Totes Agree with Senyor Komi!


Kung ako nga ang tatanungin, mas maganda pa ang mukha ni Wendy Valdez, kung ikukumpara mo naman siya kina Mariel Rodriguez at Kitchie Nadal, ‘no!? (BTW, the latter two are known for being pretty in person without makeup because of their KUTIS MAHARLIKA)

Wendy Valdez, however, had bad skin. That’s why she’s not so pretty (by Filipino standards), but her features could pass for pretty.

Agree to that! Well, Wendy is pretty, but she has really bad skin. That’s why I didn’t find her so pretty that time, just because she’s dark.

Anyways, that should not be an issue after all. Wala ngang sinabi sina Mariel at Kitchie pagdating sa pagiging maganda, kumpara kay Wendy, eh. Though Wendy is bitchy as her persona, people attested that she’s not bitchy in person pala, eh. Kung ako pa ang tatanungin, features-wise, Wendy passes for good-looking.

Walang sinabi sina Mariel at Kitchie kasi nga, Wendy lacks the dark eyebags–in other words, kung itatabi siya kay Mariel at Kitchie, she would definitely stand out talaga. I was really shocked like hell why Mariel is pretty in person. Siguro dahil sa makeup, pero without makeup, they even attested she’s prettier.


Kung hindi lang makinis si Mariel, definitely she would not stand out.

I simply do not get it why Filipino society thinks that having smooth skin without consulting the derma = attractive. I mean, come on, there are still smooth-skinned people who are not really attractive at all, unless nadadala ang ang features ng mukha niya sa kinis ng kanyang balat.

#KomiSays: Hindi ako nagagandahan talaga kay Mariel Rodriguez, pero makinis ang balat, oo.

And hello, Mariel is one of the celebrities who looks older than her age–in other words, kaya lang siya maganda in person without makeup is because of her skin texture. Period. Kung pangit sana ang balat niya, definitely legit ladyboy-looking na talaga siya. (I really doubt, she really has sophisticated features. One PExer and my couz saw her in person. Not really legit pretty. Even some forumers attest hindi talaga head-turner ang dating niya. After all, I believe Bashing 101. I think she’s pretty in person because of the makeup.)

Same with Kitchie Nadal. Also, hindi ko rin gets kung bakit marami ring nagagandahan sa kanya. I bet, hindi siya stand-out sa La Salle dati. Kung ako pa ang tatanungin, ang stand-out award would definitely go to Carla Abellana and Iya Villania–since these two girls are NOT given justice in the camera–but looking at their features, they definitely stand out.

Also, just because they ome from La Salle does not mean you will expect that ALL Lasallians are blessed with good keratin build-up. Hell, being blessed with good keratin build-up actually depends whether you have East Asian ancestry or not, and that’s it.

Anyways, having smooth skin is rather an asset to those girls who really do not have sophisticated features. Kumbaga, nadadala lang ang ganda nila sa kinis ng kanilang balat. ‘Yun na!

If you’re going to ask a Korean or a Japanese person, I bet, no one will think that Mariel and Kitchie is attractive once they see them in person without makeup (kahit siguro sa TV o pics pa ‘yan). You know how skyrocketing high their standards really are. They might say that Wendy Valdez is really pretty.

Because for Koreans and Japanese people, they think that their smooth, flawless skin is NOT enough to define a person as attractive. Features mismo ang tinitingnan, and if they like your features, they will surely envy you. Eh kay Mariel at Kitchie, I bet, no Korean or Japanese person will think they really stand out. Siguro sina Tricia Gosingtian pa o si Alodia Gosiengfiao pa ang mag-stand out.

You know that there are many Koreans and Japanese people who are smooth-skinned, but hell, kung sino pa ang mas marami pang acne marks sa kanila, sila pa ang mas attractive. Well, I’m pertaining towards the guys, ah. Impression ko kasi sa mga East Asian guys na makikinis, parang ang bading tingnan. Hell, ang mas brusko pa ang balat, sila talaga ang attractive.

What Komi is trying to emphasize is that, he thinks that having smooth, flawless skin does not make one person attractive. Tama naman talaga siya, eh. Skin color and/or skin texture does not define how good-looking and/or presentable a person really is. Kumbaga, he’s trying to emphasize that there are some people who are just good-looking without makeup because of their skin. Obvious naman na maganda “daw” sa personal si Mariel without makeup is because of her skin texture. Tama rin si Komi na maganda lang si Mariel because of her kutis maharlika, ‘yun na! As a matter of fact, Mariel once attested that Kristine Hermosa is pretty even without makeup and also in person is because, kahit tadtad siguro ng zits si Tintin, aba eh, hindi ma-agnas ang hitsura niya. I have seen photos of Kristine when she wasn’t super fair-skinned, and I really think she will be very pretty sooner or later. She’s one example of a person who is a late-bloomer talaga, kumbaga, she wasn’t very pretty when I first saw her, and when I saw her in Pangako Sa’yo, doon talaga lumitaw ang mala-Diyosa niyang kagandahan.

Well, the only attractive thing in Mariel is her face shape. ‘Yun na!

#KomiSays: Mariel is not actually very pretty, pero hindi chaka. Average-looking, pwede pa. In fact, mas chaka pa si Toni Gonzaga, kung tutuusin. (Mas ma-ere pa nga si Toni, sa totoo lang!)

Also, there are many people with flaws on their skin, but definitely still stood out even without makeup is because they’re blessed with good features and good symmetry.

#RealTalk: Having smooth skin makes average/so-so features attractive, that’s why people blessed with great skin do not need to undergo the knife.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more Komi Rants on senyorkomikado!

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