Komi Says: I know who’s telling the truth right here!


I really cannot help but sympathize with this dude right here.

Oh BTW, he’s one of the dudes MSP does admire (hindi niya crush ‘yun ah!), and besides, I believe this dude who posted his sentiments:

Sa mga ka thesismates ko.

Salamat sa pagturo sa akin ng value kung paano tumindig sa sarili kong mga paa pagkatapos tayong magkawatak watak bago pa man tayo gumraduate at kulang na lang ipahiya ako ng isa sa atin sa buong batch natin na hindi ako gumagawa. Ay, hindi pala buong batch, pati pala sa ibang year level halos ipagkalat ninyong tamad, batugan at bobo ako.

Mind you, nagdefend ako ng thesis mag-isa at pinatunayan ko sa panel ko na may ginawa ako. Salamat sa paglibing sa akin nang buhay na para bang hindi ako makakapagtapos.

Sorry, in 1 month, magiging Operations Team Leader na ako sa company ko. At nagsimula akong magpuhunan ng pundasyon ko nung isang term na nadelay ako na nagdefend ako mag isa. Nag trabaho ako habang nag thesis na lang ang natitira.

Tingnan natin ngayon sinong “talkshit” at walang ginagawa. Kita-kits na lang sa corporate world. Tawagin niyo na lang akong TL at wag na yung two-letter nickname ko. T.L. as in Team Leader.

Kaya Lasallians, I am warning niyo, Don’t trust anyone. TRUST YOURSELF.

by OperationsTeamLeader01, CCS 109

This dude is really a fighter. I cannot believe he would post something like that, but MSP sensed something suspicious. Nope, I ain’t bringing up this story for more likes and more comments. I am just bringing this up for you to know that this dude has earned my respect. (:

#REALTALK: He has the right to brag his success. Truth to be told, some people think that bragging is still bragging, but I don’t buy with that statement, though.

In other words, you have the right to brag if you have something to brag. There’s NOTHING really wrong with it. Being too humble isn’t enough–like what Nietzsche said, being too humble is a sign of weakness, and bragging something is a sign of STRENGTH.

But too much arrogance will earn you more enemies.


Seriously, this guy is butt-hurt since the threadstarter is telling the TRUTH, and NOTHING but the truth. In other words, masyado siyang defensive. Kung maka-asta, akala mo naman kung sinong magaling, but looking at the way he speaks? Parang mas masahol pa nga sa jejemon, eh. *I kid, I kid*

Also, MSP read some of the posts that are telling the truth and nothing but the truth! The title is called, “Divine Triumph.”

Divine Triumph Part One

I will err… quote the excerpts one-by-one so that I will give some comments.

My groupmate, the one who was paired with me admitted that he did little, doing only documentation and formatting of the thesis document. I was relieved that in a way, he has integrity and he admitted that indeed he did not do any programming part, he did not do development tasks.

Would you even survive working with a person who did nothing but command you errands? “buy this, buy that, print this, print that.” I ended up being a running dog following your commands. Yes, you. I know how you hated me for being a thesis groupmate in the first place. Good thing I was able to manage keeping up with you and being patient with you for the sake of thesis. I am a selfless person. If it needs to take me to shut up and patiently listen to your commands and criticism of me being a “lazy student” and a “pretentious genius” – yes you told me that when you saw yourself passing thesis and I was left out like a mediocre and an idiot, – I will sit with you and even put my ear beside your mouth.

Because I know I can prove right in front of your face that you are dead wrong.

#KomiSays: Computer Science as a degree program!? Well, can I just say that it’s a very rigid degree program. Of course, you really have to do your research regarding how these programs work, how they function and something like that blah blah… being a Computer analyst ain’t a big joke either, since you have to delve in through books and other stuff–no online journals unless you really need it ASAP. I really feel the pain of some students from DLSU’s College of Computer Studies–some of them would want to shift to another degree program to alleviate the pain they’ve experienced from CCS, and being in CCS isn’t a joke, either. While some people survive that hectic college, some of them take it for granted. I really do not know, maybe it’s just me, or somehow there are other factors to consider. The good side is that, CCS students do not delve into vices, and most of them are the least heavy party-poopers in DLSU.

#MSPsays: Computer Science is indeed, a very rigid degree program. No wonder, many CCS people are actually moving to CLA or COB due to a lot of factors. If you’re going to survey CCS people, they’d rather be in CLA since CCS is one helluva ride.

What I can see with this person (author of Divine Triumph) is that, he is telling the truth, and nothing but the truth. Not because I know him personally, but speaking of his words–he’s one selfless person, TRIED AND TESTED.

Sorry to say, but I’d rather side with OperationsTeamLeader-san.

I have experienced OTL’s pain. You know what? That rabbit-toothed dude who used to bully me in fourth year high school transferred to another school. Jesus! Nakaka-hiya naman ang lumipat ng school if you’re known to be pasaway. Exceptions are those who maintained a good record but due to financial reasons, they transferred to another school to alleviate the expenses. (Sorry ka na lang, dude. Hangga’t hindi mo ako tantanan, you’ll never be treated seriously.)

And who’s “worthless” now? To think that I have survived Chemistry Lecture and Lab with my classmates and groupmates, there’s no reason for you to call me names. In other words, I was the group leader, and it’s a good thing that I’m blessed with my Chem groupmates because they ARE teamplayers. Sila ang nagturo sa akin how camaraderie and teamwork is done flawlessly (special mention kayo dito, but I won’t reveal you yet! Alam niyo na ‘yun!), that’s why I owe them a debt of gratitude.

If you know how to make pakisama with the group, you’ll feel like as if you are part of them.

That’s how you play the game–camaraderie and teamwork is needed.

Shit Happens

My groupmate, with his dictatorial attitude kicking in, immediately commanded me to research the hard task, and him getting the easy task.

Most popular kids or the high school brats will do the easy task, while the rest is left for the group leader.

Totoo naman, eh. Who will tell me that it is a lie, huh? Somehow, I was wrong on being too dependent and too lazy for taking thesis for granted. Guess what? I didn’t take thesis for granted, but external factors hindered me to take it lightly. Don’t ever ask me for that–you will know when I delve in.

I was still asking my groupmate for mercy to give me one more chance that things will still be fixed out. But instead, he criticized me for being such a know-it-all. “Talkshit ka kasi. Akala mo alam mo lahat. Ganyan ang tingin sa iyo ng buong batch natin. Akala mo alam mo lahat. Kung meron akong archrival, ikaw na yun. Wala nang mas tatalo pa sa iyo.”

The following day, to my big surprise, he was able to get the two objectives done in time with me leaving empty in the dark about what to do – I was heartbroken and I felt the whole world crashed down on me. I realized, there is no other heartbreaking moment that can crush you knowing that you are the only one left in the dark – alone and abandoned on what to do. You are even accused of being a know-it-all if even you did initial development and outmost effort to help the initial phases of your thesis, and this person saying to you did not even do anything but command you orders and format words on Microsoft Word. Where’s the justice here?

Nasa kamay ko ang kapalaran mo kung papasa ka ng thesis. Nakuha ko na yung sagot. Hindi ko kailangan ng sorry mo. Kahit sabihin mo na wala akong ginawa, akin yang dokumento na yan.Akin yan.” 

This was what he told me the following day. He was happily boasting around the corridor to my batchmates that he is finished with his thesis, slamming into my face how mediocre I am that I was not able to finish it.

Since when did computer science was all about formatting documents and commanding someone to do all sorts of tasks and even telling him that he is a “know-it-all” and a “talkshit”kind of guy?

Once again, I admit my lapses in judgment and lapses in effort in doing all that I can to contribute. But sir, you have no right to put the fate of a person in your hands – ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT. Human judgment can be the status quo but let me tell you in the eyes of God he knows who did the development in our thesis and who did all do the commanding.

God knows who did development while the 3-Day Habagat was raging, God knows who fetched our front developers in the middle of gutter deep floods along SLEX just to bring them safely home, God knows who admitted first that he did not do much effort in thesis. God knows who, in the first place had nothing to do but plant grudges in his heart and telling me I’m a “talkshit.”

It’s a good thing I really did my best to cope up with the thesis. Sadly, I felt I was the pestilence, but it’s a good thing that more more practice made me par with my thesismates. It was actually a good shot since I chose to be busy with my thesis and with that, I could focus better (since external factors alleviated the pressure, haha). Now you know who has learned from their mistakes and who still chose to be a faux domineer. Well, the true domineer is a mediator at the same time.

It’s fucking unfair if you did the heavy work, but they still criticize you for being “weak,” “lazy” or something.

Let me tell you that sometimes, you could fool even the strictest of all professors–but in college, there’s no escape. In high school, there is still escape, but in college–you have to suffer.

Now who’s walang kwenta right now? After all the shit I have experienced in fourth year high school (naknampota kung sino ang sectioner ng school namin dati, swear to God, that person deserves karma, or I will do the revenge myself), I still think that high school brats are still the worst form of people you will encounter in college. Oh well, fitting in the popular kids is like giving up your values.

Side Note: I am not putting the popular kids in a bad light. Well, in my case, kung sino pa ang popular kid, sila pa ang mga totoong pasaway–‘yung madalas sa Discipline Officer for violating lots of rules. Good thing I only experienced minor offenses, but when it comes to punishments, I have never experienced community service.

Though I still have grudges against my high school for being super frugal and at the same time being reputation-conscious, I still think that it shaped me to instill good values even though it ironically tolerates people whose attitude pars those who come from the maximum detention center (I kid, I kid).

Therefore, I still believe OTL.

My thesismate proceeded on successfully defending the two objectives asked of him, and he passed. I was left out as the remaining subset of our group, still clueless, but now courageous and strong – determined to finish.

Grabe, ang kapal lang ng mukha, ah. No wonder, that person who posted a butt-hurt comment must be him! Eh, si OTL na nga ang nagpaka-hirap, the other guy is simply delusioning! How shitty is that!?

#KomiSays: No comment! Haha!

#MSPsays: Some people will use other people to climb the success ladder. In other words, they are successful in the expense of other people’s burden.

Eh nasaan na ba ang justice?

Divine Triumph Part Two

But I know God placed me in that situation because he wanted to a secure a Thesis Defense that only him and me will battle out. He wanted a defense where I will shine – Where I am the second in command and God is my commander-in-chief.

God wanted to secure a defense wherein the panelists will have nothing to say but yes, you passed. I know he is pushing my brain cells to get the right answer.

I wiped my tears away and went back to the drawing boards and traced back what went wrong or what is wrong. The answer was staring at my face. The answer was the whole point of our system – to provide an individual medium for devices to transport their data. Common sense dictated for me to separate the medium transporting their data. I realized I was programming the correct implementation of system, only that the medium where the two data types are being sent have to be separated.

Like a typhoon, the program worked correctly in a snap. The pieces fitted correctly and it even exceeded the objectives of my panelists. I laughed loud and I said to myself, “Who’s talkshit now?”

#KomiSays: Hangang-hanga ako kay OperationsTeamLeader because of his hardwork. See? He serves as an inspiration to others. He’s always welcome to be my client–for FREE! (Well, siyempre, Pasko! What do you expect from me!)

#MSPsays: I hate saying this, but this one’s a miracle. Well, miracles do happen, no matter what religion you practice. I was right all along. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

Looking back to the many events in my life, I realized that La Salle has made me a better person. It has given me a redefinition of myself. Saying goodbye to my Alma Mater will never be easy. But I know Saint La Salle will be very happy to know that one of his graduates will come out to the world a strong soldier.

At the end of the day, DLSU will shape you to do your BEST, and to simply push you to your limits. Well, brain limits, that is.

Also, being in DLSU is a serious battle, actually.

#KomiSays: Can I just say that posting a Komi Says post with a serious tone is not a damn joke, either. It is siding with someone who deserves it… you could see now how I detach my character from Legal High to a meme character. Yes, I am now a meme character–which makes me well-loved even though some people haven’t watched the drama yet (sadly, J-dramas are not even popular in RP, unless you have Internet connection).

#MSPsays: Now you see why I reacted like that.

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