FP Scoop: Fab or Drab?

Credits to Fashion Pulis for the photo.

My take: DRAB! That’s official!

To FP readers (especially the fantards!), while you think that Yeng Constantino, Jennifer Lawrence and err.. Solenn Heussaff are DRAB when wearing see-through outfits, mas DRAB naman kapag si Cristine ang magsuot ng see-through. Komi Says is outward RIGHT! AA’s dress looks like there are a lot of cockroaches on it!

#KomiSays: To the fantards, SLEEP TIGHT! No matter how you place it into context, Cristine is (still) ugly with that dress! Period!


4 thoughts on “FP Scoop: Fab or Drab?

  1. DRAB! Basta si AA, drab ‘yan, unless naka-stripper outfit na siya, ready for the red light district in Amsterdam!

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