Typical PINOY Stupidity: Where is your common sense!?

The typical Pinoy stupidity of dishonesty and lack of delicadeza

We thought that the envelope is brand new, that’s why we mixed it with the news ones.

Talk about stupidity. It should be common sense whenever you have found a press kit in the restroom cubicle and you should segregate it from the rest of the press kits, even though you’re just a distributor.

Now the reason why I do not condone stupidity in my Facebook wall is because I don’t want to be surrounded by stupid people. Remember, Miriam said, “Stupid is Forever.”

The sickness of the Pinoy mentality is this: They do something without even thinking.


I seriously ranted on Facebook because not only I felt so disgruntled, I also felt severely violated (no exaggerations intended). Now I am convinced, the typical Pinoy mentality is about getting stuff that was left behind and vandalizing it out of stupidity.

Not only that. I will surely harass them publicly for just one simple mistake that becomes a grave, mortal sin. I will show how I should correct their manners, like I will show to the people how I will straighten up the typical Pinoy mentality of dishonesty and lack of delicadeza.

And I noticed when I asked them, they had NO SENSE of shame and guilt at all!

That happened somewhere in a hotel-like place where the conference was held. Sabihin nating simpleng bagay ‘yun, but you might not know that the simple thing really means a lot to them. People may accuse me for being “shallow,” “bratinella” or a “whiner,” but if these typical PINOY mentality will resist social change, then I will really conclude that there are some Pinoys who resist change. Basta makuntento na lang sila sa gobyerno nating bulok, walang problema, basta sila, they live in a life na petix lang sila.

Can’t Help It: Comparing the typical Pinoy from the typical Japanese

No wonder I want to move to Japan. Kung may naiwan kang gamit, there’s a very high chance of getting it back due to the Japanese people’s honesty and delicadeza. Dito sa ‘Pinas, may naiwan ka lang tapos medyo matagal mo pa binalikan, andun parin–pero watak na.

Many Pinoys have no sense of honesty and delicadeza at all. Yeah, they may accuse me for being a chronic whiner for saying negative things about my own country, but now I know why we cannot even stabilize our society. We value stupidity over intellect.

May naiwan lang akong hairclip sa Rustan’s nung maliit pa ako, bigla na lang nawala!

That is why I wished I was Japanese instead. Now look how organized and on time Japanese airports are (though not all the time). You won’t complain catching your flight early asap, not like in America, esp. if you are flying with United Airlines plus you’re going to board from LAX (haha! Situations that are happening in Pinas becomes 50-100x WORSE when in America).

The reason why is this: In Japan, you easily learn self-discipline. In America and Pinas, not a chance at all.

No wonder, I know someone who prefers Japan over ‘Pinas. No need to elaborate. Introversion in ‘Pinas is NOT really taken as something valuable. Kung introvert ka sa Pilipinas, “weirdo” ang tingin nila sa’yo. Your privacy is no longer valued unless artista ka nga (however, there are closet celebrity stalkers on GirlTalk bring down the can of worms–no wonder, there are many cases of thread closure such as the issue of Aljur Abrenica where his dark side was revealed).

Sadly, many Pinoys do not value personal space. Basta lang makagawa ng ingay, masaya na sila. Hindi ko naman nilalahat ng mga Pilipino (tandaan, malaki ang pinagkaiba ng Pinoy sa Pilipino).

And speaking of the elitists in cyberspace, Putang Inang gagong pakshet (pardon me for the language), if you are disgruntled and rant with bad words on Facebook, instead of filling in your shoes, they judge you irrationally. Take the case of Maegan Aguilar. TBH, I didn’t wanna judge her at all. Halatang disgruntled dahil ang tatay niya, pinagpalit siya sa asawa niyang mukhang kabit!

And yet the elitists in GirlTalkers keep on bashing Maegan. Don’t tell me, you’re closet kabitches in real life! Now you’re making yourself more ridiculous since the victim here is a disgruntled person who was like, kicked out from the house for a shallow matter.

If you’re going to read majide2ch, you won’t ever hear from Japanese netizens that they’re stalking celebrities. They just state their opinions without sounding suspicious.

Also, the Japanese value one’s privacy, so being too pushy is equal to rudeness.

I think the typical Pinoy should ditch their old, ugly ways and learn some values from the Japanese. I know Japan’s not a perfect country since it shares some of its own bad apples (e.g., their macho culture is far worse than in Pinas since everything in the workplace is predominantly male), yet they usually don’t make some excuses that are dubious. Some elitists in cyberspace (who are KISS-ASS to Westerners and Western culture) call the Japanese “too conforming,” and “bureaucratic” for doing things as a group in consensus, but comparing the typical Japanese male from the elitist males in Filipino Freethinkers FB group, the former of course won’t ever act classless. If that were an Osakan, they would be 100x far classier than the elitistic males (the Western kiss-assing engrossed gamers who are just good in English but have questionable line of thought) of FFreethinkers.

Walang sinabi ang mga elitista ng FFreethiners pati GirlTalk sa mga Japanese netizens. Lalo na sa mga elitista ng FF, though some good FFreethinkers are anime fans, they usually look down on the Japanese way of delicadeza. Many of these elitists worship the dubious politicians who come from affluent backgrounds.

Kaya mahina ang elitismo sa Japan, and most of the time, elitism is not revered there. Inequality is almost absent–no matter how rich or poor you are, you do your best to fit in the status quo. Elitism causes inequality, and inequality fucks up the culture and society of a certain group.

No wonder, Filipino cosplayers and gamers are placed in bad light due to the fact that the elitists in cosplay and gaming dominate the scene and impose social norms–sila pa ang nagpapasimuno ng gamitan pati crab mentality sa mga matitinong cosplayers pati gamers. Many of these elitists should be taught Responsible Gaming due to their irrational ranting against a famous cosplayer (Alodia Gosiengfiao is known for being the target of harassment–usually, she’s attacked by the elitists in cyberspace).

Kaya pala walang asenso ang Pinas. If the politicians are douchebags, these Pinoys who contribute to the downfall RESIST change–sila pa ang nagse-save face for the wrong reasons by remaining and choosing to be stupid. No wonder, I ranted on FB:

If I were to be asked, I won’t raise my kids in the Philippines. Hell, I don’t even trust the education system of the Philippines as well. I don’t find my own country a conducive place for child-rearing.

If there are many Filipino scholars who are open-minded and patriotic enough to promote social change, I would appreciate that. Sadly, many of them are prideful and get offended when someone corrects them constructively (additional: I applaud a few ones who have the mind and heart to prove that wrong).


The reason why is this: I myself know the consequences of being a parent in the Philippines. You have to keep a good image by reprimanding your kids to straighten up as if they should act prim and proper all the time. Also, you have to flaunt their achievements that are of course, imposed by you. Thank goodness, I learned to have an open mind by not conforming anymore to social norms. Fuck the social norms, tbh. They promote homogeneity (pardon for the spelling).

Though as they say, it’s the only country that we have, it’s not conducive for child-rearing. Accuse me for being unpatriotic for being positive with Japan, yet their culture is conservative-rigid-forward. Yeah, rigid since Tokyo culture is rigid (as what the Westerners usually say), but their line of thinking is progressive, which is something that the typical Pinoy lacks. Can’t we be a bit progressive?

And yet many Pinoys are against cultural change.

How will we progress if we remain contented and backward? Now that’s the question you have to answer.


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