How immoral it is to be prude

You see, I don’t like the Filipino culture. It is the WORST ever culture for me to live in.

Aside from the elitists, know-it-alls, and self-righteous people, I will also include PRUDE people—yes, I’m talking about the old folks who are fresh-off-the-boat from their countryside hometowns.

If the Japanese, Thais, the Vietnamese, and other Asian neighbors of ours are conservative when it comes to cultural traditions, they ain’t as PRUDE as many Filipino old folks. In fact, the prude old folks are really PRUDE is because of religious influence. They do not advocate individual freedoms. Rather, they advocate suppression of individual freedom—which makes the offspring, a LOSER in the future.

Being PRUDE is where the cause of slow progress starts. Come on, it’s too cliche to call it “lack of discipline” and the usual “defeatism,” that slow progress is the main problem.

Well, to be honest, the same prude people are ignorant—they travel abroad, they also have children. However, they missed a lot of things—first and foremost, they do not open their minds. They only travel, masabi lang na nakakapag-abroad lang sila. So, did they really feed their minds and souls.

No wonder, like what a good friend told me, “No wonder, most Filipinos do not get respect at all.”

So, do you want the Filipino culture to be well-known all over the world as “irrationally prude?”

Of course not. It sucks, I’m pretty much the middle person between the liberal elitists vs. the prude people.


Rudeness is not allowed

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