Why Maria Mercedes is a FLOP














I agree with these comments in Fashion Pulis. Jessy Mendiola may have the looks, but that’s it. Her acting is not really convincing, compared when she debuted in Sabel. Maraming gandang-ganda kay Jessy, but it’s true na may umay factor sa kanya, parang si Julia Montes. Also, I don’t like Maria Mercedes on ABS-CBN.

Sa totoo lang, wala sa pinagkilingan ang Maria Mercedes kumpara sa MariMar (parehong Pinoy version).  I also agree with that dude who said that dapat hindi lang mestiza ang maging Pinoy version ni Thalia sa serye.

Well, people are talking about Jessy Mendiola in this TV series. Seriously, I personally find Jessy too bland and too “nakaka-umay.” Kung ikukumpara lang siya sa mga mixed-race na Kapuso talents, tinalbog na siya. I’m not saying that mas attractive pa ang mga mixed-raced Kapuso celebrities, but speaking of charisma, ‘yan ang kulang na kulang kay Jessy. Also, Jessy Mendiola only became popular due to her mixed-raced features (she’s part-British and part-Lebanese, BTW). Hindi rin gaano kalakas ang fanbase niya.

Ipagtabi mo lang kay Kylie Padilla, wala siyang sinabi! At least kahit papano, si Kylie, she has this teeny-bopper aura which makes the audience attracted to her not because she’s good-looking, but she also has this approachable aura na kumbaga, she fits in the teens, despite just turning 20 years old, hindi gaya ni Jessy Mendiola na pilit na pilit maging mature (*ehem* Selena Gomez *ehem*), but it rather ended up EPIC FAIL! Reminds me of Selena Gomez who is trying too hard to look fab, but in the end she looks like a glamour cover girl wannabe rather than a real entertainer.

Also, Jessy isn’t like Shaina Magdayao na kahit papano, magaling talagang umarte. What Shaina actually lacks is also charisma. Yeah, kulang sa charisma kaya nagpapaka-bad girl para lang magka-personality, hindi gaya ng ate niyang si Vina Morales na marunong magdala sa sarili niya. Anyways, mas maganda naman talaga si Vina kay Shaina–and has a much warmer appeal. Pero sayang si Shaina maybe because she’s very talented–her acting isn’t as pilit, pa-cute and OA unlike other celebrities who have this pa-sosyal aura. Therefore, I would call her the next Claudine Barretto–speaking of talent and attitude! LMAO!

Not that I’m saying that Jessy has the same level as Julia Montes. At least the latter has proven her worth, while Jessy has a long way to go. There are accounts in GirlTalk saying that may attitude talagang hindi maganda si Jessy, and that is having a “nasa loob ang kulo” vibe. Though people think she’s pretty, personally, maputi lang siya–and she’s just a plain Jane mestiza. Even my gay buddy attests the fact that mas nagmumukha pang Diyosa si Andi Eigenmann because Andi can act–like an Eigenmann. Also, speaking of personality, mas OK naman si Andi, since she’s known to have a very strong personality despite being criticized by GirlTalkers. Andi just needs to fix up her personal life to focus on her career and probably her studies. I could see a good future in her.

Over-all, Jessy needs to swallow grains of rice (figuratively speaking) just to get the attention of the masa. Usually, ang ma-appeal sa masa ay mga Filipino or Asian-looking celebrities talaga na either maputi na talaga o pinaputi lang lately. By Filipino standards, you’re well-liked if you have a Yui Aragaki vibe.


7 thoughts on “Why Maria Mercedes is a FLOP

  1. Sa Paraiso, magaling pa si Denise Laurel sa kanya. While I observed her acting in some of her her shows ( I am not an expert of acting. I am just fascinated with the art of acting besides writing 🙂 ), Jessy Mendiola’s face often has this what my mama and lola (she watches teleseryes often) describes ‘one-expression acting’. One expression acting means that the actor or actress has this one expression reaction even if angry, sad or happy. They don’t use their eyes to convey the expression. Kris Aquino and Gerald Anderson are particularly guilty of using this type of acting.

    Now I understood now why Jessy did not click with some of the fans of Philippine T.V.

    • I agree with you. Denise Laurel is better in conveying her emotions. Also, mas matagal nang thespian si Denise. You’re also right with Gerald Anderson. Though he can act, he still needs to work on his facial expression–and his speech. Masyadong monotonous.

      Aljur Abrenica and Victor Basa are also guys with one-faced expression. They need more workshop.

      I am also not an acting expert, but I cannot help but cringe on my seat when a mestizo/a actor does not know how to show their feelings. Madalas nilang nadadala ang aktingan nila sa looks nila.

    • Zanjoe Marudo’s acting is like Gerald Anderson, to add. He’s only good in comedy.

      At isa pa ah, I really don’t buy the fact that once you’re trained by ABS-CBN, you already have improvement. Cristine Reyes for example, puro pa-cute parin ang alam.

  2. In singing and dancing, most of ABS talents still can’t improve and it is still mediocre. Wait, another example of someone who uses one expression acting… Rhian Ramos! When I saw her acting clips, the way she speaks is sort of bland, devoid of emotion.

    • Rhian is also believed to be a niece of a network honcho, kaya kahit anong gawin niya, she has never improved in her acting.

      The difference between ABS and GMA is that, GMA, despite having the reputation of being “pabaya sa talent,” ensures that each of their talents improve not only in acting, but also in singing and dancing. However, Rhian cannot adapt to the hectic world of showbiz, kaya she ended up still being stagnant when it comes to acting. But the good side is that, GMA imposes strict discipline on their talents, kaya no wonder, Rhian has no more projects after the Mo Twister thingy. Kung pasaway ang isang GMA talent, they will be expelled. Iwa Moto moved to TV5 because of her behavior when she was still Kapuso, but it’s a good thing that she cleaned up her act.

  3. Reblogged this on Da Adbentyurs of Senyor Komi and commented:
    No wonder, maraming GTalkers ang ayaw na ayaw kay Jessy Mendiola. Kahit sumikat siya sa Korea, wala rin. Ilagay siya sa Japan, it’s either she escalates the Gakky way, or she becomes has-been, Erika way.

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