23 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live Abroad At Least Once

Number 12 please… if in case I go back to Japan… on the Kansai region.

Thought Catalog

1. Celebrating your holidays from home with a group of friends who’ve never experienced it (such as having Thanksgiving dinner in France or the Fourth of July in Japan) is way too fun to pass up.

2. Having friends to visit on both sides of the ocean gives you something to always look forward to, and be working towards.

3. There are limitless new ways of thinking and perceiving the world, and you discover them only when you immerse yourself in a new language and force yourself to think in it.

4. Even if the language isn’t different, you come to realize how different two cultures with the same language can actually be.

5. Sending and receiving postcards, and the feeling of opening up the mailbox and seeing a beautiful new picture with the handwritten words on the back.

6. The rainbow of junk food available in each country —…

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