A sky full of lighters (Meeting Yeng Constantino)

That’s why Yeng Constantino is underrated–but in Japan, I bet she’ll be very popular there.

I have to say, yesterday was a really big honor for me to actually meet one of the sought after talents in the country: Yeng Constantino. She, as well as DJ Callum David, performed at De La Salle Lipa for their college night, or as they call it #AnimoJam. Which to say, is very much… Well, La Sallista of them to name it as such. hehe

The crowd went wild at the sound of her name, even more at the sound of her footsteps! The noise could’ve drowned anyone’s ears to deafness but the sound of Yeng’s voice silenced them, only for a second, because hearing and seeing her in person were two different things… So to say, no one in the stadium can contain themselves when she stepped to the lime light.

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