Beauty is Relative–bakit, may kamag-anak ba ang byuti!?

#RealTalk on Kristine Hermosa and Song Hye-Kyo: They’ll lose their star factor if Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina and Sabina Altynbekova will become celebs instead of being an online sensation.

Da Adbentyurs of Senyor Komi

Like what I said on my Fashbook page:

Si Marian Rivera maganda siya sa Pilipinas, pero sa Spain… napaka-typical lang niya.

Okay, so you mean if Song Hye-Kyo and Kristine Hermosa are in Brazil (or South America/rest of Latin America) or in the Commonwealth of Independent States (e.g., Kazakhstan), they’re typical? Well, it’s possible. Anyways, kung naging artista lang sina Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina or Sabina Altynbekova (well, if they’re actresses instead of being in their current position/s), Hye-kyo noona and Tintin will be considered typical, and so does Ellen Adarna and Yui Aragaki–if you’re going to ask me. But still, at the end of the day, beauty is relative.

It’s no doubt that Song Hye-Kyo and Kristine Hermosa are the perfect faces in Asia, and it’s no doubt that many Filipinas are dying to look like them. But here’s one question: What if they instead are in the…

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SURVEY on Elitism in the Philippines

BAHAHAHAHA! Long time no see, people! Anyways, apologies for not posting a hiatus message (LOL) since I don’t want to reveal it just yet, but here. I am writing a book about elitism by hand since I want to address the loopholes of society that caused extreme poverty in the country.

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BTW, I haven’t written anything meaningful recently since I have been busy doing stuff which made me (almost) gave up blogging. Anyways, I could actually quit corporate jobs only to write a book about something that should be read by ALL people, regardless of their status in life. That’s it.