I don’t like your FUQMAN. Does that make me an ELITIST!?

Photo courtesy: Rappler

Seriously, the latest I have received was… from my OYA, who was butthurt-defensive when I said, “Bobotante ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao sa senado.”

That being said, I am not an elitist. However, some might call me an ELITIST for calling Pacman voters, “BOBOTANTE.”

Hello! I am not even like Georgina Wilson, who called Erap voters, “f*cking idiots.”

At least, Erap had training–but still, I don’t like Erap as well.

I don’t like your Fuckman. Does that make me an ELITIST!?

I apologize to Miss Mocha Uson and company if I will disagree with you, regarding Manny Pacquiao. Call me an elitist of some sort for badmouthing Pac and his supporters, yet I ensure you that his beauty is NOT meant for the senate. Intiendes?

Mas paniniwalaan ko pa nga sina Geraldine Roman, o si Marlene Aguilar. Geraldine Roman even said in a civil way that, Pacman is judgmental. Totoo naman, eh. Also, Madam Roman even said that being religious is NOT an excuse to oppose secularism.


I am also a believer of God, but mind you, I am pro-secularism. Fuck the CBCP and shit, and yeah, these religious-kuno people!? FUCK ‘EM ALL.

It also makes me sick when my parents even told me that reading the Bible will be a punishment if I read FHM. WHOA! I am not going to read FHM because of the p*ssies exposed or the t*tties there, but what I want to see are the tattoos of the models.

No offense to our old folks, but are they really like the rest of the blind fanatics coming from fanbases like the Popsters and the AAdiks? Blinded fanatics who are Macoytards and Dutertards?

Side Note: I-badmouth mo lang si Sarah Geronimo sa mga ka-tropa mong popsters, maba-badshot na sila sa’yo ALL THROUGHOUT.

Itanong niyo pa si Mareng Beast Queen!

Voting requires a lot of critical thinking also, because kelangan mo talagang kilatisin ang iboboto mo. Kumbaga sa job hunting, the likes of Pacquiao ar applicants. We are HR people / employer. We only want people who has done a lot of anything relevant to his/her position PLUS excellent attendance record, and knows how to deal people with no prejudice. Kung applicant si Pacquiao, bagsak na bagsak siya sa akin.

In fact, the Mongolian Cutie is much more qualified than Manny Pacquiao.

bold_cropMongolian Cutie|Courtesy of Bloomberg TV Mongolia (screenie) via senyorkomikado

Do you want to know who the Mongolian Cutie is? He used to be one of the most influential people in the finance/insurance commissions in his homeland. In fact, his educational background isn’t a joke, either–first of all, after graduating, he took the qualifying exam for civil service (hence, after graduating, he waited for a year to work for the company he has worked with)–then of course, worked as supervisor. Afterwards, he took up MBA abroad–then came back. He then transferred to another organization, then made a comeback to his first employer–his strong credentials made him sit as the vice-chair, then acting chairperson.

In fact, I bet he’s the youngest chairperson of any big-time organization–heck, Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago is no longer alone as the youngest government employee in Eastern Asia (take note, Eastern Asia comprises East Asia and Southeast Asia).

In fact, walang panlaban si Pacman kay Mongolian Cutie, anoh!

To be honest, if I were you, you better not be defensive of others’ posts. Question is, do you think it’s a personal attack DIRECTED to you?

It was my own opinion, and I’m not even saying that it’s the truth. Like what I said, paninindigan ko ang sinabi ko, na pwede ko pang tawaging BOBOtante ang mga bumoto kay FUCKMAN, ngunit hindi ko matatawag na bobotante ang mga bumoto kay BongBong Marcos, Leni Robredo, o ‘di kaya kay Risa Hontiveros. As a matter of fact, nasa elitista parin ang mga bobotante–mantakin mo, DILAWANG pulitiko pa ang susuportahan mo? Huwag ako oi!

To be honest, why are these prude conservative supporters of Pacman are allowed to travel abroad and have children?

HELL NO, please do me a favor–I don’t actually like that idea. In fact, I have not yet visited Europe (well, I’ll only visit Europe once I live overseas), but mind you that my mindset is near European standards.

Well, Manny Pacquiao could visit any country he wants, and I don’t even give a shit at all. However, he is still ignorant at the end of the day–having been against same-sex marriage, calling the LGBT “worse than animals,” is worse than unacceptable. Thank goodness, Mayweather did not even said, “Whoa, what an idiot he is.” Well, mind you that Floyd and Ronda Rousey are known for being “cocky” for publicity purposes only, yet the way they responded to Pacman is not below-the-belt. See? In fact, Pac’s comment regarding LGBT and same-sex marriage is legit below-the-belt, so before mimicking the Bible, kindly be considerate to the LGBT who have been facing abuse and bullying ALL THROUGHOUT the fucking years!

As a matter of fact, visiting the USA a million times around throughout your entire lifetime won’t make you open-minded. Mind you, the US is still a prude country–meaning to say that there are pro-life people who discourage people to have an abortion–and they’re facing this dilemma eversince Trump became president.

Do you want to know how to be open-minded? Sadly, travelling abroad IS not the answer–in fact, most Filipinos still think of it as an investment, rather than as their own way of fieldtrip. To be honest, you have to set aside your passiveness and rather, think out of the fucking box for good. That way, you’ll be challenged.

Why Boycott Manny Pacquiao?

Here are some reasons why voting for Manny Pacquiao is equal to ABOMINATION:

1.) Gusto niya pasukan lahat, from boxer, singer, actor, then politician!?

Huwag ako, please lang! To be honest, Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos, the Lapids, and even Isko Moreno are more qualified to become public servants. Also Carlo Sawit and Raissa Laurel!

Manny, stick to boxing instead! If you’re going to be generous, enough with that publicity.

2.) Halos mag-bigti na nga si Jinkee sa pangangaliwa niya, eh!

Akala naman ni Fuckman, ang linis-linis niya! Sa totoo lang ho, dehins!

I pity Jinkee, actually. I mean, siya na nga lang ang misis ni Fuckman, ta’s ang asta ni Fuckman, parang ang gwapo-gwapo niya. Well, NO.

3.) I don’t care if he did not graduate from tertiary education. ERAP as well, did not graduate from tertiary education, but he had enough training.

However, that doesn’t mean that I support Erap all throughout. LOOK, Erap made Manila full of shit–and the smoking ban? ATIK OI!

4.) Voting for Manny Pacquiao is NOT logical enough.

To paraphrase the colleague of mine, masyado nang IRRATIONAL si Manny Pacquiao na gusto niya pasukin lahat. And contrary sa pinaalabas na matulungin si Manny, well, Manny is NOT helpful enough, so much na ultimong kamag-anak niya hindi na niya natulungan. — Beast Queen Roxy

There I have said it.


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