Perks of being a Chinese-Filipino

Zhang Jingchu|Credits to Getty Images via Zimbio

To those Filipino mestizos with promdi mentality, usually they look down towards the Chinese-Filipino community. Here are their judgments:

1.) They only marry their own kind
2.) They are not hopeless romantics
3.) They have “too rugged” facial features
4.) They’re elitistas, matapobres and mayabang
5.) Kuripot (stingy)

They fail to look at the brighter side. Alright, the perks of being Chinese-Filipino are:

1.) Good genes – East Asian people are WINNERS when it comes to keratin structure. They have the nicest skin and hair that makes them look younger, plus many of them rarely gain weight. Just make sure you fall for someone with quality looks (Richard Yap, Dennis Trillo, the Yans).
2.) Excellent, quality upbringing – Ironically, Chinese-Filipino parents are supportive. Look at Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao, the Gosingtians, Camille Co and the Uys–they’re the most respected online celebrities in the Philippines because you see, Chinese-Filipino fathers (yeah, with a Chinese-sounding surname) raise their daughters appropriately. Usually, it’s better to belong to a nontraditional Chinese family than to be in a traditional one.
3.) You are trained to create jobs – Unlike Filipino parents who encourage their children to study to LOOK for jobs, Chinese-Filipino parents meanwhile encourage their kids to CREATE jobs. Entrepreneurship is really ingrained in their culture. No wonder, mas bilib pa nga ako sa mga Pilipina na nakapag-asawa ng “Tsinoy,” dahil ang ibig sabihin nun, mas concern nila ang kinabukasan kesa sa pride nila.
4.) You won’t get discriminated in universities where the culture is deeply elitist in nature – AdMU and DLSU are known for their elitist culture. Usually, Filipinos will view the Chinese as “elitistas” since ang usual stereotype kapag Chinese, mayaman agad. Well, mayaman agad!? These Filipinos should rather visit the rural areas in China and see for themselves… if China is worth to be viewed as a first-world country.
5.) In the Philippines, you get more praises, even though there are mixed criticisms, at least from the elitists – Hindi ka kalait-lait sa mga elitista kapag Chinese-Filipino ang lahi mo. In fact, many of them will praise you for your features (what more kapag half-Chinese, half-Spanish ka pa, Ilonggo pa ang ethnolinguistic group mo), plus your social standing.

Dainty promdi women who are blessed with aristocratic Castillian features will rather end up marrying someone with low-quality looks while making fun of East Asian looks. Jeez! Don’t they realize they’re ruining their future? If only I had the same Castillian features as my ancestors, I would rather marry a Chinese-Filipino than a pure Filipino. Seriously, they’d rather marry someone who is “ma-amor” and “karinyoso,” rather than someone who is traditional and cold. Sometimes, those who aren’t “karinyoso” are excellent in child-rearing and are financially intelligent. I dunno, maybe for dainty promdi’s, they prefer someone who is “hipon” instead of good looks despite the lack of curves/S-line.


Call me racist or discriminatory to my own, but if you’re going to observe the wives of Chinese-Filipino men, usually they’re really strong and outspoken. Hmm… maybe Chinese-Filipino guys are not-so dominant? Well, sort of–compared to pure Filipino guys, at least. “Tsinoy” guys won’t mind if their wives ain’t the submissive type. Usually, women with strong personality chose to submit themselves to a Tsinoy guy (the nontraditional, non-pure type opkors) because usually, Tsinoys are known for their excellent child-rearing capabilities. Actually, if you want to receive less “panlalait” or “puna” from the judgmental and discriminatory society that the Philippines has, I am telling you–better tie the knot with a Tsinoy.

Dainty women will usually go ga-ga towards the likes of Jejomar Binay (I ain’t kidding, a’ryt!). So to speak, they would rather marry Jejomar Binay over lezzay, Daniel Wu, Daniel Henney, or yes–Alan Peter Cayetano.

Hahaha. Why can’t dainty women fall for someone who is East Asian? Why would they fall for someone who is Jejomar Binay but has a dominant personality like for instance, Cesar Montano? HAHA!

I guess they dunno the fact that many Chinese celebrities/celebrities of Chinese descent (aside from Jackie Chan and Jet Li) are also famous internationally.

They may have the same grace and elegance like Tootsy Guevarra or Shalani Soledad (well, I find them dainty, and yes, many elitists in FFreethinkers will like them), but their mentality’s pretty much like those doll-like mestizas who instead end up falling for garbage like Jejomar Binay.

In short, BOBO!

Haha! Tapos magagalit sila when they’re reminded that, “You should have married that rich, Spanish mestizo” or “Dapat sa Intsik ka na lang nagpakasal.” In short, they value their own pride over their future. They disregard the painful reality of Philippine society: It is judgmental and discriminatory.

Well, between Jejomar Binay and Alan Peter Cayetano, dainty women will choose Jejomar Binay. Ganyan sila ka-BOBO. Kawawa naman ang mga manliligaw nilang mga mestizo’t chinito. Pumangit ang lahi dahil na-in love sa Balugang Alipin (o Baluga Inside Out). Dainty women, after all, get what they deserve.

Sila pa ang madalas may problema sa married life (yes, dainty women often have marital woes). I think, those women who are married to Filipino-Chinese men are more secure, pati na rin sa mga alpha females na laid-back ang kanilang mestizo/European-looking hubsters.

Seriously, I admire Chinese women for being practical instead of looking for a hopeless romantic (the trend today in the Chinese-speaking world is this: Many of them get wed to CEOs, entrepreneurs and company leaders for financial security–and for a better future). Kumbaga, they have no time for romance. Marrying someone out of love only happens by chance, so if you’re thinking of getting yourself married to a rich Spanish mestizo or a rich Filipino-Chinese man, choose the one who loves you regardless of who you are. After all, money is only a plus. This is something that Filipinos should learn from the Chinese: Business-oriented, futuristic, family-oriented and of course, excellent in child-rearing.