G Toengi was so WRONG in ALL aspects possible!

[Collab with senyorkomikado]

As much as I like G Toengi, I cannot help but cringe on how she questioned Mocha Uson’s credibility as newly-appointed board member of the MTRCB, stating that she (Mocha) is a “sex blogger with no credentials.”

Has G lived under a rock for some time now?

Oh, actually—NO. But she’s acting like one.

In fact, she’s like ANY OTHER Filipino fresh-off-the-boat (FOB) Fil-Am who only tasted the “fresh air” of the United States, hence becoming an airhead. Well, don’t get me wrong! I could even attest the fact that my relatives in the United States only became airheaded ever since stepping into American soil. Their cockiness worsened when they becamse US citizens.

How’s that? I think, G is no different.

Just an observation—and no offense to any Filipino-American, or someone who has lived, worked, and/or even studied in the States: Usually, once a Filipino steps into US soil for an opportunity, they become airheaded. How did I say this? Recently, one of my affinity friends become so over-confident about how she’ll be accepted in all kinds of jobs related to her chosen field. Like, what? Then I realized, oh yeah, the “airheaded syndrome” came within her.

It’s so sad that many of our Filipino brothers and sisters are acting high and mighty, simply because they studied in the States. Well, I have yet to encounter a Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or even a Mongolian who has become air-headed, after being a fresh grad from the States.

#KomiSays: At anong “sex blogger” na pinagsasabi pala ni G Toengi, ah? Siyempre, hindi parin natin mai-iwasang maka-basa ng mga degrading comments sa Facebook, maski na rin sa Twitter. Siyempre naman, very unbecoming of G Toengi as a host, na pagdudahan si Mocha bilang isa sa mga bagong board member ng MTRCB.

May mabubuting intensyon naman si Mocha. Eh si G pala, anong nagawa niya pala sa bayan?

In fact, G is no different from the so-called liberal elites who impose their BUGOK beliefs to others.


‘Di baleng si Mocha Uson ang maging MTRCB board member, o ‘di kaya’y senadora—kesa naman sa mga BWABOY gaya ni Trillones, Stinky “DeVille” Soliman, Oinky Drilon, tsaka na rin si DeLiVogue.

At sa mga shittakaburi diyan na mga elitista—lalo na ang mga putapeteng DILAWTISTA—syatap na lang kayetch! Sawang-sawa na ang mga masa sa mga FAKE SLOGANS ng mga DILAW!

Salamat kay Maharlika’t to the rescue siya laban sa isang representative ng PDI tsaka kay G Toengi.

G’s so-called “American-ness” brought out the WORST in her!

To be honest, I am now questioning G’s credibility as a host in a talk show. If that is so, she should have instead, focused on theater, since that’s where she’s good at. Huwag na kasing i-pilit ang maging host kung hindi ka naman talaga meant doon. Tsaka isa pa, being an American citizen with such good English diction won’t guarantee you a “status” of being “high and mighty.”

Look at Lea Salonga–if she’s arrogant to many utak-talangka, at least, she does not engage in such proposals that contribute to degrading their compatriots. Iba iyung, “Unless they’re on their deathbed, I have no respect for them (singers who lip sync),” sa “She is a sex blogger without credentials.”

At least, Lea Salonga criticizes over-confident people who make a profession a joke. Mga mare, hindi po biro ang maging mang-aawit! Well, si Mocha, isa rin siyang singer, since of course, the Mocha Girls won’t be formed, if not because of her. In fact, Mocha Girls is one of the most under-appreciated performance acts that project a sexy image. Heto namang si TANGINA THIS!, they branded Mocha Girls as “a girlgroup that promotes decadence.” Bakit, ano pala tawag ninyo sa mga sex objects like KubetAA!? Ano pala tawag ninyo sa mga haliparaught gaya ni Ellenita “WALWAL” Adarna!? Ano pala tawag sa mga Viva Hot Babes, na nagkaroon ng maraming isyu ang mga miyembro nila!?


Hindi rin ako fan ng Mocha Girls. However, I find Mocha Girls empowering than the likes of Viva Hot Babes. Mocha Girls is like the Pussycat Dolls, only more Filipino–sexy, but not to the point of becoming soft-porn.

Well, Maharlika is right. People should STOP being so judgmental to Mocha Uson and instead, open their minds on people who are willing to serve the nation. I could see the fact that Mocha has good intentions. In fact, after learning that Mocha is willing to serve the country, I can’t help but believe the fact that her intentions actually come from her.

Mocha’s volition to serve the country comes out naturally–hindi iyan pilit, o trying-hard. Kung sinumang mga PULPOL ang magsasabing “trying-hard” na “pasikat” si Mareng Mocha, eh subukan niyo kayang ilagay ang sarili ninyo kay Mocha. In fact, you won’t ever understand her, until you learn her story, regarding her father’s assassination.

That pushed her to be a stanch and solid DDS (Duterte Die-Hard Supporter).

Also, even the likes of Prof. Antonio Contreras and of course, Sass Rogando Sasot, included Mocha in their league: The #TeamPagbabago, or the Digong Warriors.

I cannot help but to stand firm on the fact that Mocha deserves a chance to shine. Miss niyo na ang kurimaw na si Kristetay, anoh!? Again, DON’T ME!


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