U.S. Congressman, North Korean Exiles Ask Rodman to Call Off Pyongyang Game

People should stop hating on Dennis Rodman. Granted, NoKor is a hostile country even to its citizens, but he has stated that he’s not a politician/government official to get started with (unlike Pacman). The repression in NoKor has nothing to do with him and Kim Jong-un.


New York Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel condemned former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s upcoming basketball match in North Korea as “bizarre and grotesque,” likening it to sitting down to lunch with Adolf Hitler.

Engel joined a mother and daughter who escaped North Korea at a press conference in New York City Monday to urge Rodman and his team of former NBA stars to call off the game.

“I don’t think we should ignore the real suffering in this gulag state,” said Eliot Engel, the minority leader of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs who has twice visited the communist state. “And Dennis Rodman wants to go there and play basketball. It would be like inviting Adolf Hitler to lunch.”

“What Dennis Rodman is doing is very ill conceived,” said Engel, who said he is working on bipartisan legislation to expand and enforce sanctions on North Korea. Rodman arrived in the capital Pyongyang Monday…

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Birthplace Discrepancies in Japanese Wikipedia

Okay, so to speak…

Masato Sakai was born in Miyazaki, Japan (it is located in Kyushu island), but according to Japanese Wikipedia, he was born in Kobe.

Ryoko Hirosue was born in Kōchi City (Shikoku island), but according to Japanese Wikipedia, she was born in Yokohama.

Rosa Kato was born (according to most sources) in Naples, Italy, yet again, according to Japanese Wikipedia, she was born in Yokohama City then grew up in Kagoshima.

This is in the same situation as Namie Amuro. According to her agency, she is 1/4 Italian, but in reality, this has NEVER been confirmed at all. As a matter of fact, Japanese talent agencies are really good in hiding the most confidential information of many celebrities. I bet, Becky might have been born in Igirisu rather than in Nihon (Kanagawa, in particular).

Hmm… somehow, this makes me think that Japanese celebrities are really keen in securing their privacy very well. Not even a single information about them could be leaked, as compared to American celebrities.

Well, there’s one case of an American celebrity born somewhere outside America. We all know that most American celebrities are an OPEN BOOK, as compared to their Japanese counterparts. The late Marcheline Bertrand is said to be born in Paris, France, but she was actually born in Illinois (according to Wikipedia).

We all know that Natalie Portman was really born in Jerusalem. We also know that Martin Lawrence was born in Germany. We all know that Rovilson Fernandez was born in Sasebo, Nagaski and we all know that Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii.

However, why are information regarding Japanese celebrities disputed? For instance, Ryo Nishikido. He was born in Osaka according to most sources, but according to Japanese Wikipedia, he was born in Hyogo Prefecture.

What do you think, guys? TASUKETE KUDASAI!

PS: I really sense that people could hide the truth through money alone. Remember, if you watch Joker: Unforgiving Investigators (Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan), you’ll see how information here is white-washed. Even the secrets of the Cojuangco-Aquino family (not related to the drama) cannot also be revealed since even other branches have white-washed the truth about them.

23 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live Abroad At Least Once

Number 12 please… if in case I go back to Japan… on the Kansai region.

Thought Catalog

1. Celebrating your holidays from home with a group of friends who’ve never experienced it (such as having Thanksgiving dinner in France or the Fourth of July in Japan) is way too fun to pass up.

2. Having friends to visit on both sides of the ocean gives you something to always look forward to, and be working towards.

3. There are limitless new ways of thinking and perceiving the world, and you discover them only when you immerse yourself in a new language and force yourself to think in it.

4. Even if the language isn’t different, you come to realize how different two cultures with the same language can actually be.

5. Sending and receiving postcards, and the feeling of opening up the mailbox and seeing a beautiful new picture with the handwritten words on the back.

6. The rainbow of junk food available in each country —…

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