FP Blind Item: Hypocrisy or Honesty?


Thanks Fashion PULIS for this entry!

I could sense that it is a WAR between a wholesome performer vs. a soft-porn starlet! (The blind item is EASY to guess! Hak Hak!)

However, GTalkers will always attest that FP would only recycle his blind items all over and over again. Hmmm… ALAM NA!

It’s a good thing that I still read his blog time to time. I mean, jeje people and the middle class loves him… but at the same time, they despise him with respect. Elitists despise him big-time with passion. In other words, he’s someone well-loved by many but well-hated by some.

Well, let’s start on commenting on the comments section.

its obvious that remarks like this by C are mostly coming from her insecurities. kasi nga naman she only have her beauty (na of course scientifically improved or enhanced), unlike S na hindi man maghubad eh kikita. siya once na mag fade at hindi na kayanin ng siyensya ang pagkukumpuni sa imperfections nya eh wala na siya. so C, better keep these thoughts to your head tutal madami pa namang space diyan sa ulo mo at masyadong malaki and slightly used naman yan. LOL

Hindi nakapagtataka na galit na galit si C kay S mainly because the latter is freaking popular (though overrated, and still despised by many youngsters due to her pa-tweetums act) without the need of being a pornstar. C on the other hand, needs to be a pornstar to have more fucking projects, but how come she does not have a fucking solid fanbase?

*EHEM* Excuses for the cussing *EHEM*

Yabang din yang si C eh, bakit? sobrang dami ba nyang projects? Ni wala nga syang solid fan base, I know plastikan lang naman yung “pagbabati” nila . She doesnt even have any friends kase lahat inaaway nya! Whatever C! Mainggit ka na lang kay S forever! Because you’ll never be like her.

Nako, kahit friends na veteran actors, wala rin siya. I don’t think close sila ni Rachel Salman, though Salman is known for being genuinely nice and classy at the same time. Ang close lang kay C ay mga kapwa niyang controversial celebrities. Well, kasehodang PAPANSIN, eh. Like what I said for the Nth time, gagawa at gagawa parin siya ng mga isyu para lang mapag-usapan. Again, call me an obsessive hater whenever you want, but if you’re going to tell me that “she’s still a homo sapien,” don’t get me started with that! Ask yourself why until now, starlet parin siya. Also, self-explanatory na ‘yan, eh. Do you have to let the author explain on why she’s an obsessive hater of someone? It happens. Go ask MDS why she’s always hitting Tanda with passion.

And once again the wicked of the west witchy nose striked again…she’s sinking fast and she knows it, in one serye it was cut off air just like that, ……..S is her easiest way to gain her notoriety again and for once to be noticed, but too bad for her, nobody believes her BS anymore. S has proven herself a real gem and soared higher than expected and that makes C a one jealous B**ch

Nobody will believe C ever again. Nako, I tell you, kasing-controversial lang siya ng mga Kardashian girls. The only difference between C and the Kardashian girls is that, the Kardashian girls are simply plain stupid and were taught the wrong values by their matriarch Kris Jenner. Kris Jenner is the American version of Janet Lim-Napoles, without the attitude of being corrupt. In other words, Kris Jenner is a stage mother like Nadia Montenegro.

C & S!!! Confirmed ito! Kinuwento na din ng ibang nakarinig. C is known to be so supladita!

Sone GirlTalkers and a few PExers will attest that mabait daw si C in person, but I think she’s just being fake. Well, if a person is snob in person doesn’t mean that they’re plastic sa TV or whatever, if they never had any issues and controversies ever since, they’re the ones who are REAL and NOT PLAYING SAFE. Even FP’s blind item attested that C will just be forced to smile and take pictures with a civilian–just to show that she’s very accommodating and whatnot; eh mga GTalkers naman, they don’t even think that being snob in person doesn’t mean Time Giver na kaagad ang ugali. I think that fake talaga ang dating ni C since you will tell in her face that even the image she’s projecting off-cam isn’t really genuine. Kung sino talaga ang matagal sa showbiz industry ay ‘yung mga genuine talaga ang ugali off-cam.

Side Note: Kung makapang-bash ang mga FP readers sa mga kagaya ni Carla Abellana, akala niyo naman kung sinong tinatamaan niyo! Kung patola’t whiner si Carla sa Instagram, hindi po siya robot, ah. Carla proves that she’s a celebrity because it’s work, not something to make as a career. Remember that she finished AB Psychology in DLSU-Manila, and people attest that she’s an almost-perfect person. At least Carla has proved her worth in the showbiz industry, kaya she has the right to be patola when needed.

PS: Well, I am going to make a blogwrite about PinoyExchange vs. GirlTalk. Don’t be butt-hurt this time, since everyone knows that I am neither siding on the elite side nor being a totally jologs person. Hey, the “C” there in the blind item is definitely NOT Carla A.


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