Apple is going Downhill

That is it. I hate Apple, Inc.

Ever since Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple, I am starting to boycott Apple products. Oh, wait. I started to have a negative view towards the company itself for their products. Poor battery performance, too finicky on power banks and of course, poor battery life. And yet, they’re still fucking overpriced, to the point that I have no more energy to patronize them. I can no longer patronize a brand name that made suchna huge innovation back then, but now–makes it a liability to consumers.

My former MBP was running damn fast when it had Photoshop CS5 Extended. Why can’t it do the same to my recent one!?

I used to patronize Apple for their good quality products, but it went downhill after Steve Jobs passed away. I never saw the former glory–and now, I think owning an Apple product, regardless of its outrageous price tag, is too common, too mainstream. Yet, the elitistas will still defend Apple, even though it’s obvious that there are a LOT of technical issues regarding the usage of an iPhone. Poor battery life!? Irrational incompatibility with power banks that aren’t sold in Apple retailers!? Unexpected lag!?

I hate to say this, but Apple should hire a new CEO. I don’t see a good future to Apple with Tim Cook, since here, the issue is NOTHING but endless lawsuits against Samsung. In the near future, it will have a lawsuit against Sharp, the company that is responsible for its famed retina displays.

So you think it’s still valuable to own an Apple product!? Think again.


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