The Myth of the Israeli Passport Stamp Problem

Wow… just in case Japan allows dual citizenship (provided it implements the Behaltungsgemehnigung), I’ll simply use the Japanese passport for the Gulf/Arab countries while I use the Philippine passport for Israel. Das ist alles! Ijou!

The Happy Hermit

When speaking to fellow travellers, globetrotters and Couchsurfers, I am always amazed how many people are afraid of visiting Israel – not because of Hamas’ rockets from Gaza or because of suicide bombers, but because of a stamp in a passport. Guys, you are missing out on the most fascinating and interesting country in the world – for no reason.

There are two myths, one which is complete bogus and one which has some truth to it, but I will give you the hot-shot traveller’s advice on how to work your way around the so-called “Israeli passport stamp problem”. I have been to Israel many times and I have also been to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. I have never had a problem entering any of these countries at all. – I should mention that I have a German passport (or two of them as you…

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