I am no longer proud to be a Filipino anymore

I want to leave the house for good.
I want to leave the country for good.

I think it’s the only way for me to be free from this bad culture the country has. You know what? I won’t ever raise my children here. I’d rather raise them in a country where elitism is virtually nonexistent.

I am so fucking tired of loving my country because I swear, it does not love me back. These people who want to alleviate their lives? Fuck, they won’t even believe what I’m saying. They dismiss me as a crazy, insane person who is delusional. No wonder, Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas.

If you really love the country, free yourself from the chains of elitism. Wake the fuck up, people. We should make our telco companies state-owned instead. At least, state-owned companies are regulated. If only our government system isn’t based on voting, because for me, the democratic system that we have doesn’t work at all. We don’t deserve our democracy; instead, we deserve discipline. It made us more diginified, yet what happened? We were blinded by the so-called supremacy and mightiness of the Imperialist Hegemon and the false holiness of the Yellow Oligarchs. Guys, we can never be a sheep forever. Following the demands of elitism is like fooling ourselves; the elitists impose social norms while they themselves refuse to step out of their dwelling and mingle or get along with the common good. No wonder, I don’t mind renouncing my citizenship and at the same time not returning to my homeland for good. I don’t see a good future to our country if we continue to make ourselves to be sheep. Now, stop fooling yourselves, people. The Internet may have its flaws, but if you want to know more about the reason behind terrorism and how our glory days become shit, check out legitimate sources endorsed by Komi Says Memes and D.A.R.K. Secret Files. Contentment is not enough. This type of “culture” that the older-generation promdis are try’na brandish is fucking outdated. Instead, Think Forward. Think outside the goddamn box of tradition. This is the 21st century, we should not be a fucking sheep anymore. Call my crazy or insane, but the problem isn’t mine anymore. Ask yourselves why our country is so fucking poor but you chose to suck it up and live with it. In fact, your narrow-mindedness and thinking inside the box of tradition only made you dumbed-down as fuck. You don’t love the country. You only care about your ego. If you will still defending the oligarchs and the greedy telco companies, then fucking screw you, dumbass! The Philippines doesn’t need stupid af people. The Philippines needs who? Non-elitists. People who are willing to change the country. People who are willing to change the future, the social status quo. No wonder, we’re below the brink–we’re left behind becaus of our narrow-mindedness and thinking inside the box of tradition.

We chose to be dumbed-down. We’re cowards, we’re helpless. We allow ourselves to be slaves of self-righteous, cocky know-it-alls and intellectual elitists who are not willing to transform the country into a better place. Instead, leave the country to make yourselves more relaxed. I’m only planning to leave because of scums like you.

-End of Rant-


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