Reconsidering Japan’s Denial of Dual Citizenship

To be honest, I think Japan should allow multiple citizenship in general, but they should implement the “permission required” policy (German-speaking countries has this policy).

Well yes, I am speaking out for those foreigners who wish to naturalize as Japanese citizens (those who truly consider Japan as their second home) but are still willing to retain the citizenship they’re born with.

As a non-Japanese myself, I think multiple citizenship has many benefits (access without visa, voting), but watch out for the downsides (e.g., taxes, conscription). Also, being a Japanese citizen is a privilege because they could access to 170+ countries without a visa at all. It means that there are some people who are willing to naturalize as Japanese citizens just to have visa-free access to these countries (EU, USA, AUS).

That’s it for now.


by Ji Soo Kim

An anonymous writer on the internet started her sentence with, “I am a Japanese mom and sold my son to France today.” The writer’s family has been living in France for 20 years, and she made her son acquire French citizenship so that he could  take state examination and receive state scholarship.

The writer said “people back home think we are no longer good patriots. But they cannot imagine how much we miss our home. The patriotism grows bigger when we live abroad.” Making a big choice, the mother wished Japan’s allowance of dual citizenship. She was scared that losing Japanese citizenship would have a negative effect on her son’s Japanese identity.

Having dual citizenship means that two countries recognize you as their citizen. Currently, Japan does not allow dual citizenship. Citizens of dual citizenship must choose one or the other before turning…

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