Dear Philippines

Seriously. You’re a pain in the butt.

There were some stubborn people who caused irrational traffic. Jeezas. And the government wasn’t respondent enough to solve these matters.

There are two things that make me want to leave you for good:

1.) Slow Internet

2.) Heavy traffic congestion

Philippines, I will tell you now this: I hate you. I want to leave you for good. I knew I won’t be happy anymore in your place simply because you don’t love me back.

Well, yeah. Your government does not even respect the nature of my work. Putang ina.

Pinoys may blame me for not having a relax outlook in life. However, living in the Philippines is having a relaxed outlook in life, which I do not have as of the moment. After all, the Philippines is NOT a country of workaholics and employees. It’s a country of tambays and bums.

Sorry, ah. Hindi ko na gusto ang putanginang kulturang binabastos ako. The bad culture itself. It just left me worthless.

At alam niyo bang gusto ko nang mag-resign sa trabaho dahil sa putanginang gobyernong halos wala nang respeto sa mga taong… sasakyan lamang ang tanging modo ng transpo nila?

Blame it to the growing number of vehicles caused by the elitists–ang arte-arte naman nila sa public transpo, making people like me disrespected. Mga putanginang social climber.

And seriously, there are soooo many people who do not have road courtesy. They’re causing traffic. Perwisyo sila. Kaya dapat nga istrikto ang implementasyon na dapat may malaking multa o pagkakakulong ng forever.

Harsh it seems, but road courtesy no longer exists in this forsaken country called the Philippines.

That is why I hate the Philippines. This is no longer my country. I tell you right away: The Philippines will no longer be my country in later years’ time. WALA NANG PAG-ASA sa sinumpang bayan.

In short, the Philippines is home to the Yellow Oligarchs and self-important elitists. Oo, mga palamuning elitistang feeling hari naman ng daan at uma-angkin ng mabilis na Internet.

Mga buwaya ng Kongreso, mga salot sa lipunan.

Halos isumpa ko na ang sarili kong bayan dahil sa kanila. Aalis ako ng Pilipinas. Aalis ako. Malapit na akong mapuno. Hindi ko na ito bayan. Aalis na talaga ako.

Goodbye, Philippines. You are no longer the country that I used to know.

In short, I felt betrayed because of your people.

The Pinoys. The stubborn, change-resisting people.

Many of them are BOBOtantes.

Those who cause irrational congestion.

They make me sick.

They make me vomit to death.

I hate them with passion.

Sorry, I will leave the country for good.

I could no longer stand the bullcrap in the country.

Putang inang Pilipinas.

I hate you.

I will leave you… Motherland. Farewell.