To my elitist haters: Please read


Yonde kudasai.

1.) You don’t deserve a high end product at the first place – I’m not actually alone when it comes to posting gadgets on Facebook. Truth is, you’re only making a laughing stock out of yourself when it comes to bashing people. Wait, I have not posted a receipt of my tuition fee on Facebook, and yet you create stories about that. WHAT. A. SHAME.

2.) Your attitude resembles a typical social-climbing skank – Now look who sounded MORE CHEAP to the core. You dress like whores in a formal party. And yes, that’s what makes you less classy than I am.

3.) Your logical thinking patterns are questionable – Seriously, do you guys even deserve to be in the Dean’s List at the first place? Also, don’t get started with your aristocratic features. You may brag these things, but what’s it worth if you have nothing to brag? If you are trigger-happy when bashing me posting gadgets, why don’t you do that to my sosyalera friends (who are far classier than you)? In Tagalog, wala kayong maibubuga, dahil kapag nasa inyo na ang mga materyales, hindi na mukhang sosyal ang mga kagamitan.

4.) Why would you care if I post my iPhone 4S/5 or my DSLR? – It only shows how jealous you really are to me. You only show yourself to me as elitist social climbers who end up as CHEAP WHORES when in party attire. If you let me wear your stuff, I would make it classy–if you resemble the cheap whores of society, I would most likely resemble Rufa Mae Quinto. Not to brag, but Rufa Mae puts sexy to a funny level. She never ends up looking cheap and skanky, that’s why she’s admirable in showbiz. Never mind the slim figure but big rack–she’s a comedienne after all.

#RealTalk on Elitist Haters: You remain poor in all aspects

You have no right to hate on Mich Liggayu if you’re also like them. You could only spew hate towards her if you think she’s cheap. Yes, she’s the cheapest bitch who walked on the planet Earth for using Jam for money. I hope you guys aren’t having those issues, eh?

Have you ever made a huge impact in society? I bet, what you only know is to use each other for vested interests. You never have sense of values at all. In fact, people like you are not needed for a better Philippines. You are not needed in the Philippines not because of your attitudes towards other people, you’re also not needed because people like you are snobs. You overlook the real situations that should be addressed; you’re actually rejecting people who are helpless, who are in need. As a matter of fact, people like you don’t deserve the Internet at all.

To be honest, speaking of how you belittle or look down on other people, you’re the ones who end up looking rather cheap and stupid than the rest of those whom you make fun of.


2 thoughts on “To my elitist haters: Please read

  1. TUMFACT! Anyways, aanhin nga naman ang good grades pati aristocratic features/skin eh… pagdating pa lang sa ugali’t logical thinking, F*CKED UP!?

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