I told you so!


Sis may12 of GirlTalk said:

When I look at a girl, I usually look for her great physical features. Kunyari, her eyes are beautiful, pero yung ibang part hindi na attractive… I would just concentrate on her eyes and think na she’s beautiful pa rin. Or if di talaga ganoon kaganda facial features niya but she’s got great skin, I would still think she’s pretty because of her skin (kahit maitim or maputi, basta makinis).

My previous article talks about facial features vs. skin texture. Of course, these are my exact thoughts on why I don’t really find Mariel Rodriguez and Kitchie Nadal very pretty (with or without makeup, even in person), speaking of facial features. As a matter of fact, nadadala lang ‘yan sa kinis ng kanilang balat. ‘Yun na!

Cristine Reyes is a given, quintessential example since her features are too ordinary. Sus! Ipagtabi mo lang ‘yan sa mga kagaya ni Chiaki Kuriyama, Yui Aragaki at ni Ryoko Hirosue, eh papano kung lahat sila paitimin at magkaroon ng zits? Ano kaya si AA ngayon?

majide2ch.blogspot.com|Ryoko Hirosue

I think my bet goes to Ryoko Hirosue when it comes to sophisticated features. Kahit magka-zits pa ‘yan siya o umitim ng todo, maganda parin siya! Try to check her past movies–hindi siya masyadong kaputian dati. If compared to any other celebrity, she never had anything done on her face. Kung ano ‘yung hitsura niya dati, ‘yun parin hanggang ngayon.

I guess, when it comes to beauty, wala sigurong sinabi ang mga idol members ng AKB48 or Morning Musume when it comes to face value. However, in fairness to Yumi Yoshimido Fiorentini (Hirosue’s character in Wasabi), she proved that she can act, sing and grace in magazine covers despite undergoing the gravure idol stage.

There are many celebrities who are attractive mainly because of their skin texture. Well, like what I have said before,

It is a FACT that a smooth, flawless skin texture will actually transform so-so facial features to a stunning one. I ain’t kidding, either. Basta so-so looking face… pero makinis ang balat mo, automatically maganda ka na.

Aside from Cristine Reyes, the likes of Cass Ponti, actors like Rayver Cruz and Geral Anderson are only attractive mainly because of their skin texture. Mapa-girl or mapa-boy, basta so-so features lang pero makinis, automatic magaganda’t gwapo na sila.

However, I don’t think if you have nice skin, you’re automatically attractive. Amongst foreign stars, Scarlett Johansson is the quintessential example of a person who is good-looking because of a good skin texture. Features-wise, she looks like Chris Walken.

Kate Hudson is also another example of a person who is only attractive because of the skin texture. Granted, she looks younger than her age, but that does not mean that she’s automatically attractive. Hell, I also don’t find Selena Gomez that attractive, either. Same with Katie Holmes.

Another example would be Jennifer Lawrence. Hell, she’s not ugly or plain ordinary, but head-turner factor-wise? Well, I find her manly-looking as well, but what makes her stunning is how she carries herself. Ask yourself why she’s more well-liked than Anne Hathaway.

Well, people will just find a person attractive simply because of their skin texture. Like what I’ve said, Mariel and Kitchie are good-looking without makeup (by Filipino standards) simply because they’re makinis. By Japanese and Korean standards, they’re quite ordinary (in other words, hindi head-turner ang dating!). I ain’t glorifying Japanese and Korean standards, it’s only that I really don’t think that a good skin texture automatically means that a person is attractive. Also, maraming mga artistang Tsino, Hapones at Koreanong hindi naman ganun ka-stunning ang beauty kahit gaano pa sila ka-kinis. at hindi lang ‘yun. There are many halfies who are simply good-looking because of their skin texture (keratin build-up), but are ordinary-looking kapag ilagay na ‘yan sa mga developed countries. Becky Rabone is one example of a hapa who isn’t really very pretty (but cute) by Japanese standards–Rosa Kato, Maria Ozawa ang Minami Hinase stands out. There are also many celebrities in China who are not even very attractive–especially Hong Kong celebrities (mainlanders and Taiwanese celebrities are more attractive!).

#REALTALK: A smooth, clear and flawless (makinis) skin texture will surely transform so-so facial features into a beaming, stunningly-extraordinarily head-turner-ish beauty.

Also, while people attest that Mariel is prettier without makeup in person, that’s because of her clear, smooth skin! Her facial features are quite ordinary–in other words, Bashing 101 is freaking right! Walang head-turner factor si Mariel, speaking of face value. Kung ilalagay lang siya sa harapan mo, automatic, maa-aliw na lahat ng mga tao sa kanya, pero sa totoo lang, ilagay niyo siya sa DLSU alongside Kitchie–hindi sila stand out. In other words, there are lots of girls in DLSU na tadtad naman ng mga zits, pero you will have the impression that they might be better-looking if they don’t have the zits, meaning to say that facial features wise, they’re not so-so. As a matter of fact, people who have freckles and other flaws, would look better without them. Andi Eigenmann is one example. I don’t find Andi attractive mainly because of her skin type–if her skin is nice, she would stand out. Also, between her and Jessy Mendiola, I’d choose the former.

#REALTALK: Prominent features > Smooth, clear skin.

Walang sinabi si Cristine Reyes kung ipagtatabi lang siy kay Hirosue-sama. At least, sophisticated features still stand out even though a person’s skin has still prominent zits. Also, I don’t believe that having freckles will make a person ugly. It is attractive, after all.

thegorgeousdaily.com|Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki is one example. No wonder, she’s the shortest model in the world. If most tall girls in the fashion industry are ordinary-looking, she stands out. If Andi Eigenmann’s skin type didn’t seem very dry, she would also stand out over other mixed-raced celebrities.

Well, I just think that Devon Aoki looks like Princess Ryan, that’s why.

The likes of Solenn Heusaff, alongside Aoki and other freckled celebrities are better-looking than their flawless counterparts mainly because of their prominent features. Usually, between Devon Aoki and Yoshitaka Yuriko, it is the former that will stand out in Japanese variety shows. At least, mas magugustuhan siya ng mga Hapones due to her exotic features. Ni kahit si Rosa Kato, wala na ring sinabi sa kanya.

Most Japanese actresses I know are really blessed with good keratin build-up. A good skin type = shiny, glossy hair. Even some of them ain’t blessed with prominent features, they still look good.

Well, I really don’t get it why some people find girls with a good skin attractive, despite their so-so looking features. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe because I am more into features than clear skin. However, I still believe that beauty is subjective, and I never find Mariel or Kitchie that attractive, even though many Filipinas think that they’re attractive in person without makeup. Like what I said before, they just desire for their skin type, not their features. Also, in Japan and South Korea, they’re not very attractive at all. Maybe the Japanese and Koreans would dig for Solenn Heussaff and Lovi Poe, or maybe Princess Ryan. Princess Ryan has always been my idol ever since I watched her plays at school. Though some people think she can’t act, I personally think she’s a good actress–it’s just that hindi lang talaga siya marunong mag-adjust.

Credits to @MsPrincessRyan for this one!

#REALTALK: You don’t expect stage actresses to be good on TV. Most of them are OA on TV, or simply trying-hard. But in stage, they stand out. You are expected to be a good actor and to deliver your lines professionally if you’re in a stage play, compared to TV, where it’s alright to make mistakes.

Also, Princess Ryan isn’t only beautiful–she’s also talented. Aside from acting, she’s a good dancer, way better than Maja Salvador. You will see that Princess is really good in dancing, whether street dance, traditional dance or new age dance. Unfortunately, despite her good looks, Princess didn’t became mainstream, but that’s perfectly fine with me, since her beauty really stands out. Whether she’s dark or fair, or flawless or prolly freckled, she still looks great! Even though she has a kid, she looks like as if she never gave birth.

If I were to be asked, Princess Ryan is far more talented than any of the Kapamilya stars, and I have heard that kung ano ang meron sa paligid, she won’t mind making use of those things. In other words, kahit under-rated siya, it’s alright since I don’t want her to become overrated. She chose to be away from the spotlight and finally moved to the United States for good (‘ata?). I also think that she has never been a controversy magnet because she thinks that being an actress is rather a JOB, a PROFESSION rather than a career.

Back to topic. Princess Ryan would have been popular if she graced in Lifestyle and Fashion magazines, and if she had been given more projects. Thing is, we really do not know kung Kapamilya siya o Kapuso, but either way, I don’t care. People may insist she’s a typical mestiza, but speaking of features, mas sophisticated at exotic-looking pa ang features niya kesa sa mga mainstream actresses that we see on TV. Like what I said, she’s the Filipina version of Devon Aoki.

As a matter of fact, she’s a girlfriend material. Thing is, she’s unlucky that her kid’s father isn’t the right guy for her.

Some people may not approve of what happened, but look at her track record. Despite the fact that she got a kid out of wedlock, track record-wise, you will never hear stories that she is having a diva attitude. At least, Princess still looks sexy kahit simple lang ang suot niya, hindi ‘yung nagmumukhang playing safe. Also, Princess Ryan has never been ma-showbiz na person, which explains her under-rated status. Damitan natin ng magandang damit, branded man o hindi, she still looks fab! As a matter of fact, other colegiala popular kids would become ordinary if compared to Princess Ryan.

As a matter of fact, Princess is a mediator between sosyal (posh) and jologs (boogie-ish). Kahit jologs pa ang suotin niya, she would definitely stand out. Lastly, unlike other celebrities, she’s quite tall in person (I guess, normal/average height but I think she’s taller than me). Speaking of height, I believe she’s quite taller than G Toengi or Pinky Amador, since G Toengi is about 5 flat tall while Pinky is below 5 feet tall. Maybe she’s as tall as Kim Chiu, I guess (Kim is of average height, maybe 5’3″-5’4″).

Kung tutuusin, speaking of facial features, when a woman has a face with the “envy factor,” I would dig for it. In other words, I consider that person attractive already.

Look at the likes of Kristine Hermosa and Song Hye Kyo. In Asia, they’re considered as the “perfect faces” in mainstream entertainment, but usually, those with the perfect faces are the ones who are not good in acting. There’s one comment saying that Song Hye Kyo isn’t really a good actress, same with Kristine. In Hong Kong, the perfect face would be Cecilia Cheung, but why am I more attracted towards Faye Wong? Faye has this sophisticated aura in her that Ceci does not even have. She’s like, in other words, the Chinese Ryoko Hirosue. Also, Cecilia isn’t that talented, either. While she’s an OK singer, she can’t act at all. Meanwhile, Faye Wong has this charisma which cannot be explained, even just in one word. She’s also well-known for having NO backup dancers in every concert she has. In other words, Faye Wong is more talented and better-looking than Ceci Cheung, and Faye never had any major controversy with another celebrity. That’s how refined she is.

ilbonito.wordpress.com|Faye Wong

Hikari said in 2005:

… her costumes are awsome .. and her voice .. woow … the best chinese female voice i ever heard …. she don’t need backup dancers , because she isn’t like the other artists , her show has more quality than the other female singers … if you want a happy pop show like morning musume or Jolin , don’t buy this … this is a serious concert, with a gerat voice, great stage and a great games of lights …. so if you want dancing and meaningless songs buy another concert , not this one …
I don’t know where is the taste of some people … =_= ….

It should also be taken note that Faye Wong’s style idol is no other than Björk. When singing in another language, she is giving justice to those songs. Her captivating song, “Eyes On Me” became popular during the Golden Age of video games–and Final Fantasy, being a game franchise itself, is so far the most popular video game in the history of gaming. No wonder, I liked the original version of “Eyes On Me” than Angela Aki’s cover version, to think that the latter also has a good voice.

Speaking of stage presence, audience rapport and whatnot, Ceci Cheung felt insecure because Faye Wong had the goddess aura in her, especially when Faye-sama was linked to Nicholas Tse. Also, when it comes to handling relationships, Faye Wong is good at it. Sadly, Ceci should have learned a thing or two from Faye. Ceci simply turned from the perfect face of HK towards the resident bad girl of HK entertainment. No wonder, after the photo scandal of Edison Chen brought infamy to Hong Kong, it just shows that Ceci herself had a bad past, yet she never had any plans to revive her image. Though Hong Kong is liberated and Westernized, it is still Chinese, no matter how you put it. Expect that you will be labelled as such if you’re screwing your image. Also, the photo scandal was also the reason why Ceci and Nic Tse separated, then divorced. I am not saying that Ceci is totally a bad gal, but speaking of handling her personal life, she cannot even secure her privacy very well unlike other HK stars who at least, managed to secure their privacy despite the fact that HK is also known for its hardcore paps. The paparazzi situation in Hong Kong (and the rest of the Sinosphere) made Chinese actress Vicki Zhao Wei move to Singapore as a permanent resident (well, she’s not a citizen, sadly) to give birth to her daughter there.

So tell me, what is the use of beauty now if you can’t even manage to secure your privacy?

Your Privacy = Your World

Speaking of handling your personal life and securing your own privacy, only a few could manage to do these things at the same time. Look at Japanese celebrities. Ni halos isang detail about themselves hindi mo lang ma-grasp since the way they handle their security is tight. Freaking tight. The reason why they secure their privacy is because they don’t simply allow everyone to enter their lives, and even just simple touching of the skin, they will immediately apologize. Hugging isn’t really a custom in Japan, though. Also, don’t you know that once you simply send a lot of messages on their personal inbox, you’ll be called a stalker? Well, they won’t mind if you view their profile more than once, but once you simply send messages and comments on a daily basis, that’s a different story. If stalking in the United States is automatically a crime, mas lalo na sa Japan. Also, speaking of public image, Japanese celebrities make sure that not even a single negative detail about their personal life will be revealed. Any useful trivia will help, but the rest? Meh. Paparazzi in Japan may also be rampant, but at least these paps know how to act like a ninja. No wonder, if a person is creepy in Japan, they’re often being feared at.

Unlike in the United States, though stalking is a CRIME, the paps are still not learning how to capture moments the ninja way. Either way, they simply diss the celebrity they’re aiming at. In terms of stalking skills, Japanese paps are better, and are either trained like a ninja or they just learned it the ninja way.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, paparazzi is not so rampant. Eh, once na naging artista ka na sa Pilipinas, you will be worshipped, respected and in other words, they won’t mind having a picture taken with you. At least, Filipinos in general do not dig into paparazzi photographs, and sorry guys, I think paparazzi culture only exists in developed countries (‘yung bayad, ah!).

#REALTALK: In short, if you’re a celebrity in the Philippines, you will rather be treated as a god, no matter how controversial or wholesome you are.

No wonder, when I met AA in person, everyone’s like digging into her, thinking na she’s rather a controversial than a well-respected celebrity.

Same with South Korea. However, if you happen to be controversial, people will be negative against you on cyberspace. Their lambastments are very strong that it sometimes might lead you to suicide. I ain’t kidding either, this phenomena does not only happen in South Korea where cyber-bullying is also very rampant. Also, Koreans won’t treat you as a god if you happen to have an uncouth attitude. When AA won an acting award in South Korea, that means that Koreans weren’t aware that she’s actually controversial back in the Philippines. Kung maging artista si AA sa Korea, humanda lang siya! Even though Koreans are very nice people (hey, they treat customers as GOD), they won’t tolerate AA’s behavior. AA should first clean up her act, since she might not like it if she will be forced to have sex with the ahjussis, but since AA obviously underwent casting couch, she won’t mind fucking with them at all.

Buti pa sa South Korea, they treat celebrities as gods, but only if you are not the controversial type of person.

I really do not know with other countries, but here, I am just showing you how celebrities are being treated and how they handle their personal life and secure their privacy at the same time, aside from beauty being subjective. To be honest, while writing this blog entry, I have ran out of thoughts. I guess, I just have to leave it this way. This has a chapter two, so watch out for another post about celebrities.

Final Say Before the Second Chapter

And to all my haters and bashers, you think I always get off-topic? You call it, the stream of consciousness. I won’t care if you’re telling me that I sometimes run out of topic. That’s why it’s called ANYTHING IN RANDOM.

To all the readers of this blog, I am not expecting everyone to agree with me, since each person has their own biases. Like what FP said, “This is my blog and I can do whatever I want,” which is sadly only applicable to people who aren’t popular by society’s standards. Thanks for being patient with me! 😀


7 thoughts on “I told you so!

  1. Kaya lang maganda sina Mariel at Kitchie (without makeup, in person daw by elitist-to-typical Filipino beauty standards) dahil makinis lang talaga ang balat nila (to think that features-wise, so-so lang, wala talaga silang striking features), without the need to go to the derma (in other words, pinagpala lang sila ng kutis maharlika). At isa pa, they’re simply like the Steph Ayson during their time–they come from prominent backgrounds, but the former two actually had a manager who is close to their family in ABS-CBN kaya sila sumikat through hype. However, wala silang head-turner factor (hindi talaga extra-ordinary AT ALL), and please, don’t get me started with Kitchie. Hindi siya mukhang artistahin. Mukha siyang Bumbayin but she has no Bollywood factor. Hanggang campus crushie lang siya.

    Pagdating sa features, si Wendy Valdez talaga ang winner, eh! Thing is, maraming nasayangan dahil sinumpaan siya ng kutis alipin (choz!). Kahit papano, Wendy’s features has a bit of sophistication in them.

    Si Steph Ayson naman, hindi naman talaga siya head-turner or artistahin ang dating. Una sa lahat, she looks Chinese, that’s why everyone’s digging onto her. Also, for drying out loud, she’s rich–and she lives the life of a typical upper-middle class teen. Pero infairness, talented naman siya kahit papano. (:

    • Onga eh! Pero I was wondering, bakit walang nagnanais ng mukha ni Kitchie sa GirlTalk? Sa totoo lang, she’s one of the people whom I want to include in, “Celebrities you don’t find attractive but others do.” Hindi maganda ang shape ng mukha niya, even the eyes and nose. Siguro wide forehead tsaka small face size, pero ‘yun na ‘yon. Sa totoo lang, mukha nga siyang haggard, eh.

      O siguro hindi ko type si Maki Horikita kaya ganun. (Pareho sila ng face shape)

      Ganun din kay Mariel. Mas maganda-ganda pa nga si Dina Bonnevie kesa sa kanya, eh! Maybe lots of people think she’s attractive because she looks like Dina B.!

      I am not saying that they’re both chaka, but if they’re to be placed in your country, do you think they’re still attractive? ((:<

      • Maki-san for me isn’t that attractive to me, that’s why I don’t find Kitchie very pretty. (: O siguro pareho lang sila ng shape ng mukha kaya pareho silang hindi ko type. I bet, everyone in my country won’t find them attractive. Or almost nobody. (:

        Pero agree ako kay Hiro-chan! That’s why when I pass through Beppu-san, lumalabas na ang WHOREmones ko!

        Well, with regards to Mariel, you have a point. People think she’s attractive because she looks like Dina B., pero sa totoo lang, mukha kaya siyang majonda!

      • I agree with Maki, though. She’s too plain-looking for me, that’s why I don’t find Kitchie very pretty at all.

        Sus! I don’t think pansinin sila sa during their days in DLSU. Kumbaga, they’re just lucky because may back-up sila. Para lang ‘yan si Rhian Ramos. Kaya may impression ako na basta maganda kahit walang make-up, may backup para lang maging artista.

  2. Hell, I also don’t find Rhian Ramos pretty as well. She’s simply like those mestiza/Caucasian-looking halfies who are attractive just because they look Caucasian. Pero they should have the X-factor so that I will be attracted to them in return. :p Which Rhian doesn’t have, sadly.

    Still, features > skin texture/skin color. Thank kami-sama I have the most sophisticated features, which most of my fellamen find ordinary.

    • Hahaha! Reminds me of Kristen Stewart! Pero infairness, Kristen has improved–speaking of features. She only lacks the way of how she projects facial expressions.

      • Mas maganda pa nga si Andi E. kay Rhian, eh. Speaking of Kristen, para lang siyang si Victoria Beckham! xD

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