True Story: I was scammed by COCOLIFE

I just want everyone to know that I was scammed by Cocolife.

No, I can’t call that a scam–I think the tactics were rather scam.



So I drafted a letter of cancellation, then went back to the branch where I was scammed. ABA! Naka-leave pala iyung agent! So, I went back again the other day when I saw the agent who looks creepy as fuck. Wow, he looks as if he was drunk the other day, or has he ever taken drugs?

And then through E-Mail, I have kept in touch with the main branch to get an update regarding my cancellation status. Thank goodness, I got my refund back!

It took a long time before I have to cut my ties with Cocolife. Yes, that’s the ultimate goal I have to achieve.

When I got my refund check, wow, the cashier was actually in a resting bitch face mode! Naka-busangot, in short. I could still sense negative vibes from the branch, and not only that, I saw that creepy-looking guy who was “feeling close” to me. I went in immediately.

This was the only time I have experienced such traumatic event from a mall. I swore to myself, I won’t go there again without anyone beside me.

Truth to be told…

I was only window-shopping for the latest gadgets I could find, and then my only plan was to cross the boundary between Glorietta and Greenbelt, but I was in the WRONG floor level.

Gah. I should have had the nifty drive instead, and moved away.

Moral of the Story

Always have a companion with you, esp. when you’re in not-so-posh malls. Usually, scams often happen in malls that are not 5-star. You cannot encounter those scams in places like BGC, Greenbelt or Shangri-La Plaza Mall.