Kolumnista Mode: Leave Ka Rody alone!

It’s final: Ka Rody will NOT run for president. People should respect that, despite Rody being a good leader and a peacemaker of the South.

There’s Miriam Defensor-Santiago, anyway. You know the purpose of Miriam running for president: Rody isn’t gonna run anymore. For me, it’s a saving grace. I’m fine with Ka Rody running for mayor–again.

Ka Rody, after all, isn’t really meant to reside in Manila. He’s a true-blooded Dabawenyo. He is mostly needed by the Dabawenyos–oh BTW, ask a Dabawenyo. They will attest that they should be careful to persuade Rody to run for president.

After all, Rody admits that being a head of state and government isn’t mean for him. He even attested that he was once a Solon in the House of Representatives–and he found the job boring. Office work for Rody is BORING. He’s more on hands-on work, meaning to say that he would rather prefer putting the law into his own hands than to follow certain procedures, to think he was a prosecutor.

I am for Miriam-BongBong tandem. #BongYam2016

You will never see tarpaulins and pollution-causing banners that has the face of Miriam or BBM on the walls (e.g., IBOTO, MIRIAM FOR PRESIDENT). And what’s the hate about BBM, anyway?

I don’t want people to compare BBM to PFEM. BBM is BBM–he won’t be the next PFEM. The only similarity that BBM has with PFEM is that, speaking of looks, he’s literally FEM, Jr.

BBM is completely different from PFEM–FEM, Jr. is laid-back, unlike his sister Imee, who happens to be fierce and dominant. What makes the Marcoses different from each other is their unique personalities: Imee is the fierce, dominant but cool Ate of the group; BBM is laid-back, but full of wisdom. Irene, lastly, is the typical Ilocana–her fashion sense is old-school, but still with a twist of modernity in it.

But why do I prefer BBM over Ka Imee? Well, not really. I admire all of them equally–but BBM stands out for many reasons:

1.) He doesn’t even speak ill against the Yellow Oligarchs. He even told PNoy, “He should be the solution, rather than blaming his political rivals.” He is constructive when it comes to his sentiments.

2.) Speaking of his track record–he actually proposed a lot of bills.

3.) He is the Filipino version of Song Il-Gook. Speaking of attitude, he has no “chaebol” mentality. Look, he is often visited by envoys to the Philippines.

4.) He’s well-trained: From soldier to err… public servant. Well guess what, he has the blood of a true maharlika.

5.) He holds a low-profile image when entering an envoy’s residence.

Now, these are the reasons why Miriam chose him as her VP running-mate. Even educated individuals disagree with Miriam (e.g., “We feel so betrayed, Ka Miriam! BBM should apologize for the Martial Law extrajudicial killings” bullcrap) due to her controversial decision.

But for me, it’s BongYam. Simply put, only the elitistas, leptistas and anarkistas HATE the Marcoses. Well, #RealTalk: Politics in the Philippines is no different from showbiz, and it won’t be surprising if showbiz may be interchanged with politics. No kidding!

I could actually liken the Macoytards and Loyalistas to the Popsters, while the Noytards and Yellow Oligarch fantards to the AAdiks. Oh yasss, the fandom. The fantardom. Anyways, I still prefer the Macoytards because they’re like the Popsters–many Popsters are anti-elitist.

Because SG herself isn’t well-liked by the elitistas. For them, SG is “pabebe,” to think the “pa-tweetums” image is simply put, dubious. In spite of that, SG never ever acted virginal. Regardless of chastity, she is worthy to be admired.

Back to topic. I admire Miriam’s decision to pick BBM as her VP. She defended her decision, and that was beautiful.

PHOTOS are courtesy of komisaysmemes (via senyorkomikado).


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