Komikado Reacts: On FP-sensei vs. Ahia Richard Yap


#KomiSays: Iba na talaga ang nagagawa ng sikat, ano!? Sa totoo lang, isang masamang ehemplo ‘yang si Fashion Pulis sa kanyang mga mag-aaral!

Komi Says

Mabait si Papa Chen/Sir Chief, sa totoo lang. Eh ano ngayon kung majonda siyang pumasok sa showbiz, ha? Ano ngayon kung majonda siyang naging heartthrob!?

Before you cry foul FP, you’d rather review your GMRC! Ang pagpatol mo kay Marex Gaba, below-the-belt na rin! Sa totoo lang, masyado nang mataas ang tingin ni FP sa sarili niya. ‘Di komo’t sikat siya, gagawan lang niya ng kwento si Papa Chen para lang mapag-usapan. Sino ba siya, si KubetAA!?

Also, FP is NOT setting an example to his students and to his readers! Buti na lang that his students know better and are starting to view him negatively, while his readers think he’s Jesus Christ!

I also think that FP has always been sarcastic… levelling up towards Vice Ganda!

MSP says

As much as I do admire FP for his blog, I don’t like his readers. Masyadong fantard-ish mag-comment. But since the comments have the same writing style, I think it’s FP himself.

Well, there’s nothing really much to see on FP’s blog. Mas mabuti kung magbabasa kayo ng mga blogs like Tricia Will Go Places o ‘di kaya blogs that involve food, photography and fashion (unless you’re really into celebrity gossips). Eh ang Fashion Pulis blog, does the author himself know ANYTHING about fashion!? When he asks about Fab or Drab or Who Wore it Best, para siyang ‘yung mga hosts ng Blue’s Clues o ‘di kaya si Dora the Explorer, eh! If he knows anything about fashion, he should go check out Dani Barretto’s blog or get a cue from Tricia Gosingtian! Seriously, his blind item about Tricia G. is nuts! He’s like exposing her as if she’s a baddie.

#KomiSays: For FP’s information, he is making up stories against a certain person who is even more successful and more reputable than him! Aside from Tricia, si Richard Yap ngayon ang nagiging target niya–the comments section says it all: FP is fishing for BAD COMMENTS against Papa Chen! How classless is that!?

Also, FP cannot even come close to Perez Hilton since the latter is freaking STRAIGHTFORWARD when it comes to criticizing or even worshipping a celebrity. Between FP and Perez, the latter is someone that I really look up to with respect even though he sometimes becomes a douche for slut-shaming someone. Eh si FP, he may be the Filipino-Chinese version of Perez Hilton, yet he cannot be as straightforward as Poppa Perez!

I ain’t encouraging people to read Perez Hilton’s blog. It’s your choice. If you want more celebrity gossip written in good taste, it’s a must-read. But if you’re into straight-forward comments and blind items, Ka Pete’s writings are a good shot.

Also, I think FP is a big contributor towards crab mentality. Look at why he’s only approving comments that are against Yeng Constantino. Only a few comments will tell that Yeng is great, Yeng has good fashion taste, blah blah… but elitists despise her. Gusto nila, mga playing safe/people-pleasers. So what if Yeng isn’t a people pleaser? Just because she’s trying out different styles doesn’t mean that she’s going a la Charice Pempengco or Sandara Park. Kung tutuusin, Yeng never fails to reinvent her image. The problem with Filipinos is that, if you’re too simple, you’re a goddess. Eh, hindi naman lahat ng mga effortless ang ganda, malakas na ang appeal.

God forbid, FP is just screwing up his own blog. In order to make other people happy, he must do something to increase his blogviews. He expresses himself by making issues rather than thinking of new concepts, ideas and whatnot to make his own blog readable.

Matatawag niyo bang readable ang blog ni FP kapag puro mga gasgas articles ang laman ng blog niya!?

In other words, FP is like a SIRANG PLAKA!

Only stupid people will think that FP could be the next Steve Jobs. Only stupid people will think that FP is as damn good as Perez Hilton when it comes to blogging. FP, until now, hasn’t learned from his mistakes. Daig pa siya ni Baklang Kabayo, ah–dahil si Vice Ganda, kahit malaki na ang ulo niya, that doesn’t mean that he will repeat again his mistake during the time he wore a blond gown and a unitard with fake boobies in it.

Kung gaano ka-sikat si FP, ganun rin kalaki ang ulo niya! I think GirlTalkers are right when it comes to bashing him. I also don’t buy the fact that your haters are your admirers in denial, because it means that I admire AA Klenk without any reason at all. FP’s haters hate him because of his big head, period! Also, I don’t think FP will take Richard Yap’s criticism against him whole-heartedly.

I do not have respect for people who will simply put another person to shame for no apparent reason at all. No wonder, I lost respect towards FP. Granted, he’s strict in his class while being a blogger, but if he wants to be respected–even by his students, he should know his limitations. Fame isn’t forever, as the saying goes.

#KomiSays: Sino ba si FP para husgahan si Richard Yap? Wala siyang karapatang bumatikos kay Ahia Richard dahil sa totoo lang, panira lang si FP sa Pamantasang De La Salle. Well, students should have filed for grievance against FP, but why can’t they do it? Afraid of being busted on his blog? FP needs to review his GMRC class before doing his job as a professor.

Komi Says (Part 2)

Fashion Pulis should set a good example to his students because he is a professor. He could be strict without being rude or sarcastic, because it will not help if he still continues to be a douche all his life. I won’t give a flying fuck if MSP and I will be slut-shamed in his blog. What we’re really saying is that, FP should stop slut-shaming people he doesn’t like. He should know his limitations.

Even bitches like AA Klenk and Maja-wrote need a freaking break, too! Kung super hate namin si AA Klenk because of her controversies, I demand FP to stop recycling all his blind items. The AA Klenk-Singapore issue is PAST! It should not be brought up again! Also, AA is freaking over-rated to get started with.

I suggest that FP should take a cue from other bloggers. That won’t hurt, a’ryt!

Final Say (by MSP)

So if FP calls me a “nobody” just because I am actually criticizing him, I won’t give a fuck at all. In fact, being a famous blogger isn’t an excuse to lambast someone, especially if you happen to be a professor of a REPUTABLE institution. If other professors are very strict to their students, I would understand that if these have the minds and ideas of National Artists and Nobel Prize winners, but if that was a famous blogger–he could impose rules without being a douche.

Like what the “loka” said:

Don’t brag. Your knowledge hasn’t brought a groundbreaking impact on anything spectacular.



9 thoughts on “Komikado Reacts: On FP-sensei vs. Ahia Richard Yap

  1. I don’t read FP’s blog that much, as there are more credible blogs to read. Sayang si PinoyRickey, because if he continues to focus on his local entertainment blog the same time as his Rickey.org, his blog won’t end up boring. Sayang din si Chikadora pati si Mykiru Isyusero…. those are the blogs I can recommend. Even Mukamo an Starmometer. FP’s purpose is just like Reggie Bonoan’s—- magtrigger ng away. Sorry rin kay FP dahil ang boooooooorrrring basahin ng blind items niya, ang hirap pang hulaan. Mas madali png hulaan ang mga blind item ni kuya Pete at ferminata.

    • I agree with you pagdating sa mga BI’s ni FP. Masyadong discreet at saka hindi siya kasing-credible ni Ka Pete at ni Cristy pagdating sa mga blind items.

      I liked his blog mainly because of the comments. However, as time passed by, none of his blog entries are getting even more interesting. The worst is that, kapag ayaw niya sa mga artista (particularly Papa Chen), ‘yun pa ang sisiraan niya through his approved comments. Tapos napansin ko pa ‘yung commenting style–halos iisa lang ang nagco-comment sa blog niya.

      At isa pa ah. He tolerates positive comments about AA and Majarot. Eh nag-comment ako one time na “walang kwenta ‘yang si AA!”, goodness, hindi niya inaprubahan! Pero pagdating naman kay Jennifer Lawrence (on her see-through gown), puro “DRAB” ang mga comments. FP is very biased towards the celebrities he’s posting.

      Agree with Mykiru and Mukamo. Their articles are more entertaining to read. Ang pinaka-ayokong i-recommend ay ‘yung kay EJ Salut at kay PinoyGossipBoy because of their biases towards AA. Kaya parang nawala ang respeto ko kay Tito Boy because he too, is biased towards AA.

      • I wonder, bayad ba nina Majarot at AA si FashionPulis, PinoyGossipBoy at EJ Salut? Ka-turn-off naman si FashionPulis since LaSalle Professor siya tapos pinapakita niya ang pagka-bias kina Maja at AA. LaSalle professor with such a BAD, CHEAP TASTE!

      • Sort of. Haha! I think binayaran sila PinoyGossipBoy at si EJ Salut para ipag-tanggol si AA at Majarot (pero mostly si AA, si Majarot, kay FP ‘yun). Pero si FP, kahit may negative comments kay Maja at AA, he will reply via anonymity that they’re blah blah na I’m jealous… basta, parang siya na lang halos nagco-comment sa mga blog posts niya eh.

        Sadly, kapag biased kay AA, ‘yun ang CHEAP taste. Pero kapag biased kay Lea Salonga, magandang taste ‘yun! (¡Hola, Señor Ricky Lo!)

        Grabe, kahit siguro si FP pati mga readers niya, anti-Ricky Lo rin for having good taste unlike FP himself! Hahahah!

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