Confessions: The time of AA Klenk is over!

Perchance the most INFAMOUS and CONTROVERSIAL (has-been) starlet ever. CTTO.

NOTE: This is a collab with senyorkomikado.

I won’t be ashamed of the fact that I used to be an obsessive hater of KubetAA.

Nope, you’re wrong. Hindi po ako “confused admirer ni KubetAA (contrary to what THE Paolo Coelho said in one of his FB posts),” but to be honest, I was only promoting the importance of maintaining a sense of morality in the entertainment industry.

Call me a hypocrite for advocating friendliness to fans ALL THE TIME during those times, yet to be honest, it’s better to have a sense of pride. Don’t you know how most Japanese humble themselves!? They always keep a cheerful smile as their “tatemae.” In fact, the Japanese only show their real selves to people they really trust (LOL, sounds deep, eh?).

Seriously, AA deserves to be a has-been. Why?

She is a has-been is because, she deserves to be one. Even her “Tubig at Langis” teleserye was a FLOP, even before the fiasco vs. Vivian Velez.

I only stopped bashing her when she officially became a has-been, until again, she became (in)famous again for having a rift with Velez.

Hindi talaga nau-ubusan ng “palengkera” issue itong si KubetAA, ah!

Oh anyways, our team always makes sure that AA won’t ever comeback in the entertainment industry and give more leeway to celebrities with good image. We don’t actually mind Solenn Heussaff, Lovi Poe, or Alessandra De Rossi to become overrated. In fact, people are now leaning to GMA since when it comes to morality issues, GMA always makes sure that their talents are well-behaved. They’re actually known for imposing strict discipline to their talents—iyung mga kagaya pala ni Sarah Lahbati, diba pinagdidiskitahan siya ng management ng GMA, kaya to the rescue na naman ang pambansang PATOLA na si Annabelle “Tita Bisaya” Rama. LOL.

Well, dahil gusto naman si Sarah L. ni Tita Bisaya, sabi niya kay Vice Ganda, “Kung ayaw niya sakin, eh di tinalakan na ako nun.”

Well, that’s it. Anyways, Sarah Lahbati’s attitude did not sit well with the management… so what they did is to give her sanctions. Same happened to CR.

HAHAHAHAHA! In fact, AA was EXPELLED from GMA, forcing her to transfer to ABS-CBN. And guess what? AA became more (in)famous and conceited while getting projects… through casting couch.

That was the time I lambasted her—as my so-called “part-time (inside) job.” The only reason why I bash her is because, I am anti-immorality. Call me a moralist of some sort, and an elitist at the same time for being mean and hostile towards AA, yet to be honest, what if young girls will emulate her immoral acts?

Buti na nga, nag-tone down na ang MOKONG—ever since she got married. Iba parin talaga kapag kasal ka, ano?

However, I still sense that she only married her husband is for the sake of her daughter. Iyun an iyon—kaya kung ako sa kanya, she should really be sincere about cleaning up her act, before it’s too late. Anyways, she could start again if she wants—provided, she’ll do her best to improve her craft, and at the same time, achieve self-actualization.

Sino palang matinong sexy star ngayon?

Itanong niyo pa si Anti-AAdiks—she would rather prefer the likes of Ellen Adarna (well, wala na eh, WALWAL pala ang bruha), Mocha Uson, or Maria Ozawa—kung sexy star lang din ang pag-uusapan. Kung hindi lang WALWAL si Ellen Adarna, she would have been more welcomed by the elitists of GirlTalk forums. In fact, it’s never a joke to hail from a wealthy, prominent clan in Cebu. You know naman, Cebu is known for its unique culture—pretty much the Osaka of the Philippines. The only difference between Osaka and Cebu is that, Cebuano is a language, while Osaka-ben is well, a dialect. Their similarities is this—Osakans and Cebuanos tend to speak up their mind, in contrast to the Tokyo-ites and the Manilenyos. Also, the Osakans and Cebuanos are tougher, yet more laid-back—and less materialistic compared to people who hail from the capital region.

Ellen Adarna is pretty much not apt for the Cebuano culture—if you were to ask me. Mas bagay pa siya tumira sa Kanlurang Europa ay dahil, wapakels naman ang mga tao dun kapag magwa-WALWAL ka lang. She cannot survive in the US, where the culture is still relatively PRUDE. Lalo na sa Canada—marami ring mga PRUDE na tao dun. Well, not even in Osaka, Japan, because obviously she’ll lose face there. Mas matino pa nga ‘ata si Erika Sawajiri sa kanya (well, never naman naging walwal si Eka-sama, to think na pasaway din iyun).

Meanwhile, Mocha Uson is not only a sexy star—she proved that she’s multi-faceted (she’s a fitness instructor in a morning show, she is the leader and founder of the Mocha Girls, she’s a sex guru, and she has a medical education background) before becoming a Duterte Die-Hard Supporter (DDS). In fact, her staunch support for President Duterte became prominent before, during, and after his victory. Her newfound fame came out naturally—compared to let’s say, Kris Aquino.

Mocha Uson’s concern for the Filipino people—whether you don’t feel it at all—is genuine. No wonder, the Duterte administration gave her the appointment to be one of the board members of the MTRCB. Take note ah, kung ikukumpara niyo lamang si Mocha kay Tita Bisaya, remember, Tita Bisaya was offered a/n MTRCB position as CHAIRMAN, not simply a board member. Kaya nag-decline si Tita Bisaya, prolly because she learned her lesson after she failed to capture the attention of her fellow Cebuanos when she ran for congress. Another theory is from Ruffa Gutierrez—she stated that Tita Bisaya is not patient enough to watch movies everyday in her room—for evaluation.

Magkaiba po iyun—CHAIRMAN vs. BOARD MEMBER. Kung CHAIRMAN ang in-offer-an ng admin ni Digong kay Mocha, MAGTAKA na kayo.

In fact, the blessings come to Mocha without effort at all. That’s good karma. Before she became a board member of the MTRCB, she was offered a job as a columnist for PhilStar’s OpEd section. I have read her articles and guess what, she’s better in expressing herself in Tagalog than in English. No offense to Mocha, but her articles in HOTSHOT sounded as if she’s writing an essay in class. LOL. Oh, well. At least, her articles are informative and analytical.

Why, do you want to read a SHAKESPEAREAN article that only talks about superficiality? No thanks. I don’t care if there’s poor grammar, for as long as it is constructed substantially.

Lastly—Maria Ozawa. So far, Maria Ozawa is the most wholesome, when it comes to simply being a sexy star. Ang mga sexy star kagaya niya, ginagalang. As a matter of fact, Ma-chan is waaaay more substantial than Kris Aquino when it comes to talking about sex. Speaking of being a sexy star, Ma-chan does not have venereal disease.

Sa mga tatlo, I think Ma-chan and Mocha are better than Ellen Adarna. At least, Double M’s did not engage into cheap proposals such as kissing a guy while smoking cigarette, pumapatol sa pamilyadong lalaki, at higit sa lahat, iyung tipong maglalasing kapag formal party. Tingin ko, MALALAOS sila Double M’s kapag naglasing sila sa Vin D’Honneur ni Tatay Digong, tsaka kapag hahalikan nila si Baste Duterte habang nagyoyosi (LOL).

Kaya tingnan niyo, mas LAPITIN sina Double M’s kay Ellen Adarna—kapag mag-dyi-GYM lang sila, at least hindi sila maglalabas ng YOSI tsaka ALAK, tsaka instant post sa IG stories nila. KALOKOHAN kapag gym ka ng gym, exercise ng exercise ta’s maglalabas lang ng ALAK tsaka YOSI. Tok shet or, POST SHET ang tawag dun.

Sure na mawawalan ka ng credibility kapag hindi ka role model sa mga followers mo. Tama ba, KubetAA!?

As a matter of fact, hindi talaga GOOD EXAMPLE tsaka ROLE MODEL si KubetAA eversince. Masabi lang na totoong tao ka, gagawa ka lang ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan!? In fact, I don’t buy her “nagpapaka-totoo” shit, since she’s a hypocrite NAN DESU. Akala kasi niya, paniniwalaan siya ng mga madla, na kesyo palaban siya, totoong tao kaagad—when in fact, Ellen Adarna is the real transparent one. The only thing that is wrong with Ellen is that, she makes her “totoong tao” as an excuse, gaya na lang sa Star Magic Ball. NAPAHIYA tuloy si Ejay Falcon dahil sa kanya.

In fact, Ellen won’t survive the elitist culture of DLSU or even AdMU at all. Kahit maraming mga liberated tsaka Westernized ang ugali sa mga sosyaling pamantasan, bawal pa naman (not necessarily bawal, but you know what I mean) ang magpakita ng pag-uugaling WALWAL, kahit party time sa gabi. I bet, the upper-middle class and lower-elite class Cebuanos in posh uni’s would rather be ASHAMED of Ellen as their compatriot.

If Ellen wants to still be in showbiz, why can’t she go back to corporate life in Cebu and invest for herself? As a matter of fact, she does not need anymore to be an artista, since she can work naman for the family business (eh mukhang AYAW niya, eh). Buti pa nga ang mga kapatid niya, successful sa kanilang trabaho sa family businesses nila—eh si Ellen, parang wala lang.

Oh well.

Well at least, you now know the difference, ah? See why Mocha is really popular—in fact, it won’t matter if she becomes OVERRATED. Besides, Mocha comes from a family of professionals. Her late father was a judge who handled the most sensitive case in Pangasinan, while her mother is a physician. Mocha intended to follow her mother’s footsteps to become a doctor—until she chose her passion, which is music.

Also, Mocha is waaaaay more substantial than Ellen. I do not know much about Mocha, until she became DDS. Besides, if Mocha is being the butt of jokes of many elite intellectuals, at least she does not mind them. Di baleng maging butt of jokes, kesa naman sa maging subject of hatred ka. Look at Nancy Binay, she was the butt of jokes, but to be honest, she only took it with a grain of salt. Kumbaga, iba parin talaga kapag na-BFF ka ni Senyora Santibañez.

Doon na lang ako sa mga kagaya ni Mocha Uson, kahit butt of jokes, sige laban parin—kesa naman sa mga elitistang feeling matalino, eh NGAPA din naman pagdating sa logic.

Kung babansagan niyo lang sina Mocha, Ellen, o Ma-chan ng “maghubad na lang kayo,” eh di WOW! #NeverForget what the Robin Padilla fans did to Ma-chan, after she addressed her concerns regarding Binoe’s EXIT during their film, “Nilalang.” Pati grammar ni Ma-chan, binira pa nila. HELLO!? Ganyan ba ka-babaw ang mga Pilipino pagdating sa grammar, kahit Haponesang mahasa sa Ingles, hindi niyo pa palalampasin!? Her grammer has NOTHING to do with the “Nilalang” controversy, because Robin Padilla has to take care of his wife Mariel Padilla (the original pabebe queen), because of her delicate pregnancy—with triplets.

And the shallow-tards will blame Ma-chan for the miscarriage!? HOW PATHETIC!

Besides, marami paring mga taong MABABA ang tingin sa mga sexy star—but—

I don’t mind people bashing KubetAA not because sexy star siya—wala akong paki kung sexy star ang isang tao. Kung kilala ka dati pa as infamous and controversial—tsaka nagsisimula ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan, well, prepare to be a has-been. Hindi pu-pwede sa Japan ang ganyang ugali. I bet, kung magiging sexy actress lang si KubetAA dun, malamang, nag-enjo kosai na ang gaga. Worse, madali siyang ma-LAOS dun. And the worst!? Baka masira pa ang imahe ng mga Pilipino dahil sa kanya.

Magpasalamat si KubetAA at hindi siya Haponesa. Kung Haponesa siya, matagal na siyang nalaos, tsaka na-bully ng mga tiga-Japanese media.

And when the Japanese will keep on bullying her, she won’t help but to commit seppuku. Besides, if AA apologizes, most of the time it is due to pressure from the rather meticulous Japanese shakai.

Note: To Aljur Abrenica, tandaan mo ‘to! Kung sa Japan ka siguro naging artista, matagal ka na sigurong LAOS! Also, baka i-bully ka talaga ng matindi ng Japanese media niyan—at kung magiging kayo man ni Kylie sa Japan—at ikakasal pa kayo, you might end up being divorced like Amuro Namie and Sam Maruyama. Additional trivia: In fact, Namie’s personal experience as a divorcee and a single mom that time made her have two more (in)famouns tattoos on her left arm—which is a tribute to her late mother (with really crappy Engrish LOL), and to her son. No wonder, Senyor Komikado and I agree with simply one thing—we both hate Namie-chan’s tattoos on her left arm—they’re FUGLY. Mukha talagang pang-kulungan ang tattoo niya (the way it was etched was EUGH! Also, it was written in Engrish); good thing she had it erased (please, if you can’t speak English at the first place, you better NOT have English tattoos). I bet, Namie only had tattoos to go against her management, which deprived her from her freedom to live like a normal person.

Ironically though, Maria Ozawa shared that she was “treated like crap” when she was staying in Japan. No wonder, living in Japan could—make or break your impression towards Japan.

If Ma-chan is treated like crap… prolly AA will be treated like crap a gazillion times much worse…

Well, not surprising there—AA will be forced to commit seppuku once she becomes (in)famous/controversial—in Japan. Besides, ayaw na ayaw ng mga Hapones ang madalas naglu-lose face—and does not give a damn.

So, there you have it! Now you know why I bashed AA a lot of times!

Revisiting… the Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements]

Buti na lang at umalis na ako sa Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements] na iyan.

Sa totoo lamang po, iyun lang po ang New Year’s Resolution na TALAGANG nadaan ko sa GAWA at hindi sa salita.

The Filipino Freethinkers? Huwag ako bes. Bago pa man dumating ang election peak season, I already LEFT FF FOR GOOD. You know what I’m saying?

Ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang mga elitista doon, panay ang denunciation kay Tatay Digong. Well, what did he do to you?

If you want to know more, CLICK HERE!

Revisiting the Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements]

In fact, Sass Rogando Sasot is opening up about her experience when she used to be in FF group.

Krizette Chu said:

Filipino Freethinkers has changed. Hindi na sya gaya dati. I unfollowed. It used to be a really fascinating group even when I did not agree with it all the time. I used to think it was a forum for openminded people. Now they’re just pushing their ideas on everyone. Freethinker, sheesh.

TOTOO IYAN! In fact, many of these active members are IMPOSING their beliefs to people who have an opinion that is completely different from them. Buti pa sa GRP Community, at least, kahit may elitismo din doon, at least people in GRP Community are far more welcoming.

RT said:

Lol who listens to their podcasts? I don’t. Bakit ko sasangin oras ko sa mga conyong nagdidiscuss ng mga irrelevant ideas to our context in the Philippines.

Pansin mo yung FF page panay post about Science, religion and other high-faluting ideas. But never anything about poverty and our OFWs. Akala nila nasa Europe tayo with it’s liberalism.

Finally, have you seen where they hold meet-ups? So very opulent. I can attest, right after their meet-ups they go to the nearest mall and/or Starbucks and polish each other’s knobs.

Malakas ang tindig ng COLONIAL MENTALITY ng mga elitista ng tiga-FF. Basta Western culture, mataas ang tingin nila doon–and they tend to look down on Asian culture.

And, I also agree that they do not talk about the OFWs. Seriously, nakaka-tindig balahibo lamang po. No one will ever discuss about the suffering of the OFWs abroad–and true indeed, they thought that most Filipinos will adopt the European-style of liberalism. Don’t you know that Scandinavia is the European region they look up to?

RT also added:

It’s actually quite telling where they hold their meet ups and what they do afterwards. When I attended one back in 2012, I felt something was off.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight I can put in words what was a bit off. Their meet-ups have this air of feeling elites or altas. Sure there is discussion of ideas but it’s quite telling that afterwards they go to the nearest mall or sosyal place and socialize. As in, for an organization that was founded on enlightening Filipinos it’s quite telling they have the feel of being “sosyal”.

Hay, buti na lang, hindi ako uma-attend ng mga meetups nila. Baka ma-BADTRIP lang ako diyan. Anyways, kung magmi-meetup man lang ako, doon na lang ako sa Divorce Advocates of the Philippines (DAP) o sa mga meetups ng mga fans ni Masato Sakai o ni Aga Muhlach. LOL.

PRG said:

Buti na lang di ako pumunta sa meet ups. It was 2012, they were supposed to be a fascinating group at that time pero ganun na sila. It really annoys me that some of them think they’re intellectually superior to others when some people can’t have a “deep,” “philosophical” conversation with them. Hindi ibig sabihin na “shallow” at “empty-headed” ang isang tao porket hindi nila pinag uusapan ang ganung bagay. There are some things that are too deep for words. And others express it through their actions, and how they live. It speaks for them instead. At kelan pa naging shallow ang pinoy? Filipinos are survivors in the first place.

Eh mga feeling matalino naman ang mga karamihan sa mga tiga-FF, eh. What’s news?

Well, I really cannot say that Filipinos are shallow and superficial. In fact, I could say that they’re simple-minded–but they have to outgrow it, and step up from their comfort zones.


Marami na akong naka-alitan sa Filipino Freethinkers. So, if you want to be called a “freethinker,” first off, you have to respect others’ opinion–not impose your own, as if you’re politically correct. Alam niyong applicable sa mga pisting yawang mga elitista sa FF, ang gan’tong quote:

Ayaw na nga sa diktaturya, kung umasta naman, daig pa du’n!

MSP, on the rage against the Marcos burial

Talk nga ng talk, wala namang walk. Ang tawag du’n, tok shet!

MSP, on the hypocritical people

In fact, who cares if the elitists of the Filipino Freethinkers are really THAT GOOD in English? Apparently, the elitists of FF are sucking in logic.

PALAMUNIN ang mga elitista ng Filipino Freethinkers group

Like any other elitist, they only feed through others’ hard-earned money.

If they really want to be respected, why can’t they support and advocate TRUE democracy? Simply put, they’re like any other LIBERAL ELITES who impose their self-righteous beliefs towards theists.


Una sa lahat, hindi para sa lahat ang ATEISMO. HELLO! Nothing beats the word of mouth, so Jesus Christ really existed. Ang magsasabing mythological figure si Hesukristo eh, hindi pa nakakaranas ng kabutihan sa buhay. Kahit anong religion iyan, may MILAGRO iyan! Kahit sa Buddhist o sa Islam nga, mayroon eh!

To be honest, do not always expect a miracle. Alam niyo ba ang milagro? Nangyayari lang iyun BY CHANCE, so ang kailangan doon ay–consistent fervent prayers and devotions lamang po para lang magkaroon ng milagro.

Senyor Komikado’s statements

As years pass by, pahigpit ng pahigpit ang mga patakaran ng FF. How ironic, they condemn the Marcos regime, calling Macoy a “tyrant,” samantalang these same elitistang twatards who are mods of FF at the same time practice tyranny by powertripping its own members. OHA, they don’t actually practice what they preach. In short, POSER!

Even Marlene Aguilar will call the elitists in FF as “posers.” Poser to the point that, kunwaring LIBERAL, ngunit sa totoo lang talaga, they are FAR from being liberals–and what “FREE” in freethought? I don’t see it.

“Tapos yang mga atheists na yan sobrang mangmang sa basic philosophy. Good without God daw sila eh kapag walang diyos sa world view mo, wala na ring good at evil, mga bobo talaga. Tapos eto pa, 80% chance, kapag atheist automatic weaboo din kasi sa anime lang nila nakikita yung preferred reality nila kasi loser sila sa totoong buhay. Tapos mga atheists suportado rin nila ang LGBT kasi sobrang undesirable nila sa mga straight women kaya baka sa LGBT group may pumatol sa kanila.”

This is the excerpt from the original “Fruitful and Feisty Filipino Memes” FB page. Well, nag-2.0 and FFFM ay dahil tingin ko, target sila ng “IBAGSAK ang mga pro-Duterte pages,” c/o the Yellow horde.

Heto ang BEST description sa mga elitista sa Filipino Freethinkers. And the last sentence? WELL, iyan ang most accurate tsaka precise na statement tungkol sa kanilang lahat.

Hindi nakapagtataka, the elitistas in FF flaunt their so-called “intelligence,” but all they do is nothing but to talkshit to other members of the group. It’s not even new to fresh eyes (sariwang mata pa iyan, ah! Hindi po mata ng isda ang tinutukoy ko!) that many of the active members of Filipino Freethinkers group post the same old gasgas crap, only to “please” the power-tripping mods.

Hindi po matalino ang mga elitista–lalo na sa Rational Filipino group? Huwag ako bes! Someone actually added and added me on Rational Filipino, until I deleted him on FB for good. Don’t me with Rational Filipino–it’s so far the most toxic, and the most tyrannical group ever. Kapag magsabi ka lang ng opinyon na IBANG-IBA sa mga members dun, bansagan ka.

If you think that the Yellow Oligarchs restored Philippine democracy, then you must be an idiot. Democracy na nga, but it was at the expense of our world-class economy naman! #FactCheck, it was Cory Aquino who made the Philippines into a third-world country. Kung sa tingin niyo eh umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa demokrasya, absence ng diborsyo pati na rin ang homophobia, eh ibig sabihin nun, mga bobotic na tupa lang kayo na adik sa Inquirer, ABS-CBN at saka sa mga websites gaya ng Thinking Class of the Philippines.

Now stop pretending to be a leftist. Mauunawaan ko pa siguro kung leftist o anarchist kayo, eh hindi eh. You elitistas in FF are the same bunch of spoiled brats who do not do your homework, play video games everyday and watch anime while limiting yourself to the following sources: Inquirer, mga akda ng mga anti-Marcos, history textbooks pati mga textbooks na pro-Dilaw atsaka anti-Marcos.

Watching anime or playing video games should NOT be an excuse to have low grades in school. Also, hindi po sila excuse para lang kumitid ang utak niyo.

And what’s with glorifying America, anyway?

Isang MALAKING SAPAK po ito sa mga tiga-FF.

To be honest, dapat noong 2015 pa ako UMALIS ng Filipino Freethinkers. Apparently, it was my mistake to let my online friend join the group, or be a member of the group is because–I just want to introduce her to a group that is willing to promote liberal thinking in the Philippines.

Turns out, the Filipino Freethinkers group betrayed me–well, my beliefs, that is.

To have a peace of mind, I actually left the Filipino Freethinkers, then slowly, didn’t bother logging in to GirlTalk anymore.

The FF group has lost its credibility

…and sad to say, Rappler is at the brink of following suit. Tune in to senyorkomikado to find out.

RP said:

I used to be a member of that group when we we’re supporting the Reproductive Health Bill but now the Filipino Free Thinkers has allied with the Catholic Church in speaking against the president. The same organization that they butt heads with when RH Bill was an issue. Sad to say, Nawalan na sila ng purpose ng naging law ang RH that they have to find a new villain to demonize to make themselves look good. Lahat na lang ng issue pinapatulan just to drive the point home na liberal sila. I hope mabasa nila ito because I know some of them pero p-ny3ta, Red Tani, Celdran and company, pro abortion kayo or at least yung mga extreme left sa grupo nyo tapos ngayon may issue kayo about criminals getting killed ? Ano yan,sinasakyan nyo na lang for attention para lang mapangatawanan na liberal kayo? Baka mamaya pati PETA like stunt gawin nyo.Oa na kayo promise kaya i stop following that page.

Well, I also unfollowed Carlos Celdran, or Pareng Kaloy’s page.

KALOKA! Halata namang bayaran si Celdran, eh! Also, he does not take kindly into constructive criticisms. Buti pa nga si Prof. Xiao Chua, willing naman to take criticisms–and guess what? Sir Xiao maintains good relations with Prof. Antonio Contreras.

Also, ano palang pinaglalaban ni Kaloy pala!? He even BRAGGED about destroying a pro-DUTERTE baller from a nurse, who supported Duterte.

GAN’TO KA-GARAPAL ang mga putapeteng Dilawan! I thought Kaloy will remain pro-Marcos, but he’s actually a hypocrite. Siya ang matatawag kong–KLOSETANG ELITISTA. Halata namang fashion statement lang niya ang pagiging Loyalista niya kuno, eh. Para lang masabi na–he’s the patron of the arts, therefore, he was pro-Marcos.

To be honest, mas credible pa nga ang mga ss. na nilalang:

Prof. Antonio Contreras, Marlene Aguilar, Sass Rogando Sasot, Mocha Uson, Atty. Bruce Rivera, and a lot more.

#KomiSays: Pagtawanan niyo pa si Marlene tsaka Mocha, HNNG! In fact, Marlene Aguilar denounces Leni Robredo as the Vice President–if Marlene Aguilar were the sorceress, she would say, “Isasahog ko, ang kaluluwa ni Monchang, sa LUGAW!”

In fact, the Freethinkers didn’t only targeted Mocha as their laughing stock. Pati si Marlene Aguilar, they also made her a laughing stock. WOW, so kapag paniniwalaan mo si Marlene, crazy talk pala, ah!?

This made me think of leaving the FF group–for good.

G Toengi was so WRONG in ALL aspects possible!

[Collab with senyorkomikado]

As much as I like G Toengi, I cannot help but cringe on how she questioned Mocha Uson’s credibility as newly-appointed board member of the MTRCB, stating that she (Mocha) is a “sex blogger with no credentials.”

Has G lived under a rock for some time now?

Oh, actually—NO. But she’s acting like one.

In fact, she’s like ANY OTHER Filipino fresh-off-the-boat (FOB) Fil-Am who only tasted the “fresh air” of the United States, hence becoming an airhead. Well, don’t get me wrong! I could even attest the fact that my relatives in the United States only became airheaded ever since stepping into American soil. Their cockiness worsened when they becamse US citizens.

How’s that? I think, G is no different.

Just an observation—and no offense to any Filipino-American, or someone who has lived, worked, and/or even studied in the States: Usually, once a Filipino steps into US soil for an opportunity, they become airheaded. How did I say this? Recently, one of my affinity friends become so over-confident about how she’ll be accepted in all kinds of jobs related to her chosen field. Like, what? Then I realized, oh yeah, the “airheaded syndrome” came within her.

It’s so sad that many of our Filipino brothers and sisters are acting high and mighty, simply because they studied in the States. Well, I have yet to encounter a Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or even a Mongolian who has become air-headed, after being a fresh grad from the States.

#KomiSays: At anong “sex blogger” na pinagsasabi pala ni G Toengi, ah? Siyempre, hindi parin natin mai-iwasang maka-basa ng mga degrading comments sa Facebook, maski na rin sa Twitter. Siyempre naman, very unbecoming of G Toengi as a host, na pagdudahan si Mocha bilang isa sa mga bagong board member ng MTRCB.

May mabubuting intensyon naman si Mocha. Eh si G pala, anong nagawa niya pala sa bayan?

In fact, G is no different from the so-called liberal elites who impose their BUGOK beliefs to others.


‘Di baleng si Mocha Uson ang maging MTRCB board member, o ‘di kaya’y senadora—kesa naman sa mga BWABOY gaya ni Trillones, Stinky “DeVille” Soliman, Oinky Drilon, tsaka na rin si DeLiVogue.

At sa mga shittakaburi diyan na mga elitista—lalo na ang mga putapeteng DILAWTISTA—syatap na lang kayetch! Sawang-sawa na ang mga masa sa mga FAKE SLOGANS ng mga DILAW!

Salamat kay Maharlika’t to the rescue siya laban sa isang representative ng PDI tsaka kay G Toengi.

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How immoral it is to be prude

You see, I don’t like the Filipino culture. It is the WORST ever culture for me to live in.

Aside from the elitists, know-it-alls, and self-righteous people, I will also include PRUDE people—yes, I’m talking about the old folks who are fresh-off-the-boat from their countryside hometowns.

If the Japanese, Thais, the Vietnamese, and other Asian neighbors of ours are conservative when it comes to cultural traditions, they ain’t as PRUDE as many Filipino old folks. In fact, the prude old folks are really PRUDE is because of religious influence. They do not advocate individual freedoms. Rather, they advocate suppression of individual freedom—which makes the offspring, a LOSER in the future.

Being PRUDE is where the cause of slow progress starts. Come on, it’s too cliche to call it “lack of discipline” and the usual “defeatism,” that slow progress is the main problem.

Well, to be honest, the same prude people are ignorant—they travel abroad, they also have children. However, they missed a lot of things—first and foremost, they do not open their minds. They only travel, masabi lang na nakakapag-abroad lang sila. So, did they really feed their minds and souls.

No wonder, like what a good friend told me, “No wonder, most Filipinos do not get respect at all.”

So, do you want the Filipino culture to be well-known all over the world as “irrationally prude?”

Of course not. It sucks, I’m pretty much the middle person between the liberal elitists vs. the prude people.