Komi Says: NOT being a virgin doesn’t mean you’re a HOE!

From DLSUSecretFiles:

This is for all the girls who fucks here and there and everywhere with everyone and anyone. (Just kidding)

I lost my virginity when I was a frosh. I know ang slutty pakinggan. I’m not proud of it even if i lost it to my best friend who has a girlfriend right now. It wasn’t the kind of “First time” I imagined when I was young. I told myself that I will only give it to the person I truly love and that will have to be my husband. Well I guess reality doesn’t always match the dream.

Looking back to who i was before i entered college, made me realize how fcuked up my life really is now. I am not proud of not being a virgin anymore especially at a young age, even if some people think its cool and “normal”. I guess its true that when you have finally done “it” or other things like smoking, it won’t be such a big deal anymore. Which is why you tend to do it again. Only a few of my friends know about this for I am afraid of being judged (yet i still post it here. lol). I’m not a slut, i don’t dress like a prostitute and fucks every guy I see; i don’t even wear skirts to school! I am just a girl with a secret and regret. Just because I’m not a virgin, doesn’t mean I’m a slut.. just like being a Lasallian doesn’t mean you’re rich. I guess we all learn eventually when we realize our mistakes. Now I don’t even know how i would explain everything to my future husband (or will I even have one). The future for me just scares me.

And so I just want to remind you ladies to be STRONG. Most guys will just go for it when they see an opportunity. I know its unfair for how they don’t get judged when they lose their virginity, I mean it’s like a trophy of finally becoming a MAN to them. However to us women, it’s like removing an organ from our body, we lose it permanently. Just remember when you do “it” to someone for fun, you’re just a toy/trophy that he fucks so that he can have something to brag to his friends and be cool. Prostitutes may be sluts, but at least they’re not doing it for free.

(Sorry for grammatical errors)

by Changed, COB 110


Can I just say that it’s NEVER right to judge someone based on their virginity, whether it’s a male or female. However, because double standards are very rampant, women are usually victims of discrimination (yes, social stratification, as a matter of fact!). Eh ano ngayon kung hindi na siya virgin, ha? Ano ngayon kung ni-rape siya (pero hindi naman nabundat)?

Guys, just because you think that virginity is “precious” doesn’t mean that people like let’s say, people who get pregnant before getting married do not deserve respect at all. If they could provide for their baby, then go! I won’t mind people being a virgin or not, since remember, whether virgin or not, they’re still homo sapiens.

If you want to know the truth about our history before debating on virginity issues, let me share to you why our government officials are mostly… corrupt:

Starting the day when Magellan was killed by Lapu-Lapu, the Spaniards eventually decided to colonize the Philippines… but since the “mandirigma” natives of the Philippines were very fierce, Spanish soldiers could no longer endure the extreme fierceness of the Filipino natives (well, they were not yet called Filipinos, and it was not yet the Philippines since its real name is actually Mayi–the ancient name for the Philippines). Because of that, the Spanish government (I think) decided that prisoners from the maximum detention center should be thrown away to the Philippines just to colonize the country (for bad reasons LMFAO). Here, prisoners were sent there to disguise themselves as priests, civil guards and soldiers… the Spanish government did not give a fuck whether prisoners will get killed by these “mandirigma” natives. Eventually, the Philippines was colonized for the BAD REASONS. No wonder, most countries in Latin America are very dangerous places to live and travel–since the Spaniards who colonized their countries are actually criminals from Spain who disguised themselves as… priests, soldiers, governor-generals, and a lot more. This only means that the rest of Latin America and most parts of Asia LACK one thing: A very strong, well-established military and defense system. That’s the specialty of most European countries–their military and defense system dates back to the err… before the 11th century, where the people really fight against each other to claim lands, et cetera, et cetera. Sadly, the native warriors of Mayi (or Ma-i) failed to organize themselves and never planned to unite the whole island that was eventually united to be called, “The Philippines.”

No wonder, Jose Rizal wrote the novels, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo,” just to take note the atrocities of the Spaniards during his time–but little or did he not know that the Spaniards who came in the Philippines were actually prisoners from the maximum detention. Kahit si Bonifacio o si Juan Luna, hindi man lang nila alam na ang mga Kastilang sumakop sa ating bansa ay mga preso pala galing Espanya, na pinakawala lamang… just because the Spaniards gave up whuppin’ their asses to the Philippines–due to fear and laziness.

If you do not believe what I am saying, then ask Ka Francisco Sionil Jose.

Dito pa lamang, makikita niya kung gaano katindi ang pagbabalat-sibuyas ng iba sa mga tao dito sa Pilipinas. As you can see, they failed to realize why the Philippines is living itself in a hypocritical situation. Kurakot dito, kurakot doon. Kung ako pa siguro ang tatanungin, it should be the 1987 Constitution that should be blamed and the Aquino Administration that eventually plagued our society.

Ika nga ng isa sa akuang amiga:

Basta marami nang pera, pwede nang makapag-shopping upang gaguhin ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas.

Democracy in the Philippines is actually… not applicable. Before the Marcos era, mas maayos pa nga ang Pilipinas, eh. Also, even though we were invaded by the United States, it wasn’t actually a hindrance, but rather a motivation. In other words, US Imperialism wasn’t really a hindrance, but rather as an asset–but what made it a threat is the rise of oligarchy in the Philippines. Some people will deny the fact that this happened because they believe that Cory Aquino is a saint, Ninoy is a true hero (well, I have nothing against them, if you were to ask me)… blah blah blah.

As a matter of fact, the Philippines is no longer a virgin, speaking of controversies hounding the country.

Society pa lang, kitang-kita na kung gaano nila i-value ang virignity, samantala ang mga kagaya nila, mahilig namang magpa-kantot sa isa’t isa! Well, I hate to brag, but I am still a virgin with a/n NBSB status. No wonder, maraming inggit sa akin mainly because I still keep my values intact while some of them just forget about their values. Ako? Kahit anong pagyayabang ko diyan, eh wala na kayong magagawa doon. Usually, ‘yung mga taong hindi masyadong mayabang according to society usually have the right to brag. Well, bragging does not increase your ego, but some people will interpret things I do as bragging. Wait… I am just showing these things, and I have no intention of bragging those things. Eh sila? Sus! Pagdating pa lang sa mga know-how about business software technology, they won’t actually defeat me when it comes to learning more about technology. Like what I have said, I am exposed to technology nowadays, but sadly, many companies make it complicated, thus making it hard for Nokia to fit in.

Back to topic. Well, I think that “Changed” is a totoong tao. She ain’t afraid of admitting the fact that she is no longer a virgin, but that doesn’t mean that she’s a slut. Ganyan naman kasi ang hasty generalizations, eh. Basta hindi na virgin, automatic, SLUT na kaagad. For the conservatives (the legit ones), both Janelle Manahan and Maricar Reyes are considered as “sluts” mainly because they were involved in a sex scandal. Same with Neri Naig. Rather than making me think to slap them in the faces, I pity them. They do not deserve someone who will just steal their virginity away, but at least they know how to be ashamed of themselves. Moving on, they’re known for learning from their mistakes. Having a sex scandal NEVER hindered them from setting a good example to the youth. Besides, pagdating sa mga relationships, they make sure that they’re being loved and accepted, and they also make sure that they’re not screwing men up, unlike those two “bad gals” tsismosa-ako is mentioning (hahah!). They have proven that at least, they’re NOT homewreckers, for the love of gawd.

It’s forgivable to lose your virginity while sticking to a guy who isn’t attached to someone else. Ask the Americans. They don’t tolerate man-stealers.

#KomiSays: Ang tunay na slut, hindi na virgin pero MANG-AAGAW PARIN! ‘Yun na! Sus! I don’t think the dance princess is still a virgin (LOL)!


4 thoughts on “Komi Says: NOT being a virgin doesn’t mean you’re a HOE!

  1. Plus points for mentioning about the fact that the Spanish invaders were actually criminals from their mother country. My Lit professor taught our class that three years ago. πŸ™‚ Hope this generation will undo the damage of the hypocritical standards of the constitution.

    • Thanks! It was actually a pleasure hearing the same truth from yer sensei! Well, my mom is an avid F. Sionil Jose fan, that’s why she told me the reasons why the Philippines and Latin America are dangerous places to live… in other words, almost every Spanish colony is plagued with all these hypocritical shenanigans.

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