Top Ten Worst Passports

I believe that Israeli and Taiwanese passports are the worst. No offense to my Taiwanese and Israeli online buddies, but I think having a Korean (ROK) passport is much better because it is not only good, but it is also protective from any dangerous countries. :p

Fit Chicken

This is in no way a xenophobic rant: simply a completely biassed and frankly idiotic assessment of the worst passport one can own, on the basis that one does own a passport…

10. Israeli – it isn’t so bad to live in Tel Aviv, we’re told, and after your army service you are free to travel the world, almost everywhere in the world, in fact, apart from every single neighbouring country. This wouldn’t be so bad if Israeli was a big country like, say, Greenland (now a real country), but it’s actually really small, crowded and expensive. If you stand on a hill you can actually see those bastards in Beirut noshing down on cheap houmous, laughing it up with their cheap Arak and prancing about to, yes, that’s right, Israeli psytrance. They are secular. You are secular. You like all the same things – you even speak Arabic, but…

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