Komi Says: Ellen Adarna is greater than KubetAA

Ellen is the new IT girl, as what the middle class say. Well… the masa people do not appreciate her that much since she lacks charisma to become the IT girl of the century. In the Philippines, you need to act prim and proper by Filipino standards (like Toni Gonzaga, for instance) and you have to be pa-tweetums to be well-liked. That’s the same problem in Japan. If you are outspoken, loud and liberated, you’re being branded as a bitch.

Despite her tattoos, Namie Amuro never acted like a liberal, typical dumb blonde girl (hey! Not stereotyping blond/blonde people!). Did her image, dark past and somehow… track record tainted her worth as a celebrity? HELL, she’s more down-to-earth than Cecilia Cheung (yeah, that part-British attention whore! Your beauty won’t lead you to anywhere!), and not even those controversial celebrities will par at her. Katrina Halili as well. Even though she had many issues, Kat has been feisty, and NEVER a people pleaser. Well, if you were to ask me, I would rather choose people who do not have a track record of being a consistent people pleaser and–I prefer people with a “what you see is what you get” aura.

Well, not all liberated people are likeable. Sa sobrang liberated at straightforward, expect that every single Filipino will raise your middle finger against you. Here in most parts of Asia, being liberated and straighforward means that you’re arrogant, uncouth and at the same time, a person with an attitude problem–except if you come from a well-off brood and/OR you grew up in places outside Asia.

Look at Ellen Adarna. Well, I may not be a fan of hers, but I must admit, her beauty is effortless. I doubt she has a drop of Filipino blood (but at least she’s a Filipino citizen and was born in Philippine soil) due to her Chinese and Spanish ancestry–that’s because she hails from Cebu, where many people there are mixed-raced. But due to her background (she’s a motel heiress, DUH!), her dark past and err… her claim to fame, people who do not belong to the masa actually liked her–face value pa lang tsaka sexy aura, sinong lalaki ang hindi magkakagusto diyan, hindi ba? Unless kung conservative lang si guy… hindi ba?

People envy Ellen Adarna’s face value and physique–mas enviable pa nga siya compared kay ehem… you know who I’m pertaining to (‘yung ganda lang na dinadaan lamang sa kinis ng balat). However, what’s a turn-off is actually her liberated demeanor. Typical dumb blonde magsalita, in other words. In short, she’s really the Filipina Paris Hilton. Both of them are party girls, right? However, Paris has at least a classy side–but still, Paris does it like a typical dumb blonde, ‘di gaya ni Ellen, may astigin side pa.

Can I just say that because of her fair skin, face value and wealth, she could be a party girl. She smokes, drinks, has tattoos and all that–but despite her effortless smooth skin (I heard that she never got pimples, just freckles), she undergoes a beauty regimen, and that is going to the gym.

She also admitted that she tried drugs for her role. Also, she admitted that she had a boob job, but not her double-eyelid procedure. If I were to be asked, Ellen NEVER needed to have enhancements. However, since she has the money, it can’t be helped. I won’t mind wealthy people having enhancements, for as long as it suits them. Luckily, Ellen’s boobs suit her (guys, flat-chested talaga siya dati)–and it looks real. Belo might be good when it comes to boob jobs.

Comparison with Cristine Reyes

Yes, this is the most challenging thing! However, I must say that Ellen is not as DAMN cheap like AA. If you think that Ellen is cheapangga just because she has lots of boys–then you must be crazy. Usually, in college, many people will go party or have sex. Check out DLSU Secret Files and you’ll see how liberated could you get from these students. Also, lumabas na rin ang ka-jeje-han ng iba (LOL, I thought DLSU is purely a non-jeje school!).

Ellen is a legitimate bad girl and a totoong tao, as compared to Cristine Reyes. Here, Ellen never needed to act bitchy just to be called a totoong tao. Ellen never needed to be bastos, though the way she speaks sucked. At least she’s straightforward–unlike AA who happens to be a bitch who speaks without sense.

Ellen at least, admitted her retoke’s, unlike Cristine. Ellen’s very vocal about her boob job, and takes it with pride. Meanwhile, AA said in a magazine that she never went under the knife despite the fact that she really had two nosejobs. Worse, you’ll see that MARAMING pinagawa sa kanya.

Now let me ask this? Why are FP readers and GTalkers pinpointing on Yeng Constantino’s retoke-fied nose and white skin while Cristine has TWO fucking nosejobs and extreme skin routine procedures? Yeng’s nose looks like as if she underwent the knife is because of makeup. Ang binago lang ni Yeng is her skin color (though she’s already fair-skinned).

Gosh, people should stop being hypocrites now. If they will just admire Cristine for being totoong tao just because she acts bitchy most of the time, they’re just plain stupid. Iba ang pagiging bitchesa na duwag harapin ang mga isyu niya sa totoong taong aminado na may kapangitan rin siya sa buhay. As a matter of fact, Ellen is really a totoong tao, and she never needed to pretend to be ala Lucy Torres or Dawn Zulueta. I mean, morality is becoming hypocritical because many of these TV networks require these women to act modestly.

Have you ever heard of Ellen undergoing casting couch!? ¡Hijo de puta! Never heard of her doing that… but virgin or not, I won’t mind. I also won’t mind if Ellen does the dirty finger or being wild most of the time. Hindi naman masyadong maamo ang mukha niya, eh.

But… if you want good vibes… watch this one:

It’s much better than the latest Cristine Reyes GGV guesting. At least, may funny side naman si Ellen. Kahit siya pa ang mag-walis ng bahay niyo, expect that siya ang magiging tourist attraction sa mga hotels niyo!

Roxyisferox even said:

While she doesn’t need to disclose almost everything about her, even her darkest past, I can still see her as totoong tao. She doesn’t need to show her all-out-bratty-n-bitchy just to show she is ‘totoong tao‘.

Ellen Adarna is straightforward, even without speaking a word or two. Yes, it is possible to be totoong tao without speaking a word–just to let people know that your actions are more sincere than your words. There are some people who act straightforward, but what they’re saying is opposite to who they really are–in other words, they’re simply plain ARROGANT.

Also, Ellen never needed to brag that she’s a pretty face. She never needed to brag that she’s the Friendster queen. She never needed to brag that she became popular on her own. She is only doing her thing, again, without speaking a word or two.

I can see her as a BAD GIRL, without the need to try hard.

Rihanna is also the bad gal, but the difference between Ellen and RiRi, Ellen only posts a few photos of herself smoking cigs, while RiRi consistently posts photos of herself smoking cigars. Well, smoking cigars at least suits RiRi, but I do not know with Ellen. RiRi is also one bad gal who never needed to try too hard to act like a baddie. As a matter of fact, she has learned her lesson about auto-tuning her voice in most of her songs. Jeezes, she has a nice voice pala, eh! Why the hell does she need to rely on auto-tune!?

Ang trying-hard talaga maging bad girl ay si Taylor Momsen. She smokes, has a tat, but she tries to hard to act like a baddie if she ends up looking like a skank. She actually ruined the image of that GOTHIC ROCK is all about–but then again, she just focused on her music and her image–at least, without being trying too hard to act like a baddie.

The bad girl image is like this: Liberated (straightforward, direct, consistently frank), people pleaser haters, pasaway, party pooper, smoker, maraming tats, no longer a virgin and the quintessential rebel. Asia Argento is one prime example of those traits. At least, she’s the true bad girl without the need to try hard. Conservative people may not like her, but I myself think that she’s bad-ass. Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, is an ex-bad girl, though she still considers herself as one. Hell, she isn’t a smoker, and she was not so rebellious compared to Asia. Now you know why Angelina is well-liked unlike Asia–Angelina is American, while Asia is European. Basically, European people are more liberated than Americans. How did I say this? Tolerance-wise when it comes to culture, Europe is the winner. You don’t see any European country shoving their culture, though they encourage people to integrate to their society.

Unfortunately, Cristine Reyes is bastos, walang modo, palengkera, despite having the traits of a quintessential bad girl. None of the bad girls aforementioned were damn rude. Asia, Angelina, Ellen, RiRi–hell, they may be open about their sexuality, but that does not mean that they could fling with lots of guys. These four bad girls may be bitchy for the conservatives, but not for the youngsters. Look, Asia is a good mother despite being a bad girl. Same with Angelina. Meanwhile, RiRi and Ellen are being looked up to despite their bad girl image. Eh, si Cristine? Kailangan niyang maglunok ng bigas para lang siya mai-galang ng mga kabataan.

Well, Cristine is well-loathed by many conservative people, speaking of morality values. Kung maka-asta naman siya, akala mo naman kung sinong astigin, eh, kung binatikos na siya, she’s acting goody-two-shoes na! Goodness gracious, eat your fucking words, bitch (remember when you lashed out towards SG?)! Kaya mahirap kang patawarin, eh! No wonder, some people will never forgive you because of your rudeness. So to speak, with regards to the recent issue about the juice diet of Anne Curtis and her drinking, I guess people will forgive her because despite being liberated, Anne knows how to handle herself and she never needed to act bitchy to be a totoong tao. People will also forgive Marian if she’s being a bitch again–but there are some KaF-tards who will deny the fact that Marian deserves forgiveness. So people should believe that Marian is a fucking bitch? Hell, at least she makes sense in every interview/s, that’s why people still love her despite her palengkera speech. Mas idol-worthy pa nga ‘yan kesa sa mga kagaya ni KubetAA, eh.

If you’re going to look at the achievements of some of these bad girls, at least they did it with their hardwork. I don’t think hardworking talaga ‘yang si AA, eh. Work habits pa lang siguro, kwestyunable na ang mga kagaya ni AA. Ni isang movie lang niya, hindi naging blockbuster hit (well, if she’s the lone protagonist/lead character). She only got an acting award mainly because of casting couch na rin. I don’t think Japanese TV networks or movie directors will ever accept her, not even the legendary Takashi Miike. Kung naka-trabaho niya siguro si Sakai Masato, I don’t think Sakai-sama will praise her. Sa acting ability pa lang ni Sakai, hindi talaga siya papasa–kung puro pa-cute lang ang alam niya.

Eh, rumor has it that Maricel Soriano yelled at AA for “not knowing how to act.” This means that kahit siguro kay Tita Shawie o ‘di kaya kay Mayor Vi, standards pa lang nila, hindi na siya (AA) papasa. In other words, she never had any friends na veteran actors. Kaya it is most likely for Sakai Masato to get extremely upset if he will only evaluate AA’s acting ability.

But when it comes to Ellen Adarna, konting workshop lang, papasa na siya sa mga kagaya ni Sakai Masato.

Now you see the difference?

#KomiSays: Ellen Adarna is greater than Cristine Reyes. That is #REALTALK. Sino kaya ang hindi na kailangang magpa-retoke para lang mapansin? Sino kaya ang hindi na kailangang maging butangera para lang matawag na totoong tao? Sino kaya ang hindi na kailangang magpa-kantot para lang magka-career?

Read between the lines again! Alam niyo na ‘yan!


5 thoughts on “Komi Says: Ellen Adarna is greater than KubetAA

  1. Well that’s dumb. Xtine is far from a saint.. But damn girl! She’s no where as cheap as ellen!! I know Ellen ever sicne her probinsyano days! She sleeps around, done sex video on a PRE camera phone era, always drunk as fuk, problem child, curses her parents, etc. etc. That’s why no guy can put up with her shit for months!
    Damn haters so blinded you think every other evil bitch is always better Xtine . WTF sis? xD xD xD

    • Oh yes, but lemme remind you that Cristine is far more cheaper than Ellen. Granted, they’re both equally cheap by Filipino standards, but Cristine is very uncouth, very rude during her fame days… pero starlet parin. AND just so you know, wala pa namang nakaka-alitan sa showbiz si Ellenita. #FYIlang

    • I think you’re also rgt na fan ni AA. So yeah, you can’t fool me this time. #peacebewithyou

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