacher-Scavenger, biktima pala ng crab mentality, eh!”

In other words, people surrounding Tatay Fredo want him to settle for less since he’s a very successful teacher, and he knows all the English words that are very deep in meaning–and plant names, in scientific form.

Putang ina naman kasi! Kung sino pa ang pinaka-successful, sila pa ang hinihila pababa! Don’t get me started with that since I was at that stage as well, and people surrounding me will simply pull me down just because I am vocal on social media, tapos sila naman, they will do any means to be at the top through cheating–and make it to the top at the expense of other people. Example is how they kiss the asses of their teachers and professors, kaya hindi lang nila basta-basta madadaan ‘yan sa pag-aaral lamang. Usually, they treat the professor as if close sila, pero ako? Well, being close to professors isn’t my thing, so if I get a not-so-high grade, then that’s not a problem to me at all. As a matter of fact, the real world won’t welcome them, anyways (those people who contribute to crab mentality).

Kaya I really respect how Ashley Gosiengfiao LOATHES crab mentality so much that she’s ready to raise her middle finger towards her detractors. Kulang na lang, magpatayo pa siya ng NGO na anti-crab mentality pa nga, eh.

No wonder, the 1987 Constitution is flawed. It’s rather a virus that plagues not only the government, but also the Filipino society as well. Ganyan ka-rampant ang plague of hypocrisies sa Pilipinas.

Another thing:


Sus! Hindi lang ‘yan applicable sa mga May 10 elections blah blah blah et cetera, ah. Like what one K-Zone issue said, “Vote these people for their ABILITY (as in anong mga decent projects and all these reforms…) rather than their POPULARITY.” No wonder, blessing in disguise when GMA won the 2004 elections–since the late FPJ (RIP) was rather a high school drop-out (‘ata), tapos tumakbong presidente kaagad. Well, there are some people who judge him just because he did not finish high school… but come on, even though FPJ did not finish his schooling, I could sense that if he were still alive, he would have given all his income towards Yolanda victims. I ain’t kidding, either.

People should have voted FPJ not because he’s an action star. Hindi ibig sabihin na Action Star King siya, he could be a la “THE ROCK” when he will face all the corrupt public servants via an iron fist. Wait, this is Malacañang and the House of Representatives, together with the Supreme Court, NOT a TEKKEN stage/arena/ring. We’re not going to watch any news shows just for another latest FPJ vs. enemy moment. No way would it be a WWE arena. Na-da. Papano na lang kung makakaharap pa niya si Pacman pagdating sa mga taxes. I bet, FPJ will have a talk with Pacman rather than “ROUND ONE, FIGHT!” Remember, this is a plenary hall, not a wrestling arena.

Another thing is the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and ABS-CBN. Okay, so to speak, I am going to explain to you why Roxyisferox despises Cory Aquino with passion.

Little did you know that Roxyisferox lived during the time of the late ex-president Cory Aquino. Of course, only a few people like her despise Tita Cory even though I was the one who saw and met her in person. Actually, I really cannot believe that may dark side pala ‘tong si Tita Cory. Also, nakakagulat lang na how did she ever secure her privacy in such a way that NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON could know any dark secret about her? Ang sagot? ABiaS-CBN.

I have nothing really against Tita Cory, but people should realize that she’s not a saint. Media could manipulate and eventually hallucinate people to death. Kung naging Kapuso ako to Kapamilya before–now, I am like, neutral between two network giants. ABS-CBN is really biased towards their clan is because their properties and businesses were confiscated by MARCOS himself. God forbid, Marcos knew that the Lopezes have an agenda… an evil agenda just to make more money and that’s it!

Contrary to her claim, CORY was disgusted at the so-called advocacy of NINOY for democracy. All she supposedly wanted was to live like the daughter of a rich couple, spend money around and engage in her love: gambling. CORY was allegedly addicted to gambling even at an early age that when NINOY was a neophyte Senator, he was always humiliated when he entertained visitors in their house at Times Street.

May something in common pala siya with the Lopezes. All they know is to gamble and… YES! They just want to make themselves richer and richer… and that’s it!

CORY did not love NINOY nor God. When Raul MANGLAPUS and NINOY quarreled sometimes in their Boston home, CORY is said to have sided always with MANGLAPUS. MANGLAPUS on the other hand, during his stay in the US, was active in recruiting for the religion of Satanism. It is suspected that since CORY embraced the political party of MANGLAPUS (National Union of Christian Democrats — NUCD) as her party also, she might have been recruited to Satanism.

Kaya naman pala, eh. She hired the TADTAD cult to kill those people who were against her administration.

Kung gaano siya ka-bait on-cam and off-cam, same goes with her dark side. Mas maitim pa sa black hole.

In Malacañang, after EDSA I, the late CORY and a prominent politician, Cabinet turned senator, would enter the Malacañang president’s bedroom. The purpose was for an alleged Closed Door Meeting. The couple would not re-emerge from the bedroom for more than half a day and when they did, they appeared to be a silently loving couple.

The practice lasted until the cabinet member turned senator died. The wife of the senator might have suspected and supposedly hated CORY for that. CORY also had other flings and standing sexual relationships with other men. It was bandied around in Malacañang at the time that CORY’s choice of the senator was that he had a really very long sexual organ and he could still manage to have intercourse. The gossip in Malacañang was that if the man who was invited to have a closed door with CORY had a long penis then the meeting was not a real one but an act of knowing in the bible’s sense.

Kaya naman pala hindi masaway-saway ni Tita Cory si Kristeta, eh! Well, it’s not because nag-stalk si Tita Cory kay Ninoy, but as a matter of fact, it was because she was rather allowing herself to have some… “service” that is rather outside business. May pinagmanahan pala si Kris, that’s why.

Sus! Akala niyo lang! Even Kris inspects all the hotdogs of her men. Remember: TWO EGSS (yes, it’s EGSS, lol) and one HOTDAWG. She does that in order to fuck with any men she likes, and no wonder, isa pala siyang nympho! Nyahahahahaha!

Kung nympho ang matatawag ng mga faux conservatives kay Pamelita Anderson, at least hindi siya homewrecker! In the United States, nobody gives a flying fuck if you’re going to have lotsa sex scandals. Also, if you’re going to delve into her past, at least friends parin siya with her ka-flings. People need to realize that Pammy, despite having flings with men, knows how to choose them. It also shows how she protects her privacy in the most secret manner–something that she learned after her sex videos just leaked.

At least Pammy knows how to keep herself sexy, which is something that Kris does not have!

Lastly, as what Roxyisferox has said:

Hah! Matagal ko nang binabatikos ang pagiging ‘relihyosa’ ni Cory. Napapataas din noon ang kilay kowhen my mom mentioned “tingan mo si Cory Aquino, bakit sinusunod ng tao? Dahil sa pagrorosaryo.”. Before, at the height of Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez snafu in 2003, my mom used to deem Cory Aquino to be “holy”, “patient” eventhough Krazy Aquino is one helluva’ whining homewrecker/sex-starved whore. When Cory Aquino declared “war” against then-President-now-Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo after the latter declared her decision to run for presidency in 2004, as well as the “Hello Garci!” scandal, my mom lost her respect for Cory Aquino. I don’t need to mention that my mom is pro-Gloria Arroyo and she believed in her potential, and sorry guys, this thread is not a place for you to diss my mom.

Meh, not praying the rosary won’t make me less religious. Remember, I used to be a student in a sectarian Catholic school, and as I grew older, I just took the rosary time for granted. Eh, mas pipiliin kong maging isang sinner kumpara naman sa magiging banal-banalan pero kung makapanglait dahil bawal ang magkamali, sila pa ang mas MASAHOL pa sa mga nagbabalat-kayo.

Like what I have said before, “Lord, I deserve to be happy. Allow me to be myself.”

As a matter of fact, I hate pleasing people, but there are some who are just pretending to be a hard-to-please person, pero know-it-all pala ang ugali! Also, these people are more toxic than too much saltwater. They know how to put you down, and they know how to make a weak person weaker. That’s how hypocrite they really are.

Please do not profess “God” and just “God” if what you’re doing is hypocritical–now I remembered my Philosophy of Person class: Christianity has its hypocritical side, but that does not mean that ALL people who say “God” and profess “God” are hypocrites. As a matter of fact, kung sino pa ang tunay na Kristiyano, sila pa ang nagpo-profess at nagpo-promote ng harmony, eh.

If I were to be asked, a true religious Christian isn’t pretentious! Jesus never pretended to act conservative by simply being judgmental like, “Eww… this taxpayer is so disgusting!” He rather welcomed these people and changed them into better persons. Well, if philosophers do not believe in God most of the time, they didn’t even know that during those times, religions other than Christianity also has their own form of miracles. Any holy book is also a historical book, that’s why these people who have written the Bible weren’t born during the Renaissance and the birth of Niepce. But what makes religion the opium of all masses are the FANATICS who profess false faith.

Well, you could still profess your faith without sacrificing your individualism. It’s better to be a totoong tao while still having faith in God at the same time. Also, being religious should not be an excuse not to be a good scientist, engineer or anything that involves science and technology. Remember that Pope John Paul II was an apologist to science, despite his conservative views. There are many apologists of religion and science who are willing to encourage religious people to embrace science, since I believe in the saying, “With God is blessing, with man is action.”

What is the use of praying the rosary if you could actually utter a little prayer to God through your own words? As a matter of fact, praying the rosary should not be a requirement. It should be a choice.

As much as I hate debating about religion, well, I ain’t doing so. In fact, I am just sharing my beliefs on why I am not a religious Christian. If I were to be asked, I am a Christian, but I chose not to be ueber-religious–somehow, conservative elites who are devout Christians (well, not to generalize though) are simply being judgmental to the poor. If you’re profess how handsome and intelligent you are while you are actually NOT–does not make a good Christian. A good Christian knows his/her limitations, and knows when to do good and when to act real. Also, a true Christian practices what he/she preaches!

My Take on the Dark Side thing

This proves that Cory Aquino should not be viewed as a saint. Sure, the media may insist that Cory Aquino is a saint, but when I realized that ABS-CBN is no longer credible, I started to believe Roxyisferox, yet my other acquaintances think that the Aquino-Cojuangco is still a hero, a saint, blah blah… but anyways, I really can’t help it but like what I have said before, Tita Cory knows how to secure her privacy very well.

I have always been a vocal critic of the 1987 Constitution. Well, the 1987 Constitution reflects how effed up the Philippines is. People may insist that Marcos is an evil dictator, but hell, I respect him for placing the Philippines on the map. During his time, countries such as South Korea and Singapore looked up to our country decades ago, before the People Power I.

No wonder, inequality and RAMPANT discrimination is really obvious in our society. Crab mentality and things like short-sightedness and other things are mentioned in the 17 Bad Habits that Filipinos need to change + 7. Until now, we Filipinos do not have the urge and motivation to rebuild this country and instead, rely on the hypocrisies and lies the government is telling us.

In other words, we were taught the wrong values, and live a life full of hypocrisies. This is what Cory Aquino wanted, in other words. Since I myself grew up on a life full of hypocrisies, I just told myself, “I’d rather live a life being a REAL person without sugar-coating. I’d rather be a bitch with class, be firm without any hesitation, and be ugly as a form of uniqueness.”

Frankly speaking, Philippine society is a faux conformist society–it alienates MANY people while welcoming and tolerating the immoral ones. Buti pa sa Japan, those people who do wrong are the ones oppressed. Why cannot it be applied in the Philippines?

Does it have to do anything with religion!?

Usually, countries that are secular have this form of equality. Everyone is equal without question. No wonder, the late Margaret Thatcher preferred to be called “Margaret” rather than “PM Thatcher.” In Europe, where it is even more liberated than the United States (US is kind of laid-back), people there prefer to be called by their first names. Formality is actually very rare, and sometimes, formality is only used ONLY for formality reasons. It’s only Asia that follows the hierarchal standard.

Well, in countries where discrimination is heavily-rampant, these are the places where everything’s even more backwards than any other laid-back country. In the Philippines, we think that if you do not conform into these so-called beauty standards, you are considered as “ugly” and “poor,” while those who have East Asian features often gets special treatment.

No wonder, we are ruled by oligarchs. The 1987 Constitution, I believe, has fucked up our government, and also society as a whole. That’s how “deadly” the constitution is.

Now we know why there is no such thing as unity among Filipinos, even in other countries. Well, some Filipino Freethinkers may disagree with me when it comes to making friends with Filipinos overseas, pero sa totoo lang, nasisira na ang image ng Pilipinas because of all these rampant shenanigans that are happening in the Philippines. Kumbaga, walang unity with one another. Everywhere in the Philippines, there is crab mentality.


It should also be taken note that is a blog full of people who contribute towards crab mentality, unlike GetRealPhilippines and CorrectPhilippines, these blogs promote UNITY for Filipinos, while only contributes CRAB MENTALITY to each Filipino. I suggest, everyone should read blogs that will change and re-invent the image of the Philippines and Filipinos.

It’s also time to revise the Constitution. This is a big help to re-invent the Philippines and bring back OPM’s glory. Never settle for anything less, start treating others equally. Thank you!

People Who Were Pretty in High School Make More Money Because Life Isn’t Fair

Don’t gemme started with that. Those who were attractive in high school might turn out to be ordinary. In other words, nasira ang byuti nila! LMAO!


A new research paper confirms that everything that your mother told you growing up is a lie because the pretty people always win.

According to the report, with the womp-womp inducing title In School, Good Looks Hurt (But They Mostly Help), attractive high school kids end up earning more money than the normals. Women with above average looks reportedly made 8% more while below-average looking women had a 4% penalization. While an attractive man earned just 4% more, men who fell below average on the looks scale were docked 13%. The study suggests a possible cause for the wage disparity could be the fact that people rated pretty people as having more intelligence, better personalities, and a higher potential for success … and if you build it, they will come.

As much as you might want this research paper’s findings to pump your gas one day, a recent study…

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Mike Lim of Fashion Pulis: As a teacher: “I’m strict. I have lots of experience…

Mike Lim never fails to amaze me, even though there are times that he’s being a douche in his blog. Galit sa kanya ang karamihan sa mga elitistang GTalkers, but me? Who am I to judge him? There’s one student who attested that hindi pala super-strict ‘tong si FP, eh. Oftentimes, he’s misunderstood, but the mere fact that he’s being a douche? He should change that. I mean, FP’s grave sarcasm in Rappler rather turned me off. He’s someone I do admire since he’s brave enough to post his blind items and whatnot; but the mere fact that he’s recycling things all over and over again (Fab or Drab, Without Makeup…), that’s what turns me off, somehow.

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Mike Lim of Fashion Pulis:

As a teacher: “I'm strict. I have lots of experience in PR. I use them as case studies in class.”

On writing about blind items: “I try to detach my emotions. At the end of the day, it’s work.

#AskFashionPulis LIVE interview:

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