Komi Reports: AA’s real attitude showing! Haha!

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#KomiSays: For the love of humanity, I guess MSP is vindicated after someone has PMed her about her (MSP) extreme abhorrence and despise-level towards AA. Sus! If you’re going to delve in MSP’s blog, you’ll see why AA is NOT respected as a thespian. Kasehodang nagpaka-bugaw lang siya para lang maging artista!

Though MSP and I still despise FP, I guess my impression towards FP’s bias towards AA is sort of wrong… but sometimes I could say that he’s really biased to AA because of her “malaswa” image.


Analyze the photo above. What comes into your mind when you see this photo?

First of all, ang pangit lang ng anggulo. I feel sorry for this person above since AA rather humiliated her, though she herself might take it as a compliment.

But still, masagwa parin. She’s holding her crotch.

It reflects how sex-a-holic AA really is! No wonder, kahit si Reber Cross pati na rin si Direkt Obdyek, nawalan ng gana!

IG user @lonelybeary is RIGHT on reprimanding AA. Kumbaga, it may seem funny to her buddy (shown above haha), but to others, it is fucking disgusting. Very obscene, can I just say.

Siguro kung nag-post si AA ng pic na hinahawakan ni Sakai Masato ang crotch niya while sleeping or taking a nap, Masato-san will be really offended and insulted! Remember, Japanese people value and secure their privacy tightly that almost no one could decipher each of their private moments. Kumbaga, Masato-san will rather post a comment like this:

I dont tolerate thiz shit. Delete it plz,tnx.

Also, if Sakai Masato will have an IG account, he will of course, post things that he would like to share, not some private moments like smoking while touching his crotch.

Hmmm… MSP’s err… soon-to-be ex-crush (nakz!) said:

“Kanya kanyang trip” isn’t an excuse for being such a nuisance to everyone around you.

Beat that, AA! You’re really a fucking nuisance! How butt-hurt could this skank get, eh!?

Sa totoo lang, lumalabas talaga kung gaano ka-walang breeding itong si Takubets! I don’t think Marian Rivera is posting things like this because she knows what should be posted.

Buti pa si Majarot, nagpo-post naman ng hindi kabastusan! Pero siyempre, dahil na-BI ni Kim Chiu… you know what happened. Pero still, si Majarot inferz, hindi naman puro dirty ang mga posts.

In other words AA, even your role in Honesto is also not convincing!

MSP reacts

I feel relieved after seeing this post. This is definitely NOT humor at all. AA’s humor is rather like Vice Ganda’s: Making fun at the expense of other people. If there are any posts regarding Nancy Binay, that would be an exception. Totoo naman, eh. Nancy Binay aka the first “Black” Senadora (si Senyora Santibanez ang naga-sabi niyan!) is always making fun of herself, which is very unlikely and very unbecoming for a senator.

I would understand if meme characters are mocking her for being the “Nazareno.” But to make fun of the Black Nazarene? Please, iba ang sinabi ng Black Nazarene kay Nancy Binay. There are many devotees there who might slap yer arses if you’re going to equate Nancy Binay as the Black Nazarene. But for people like me, I won’t mind–but I’m just being worried devotees might spew negativity towards Senyora Santibanez and the JLN meme.

Well, to the person who PMed me last year for hating on AA, I guess you have to get yo facts straight. AA has received hate from netizens because of her attitude.

Kung makapag-post siya ng insulting photo, talagang tatawa siya ng malakas. Pero kapag siya ang naging butt of jokes, she will get butt-hurt. Pwes, magsama sila ni PNoy kung ganun.

Also, before slapping me the Reversibility Criterion, and telling me that tao rin si Takubets (I don’t but that fact at all–yes, we’re all people, but we have our own biases), AA does not even know what the reversibility criterion is.

Before raising your pitchforks against me, AA does not even know how to face her ugliness. 😀

#KomiSays: LOVE UGLINESS. (:

To be continued!


One thought on “Komi Reports: AA’s real attitude showing! Haha!

  1. To add pala, panindigan talaga natin ang ating feelings towards AA. Kapag may magtatanong sa’tin, sabihin na lang natin, “Matagal na namin ‘yang pina-panindigan. Hindi namin ma-explain ng maayos pero self-eksplanatori na ‘yan. No other answers granted. LOL.”

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