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Ahhhh… just to let you know that this guy I am pertaining to is having a fucking hard time with his acads! No wonder, even though he works his arse off, he still won’t be graduating unless he has the brain of err… Kim Ung-yong.

Dude! He is cussing on his Twitter account, ranting against his academics!

Dude, karma has finally slapped yer fezz figuratively! Face it, it won’t hurt for as long as you do your freaking job! Sus! Nakikita nga kitang nag-e-effort mag-aral, eh. Yeah, you have been my role model for three fucking years, but then, someone just stepped into my pride… so that’s why I am really happy that I have finally outlived you… in terms of years of stay at our school.

See? Naunahan pa kita, sa totoo lang. You went in first, but you’ll go out last. I came in the last, but I finished first.

At the back of my mind, I just did nothing but to laugh at you. Laughing at you because you’re still there, carrying all the burdens! Sabi ko sa’yo, eh. You will be burdened without my presence… etchoz!

And don’t get me started if you’re going to shove to me that you’re a BETTER achiever than me. Sus! Yeah, you are more intelligent and more diligent than I am, and you may brag about it by calling me “dumbarse” or “stupid,” but what is worse than you yourself belittling me!? I just went ahead of you, without saying “Osakini” to you.

Why should I say “Osakini” to some hypocrite dude like you? Eh, track record mo pa lang lately, lalo nang nagiging chaka-ER than typical chaka. You were once the good guy who never smoked, had himself drunk and lastly… err… maintaining a CLEAN IMAGE. However, siguro napadala ka na sa mga friends mo. You failed to practice what you’re preaching. So YUCK pala ang smoking!? Ikaw siguro ang kadiri, dahil sa totoo lang, people who really smoke will admit the fact that they’re smoking… unless napadala lang sa barkada ‘yan.

At isa pa, ah. Your college has been surrounded by weird shenanigans… and I bet, kaya ganyan na pala ang ugali mo, at halos hindi mo na’ko kayang lait-laitin pa because you see, I have always retained a good image. Well, you may still study a lot and be part of the Latin Honors, but if I were to be asked, daig ka pa ng ibang DL. Those people aren’t sipsip to professors and yet gets high grades due to their diligence and hardwork, hindi kagaya mo na OO, you work hard, but you simply didn’t know that you’re starting to eat your words.

Also, don’t get me started with my blockmates. Not all people would have VERY CLOSE friends within their block. Sa totoo lang, my block section is quite homogeneous, so expect that they either unite or not unite. However, my block chose the latter–and that’s because most of them are worse than the popular kids in high school–like what I said, they’re too liberated to get started with. As in, I usually get out of place since they’re TOO Westernized, making them more masahol than the popular kids in high school. I wasn’t really offended when one of our professors called us “high school brats.” I won’t mind rather being offended with that, since they were NEVER united ever since. Ang dominant parin na group will be the popular kids of THAT block, and they will rather be the typical high school popular kids… the more hell-ish version.

Fitting in a block section full of liberated people will just make you feel that FREEDOM is in your hands if you’re separated with the block.

Well, siyempre ‘tol, you took sides with the wrong person. Kaya kahit utak mo nilason na rin ng know-it-all homewrecker na ‘yan. Don’t believe? Until now, I still haven’t accepted or rejected her friend request. I doubt, nagbago siya. Kung nagbago siya, that should be leaving her know-it-all attitude behind. Well, she’s the type of person who won’t be mediating between two parties. In other words, she cannot have the same perspective as Haruki Hanyu (Legal High 2), who will always make two parties reconcile with one another. Eh, si homewrecker? Geezes, she rather had the mentality of Inday Barretto! HA HA HA!

Well, the homewrecker is the type of person who will be kiss-arse (kuno) to “that” guy. Kaya naman pala, eh! She’s not a good friend at all, and later on, I just have to CUT ties from her because our friendship will be for no good. Kung gaano siya ka-sipsip sa mga kapwa know-it-all (well, know-it-alls defend their fellow know-it-alls, which is a sad FACT), ganun din siya ka-sipsip sa mga popular kids. Know-it-alls are frustrated popular kids, kaya rather than siding with someone who needs their presence, rather, they just turn to the dark side, which isn’t good.

I bet, mas marami pang insecurities ‘yang si homewrecker kumpara sa akin. Kaya pati utak ni “that” guy, nilason na rin.

#KomiSays: Ang kasabihan, “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” But at the end of the day, “Ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.”

These two quotes I’m saying that once you combine these two fucking quotes, it will turn out to be like imperialism + oligarchy = FAILED state. When combining the two quotes I’m saying, it will lead to hypocrisy, therefore, as what David Hume says, “Everything happens by chance.”

As a matter of fact, “that” guy was actually being mind-poisoned. He wasn’t aware of those things, until… well, I won’t tell you.

Grabe naman kasi siya. Akala mo naman kung sinong maka-asta ng ganyan tuwing mananalasa siya’t maghahasik ng lagim sa Formspring o ‘di kaya sa ask.fm, pero sa totoo lang, siya ‘yung tipong wala nang magawa sa buhay. Susme, nananahimik na nga ako, oh! Pero ikaw, tingin mo sa sarili mo, diyos!? Asa ka pa! Maraming nagsasabing suplado ka nga! It also seems that you’re being a freaking douche yourself, since you really cannot answer all the accusations thrown against you. You know yourself!? Talaga lang, huh!? Well, if you think you should be a HATER of me and my blog, I bet, people will think you’re a laughing stock rather than a legit douche-man!

Thank you talaga, ah. Salamat at pinagdasal mo ang karma ko, at pak! Dumating na ang araw kung kailan lang ako sinampal ng karmang… ipinagdasal mo. *sarcasm* Ngayon ko lang naramdaman kung gaano kahirap makipag-sundo sa isang taong nagkakagusto sa’yo. Salamat, ah? Pero mababa parin ang tingin ko sa’yo! Pweh!

Quoting my previous blog post (excerpt), against that guy:

GROW THE FUCK UP, PLEASE. I’m just being quiet, and yet you disrespected my ask.fm account just because I did something bad at you. Look, I added you as a friend, and you accepted it. Therefore, I cannot blame you for that. All I can say is thank you because you finally accepted it. Tapos ganyan lang ang gagawin mo sa’kin, after I posted the ask.fm link, you’re just simply going to call me an attention whore!? DELUSYONADO! OGAG!

How I see him now: Wala ka talagang itinanda. Sa Twitter mo pa lang, makikita ko kung gaano ka frustrated sa buhay mo. Eh, ginusto mo naman akong ma-karma, hindi ba? But karma was rather BITCHIER towards you since you’re being an insensitive douche! You’re a proud palengkero, at wala ka talagang hiya sa sarili mo. Pwes, gayahin mo na lang si Angelo Reyes ‘pag may time, ah?

Putang ina lang, oh! Kaya ako tumatawa sa mga pagdurusa mo ay dahil wala nang HATER na nakaka-istorbo sa buhay ko. Dude, practice what you preach naman. Kung ako nananahimik lang, eh bakit hindi mo gawin ang ginagawa ko? Well, mas lalong mababa ang tingin ng mga tao sa’yo ay dahil… ugali mo pa lang, nakaka-irita na, lalo na sa mga taong ayaw pa naman ng know-it-all sa buhay.

Hindi ako nagpapapansin. Okay. If you think I’m doing this for MORE attention, I do not need to be pitied by some people out there. I don’t need those “awa” by the madlang people, because you know what, I could actually handle myself without being questioned. Okay fine, slap my face literally, and I’m fucking fine with it, pero ikaw parin ang talo.

How I see him now: At bakit ba ako maaawa sa mga kagaya mo? Well dude, magpasalamat ka at hindi kita naging kaklase sa kahit anong minor/floating subjects. Or else, nag-drop ka na kaagad.

I don’t see you as someone who should be looked up to by the youth. Eh, track record mo pa lang pagdating sa moralidad, talo ka na! I ain’t bragging the fact that I have good moral character, since as a person, I did a lot of mistakes. Well, in your case, you really never wanted to learn from your mistakes about life since you just want to learn how it is to achieve, achieve, achieve… and yet, you just complain about the requirements.

Pagod ka na ba sa pag-aaral mo? Well, you chose to finish that course, and you should finish it with flying colors. I ain’t forcing you to take my advice literally and seriously, and personally… I’d rather see you graduate from school… for surviving the term (and whole stay) and not being transferred to another university just because you have exceeded the maximum number of years required in our daigaku.

If you graduate from our school with flying colors, then I must be proud of you.

I am not proud of the fact that he was rather my schoolmate and schoolmate again, but never a classmate. I would be proud if he were my classmate for just one term and I myself became DL at the same time, since truth is, he’s a true inspiration for people who want to finish college, unlike people who proclaim that they’re really intelligent, but they’re actually not.

Puking ina! Kung sino pa ‘yung masyadong confident sa sarili, ‘yun pala ang nang-aapak ng pride ng ibang tao!

As a matter of fact, this dude may have a good and bad side at the same time. Even though I do not like his attitude nowadays, he’s starting to show signs of mellowing his “siga” days (LOL) as an online gamer. It’s only that he’s actually going down the drain for his… status.

Good luck na lang sa kanya, though.


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