Senyor Komikado has lately been ranting on bobotantes and telebasuras…

But that doesn’t stop there. Mocha Uson has recently been appointed as the assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). Surprising, huh? Well, NO.

It’s not surprising, esp. if the current administration completely supports democracy and freedom of speech. Heck, even trolls, bloggers, and even Facebook pages are competing with traditional journalists.

That’s the biggest threat, at least, for the Yellows.

However, Senyor Komikado has lately been posting his tirades against the entertainment industry. Like for instance, “anyone can be an artista” for sure.


“Iyung mga tiga-suporta ni Mocha Uson at kay Katay Dugong, mga bobotante naman iyan na mahilig sa mga TELEBASURA!”

Eh sino kaya sa inyo ang malakas umasta na parang fantard ng telebasura? At sino po ang tunay na bobotante, ah? Tandaan ninyo, nasa elitista parin ang tunay na bobotante. Sabihin nating bobotante parin ang mga bumoto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao (well, this is where I completely agree with Komi), but these supporters are the ones who love telebasuras so much, they don’t even explore other TV channels.

I don’t think, the elitistas are fans of telebasuras. SUS! Iyung mga artista nga na estudyante ng mga sosyaling pamantasan, ordinaryong tao lang po sila sa loob ng campus. In fact, to paraphrase Komi, mas sikat tsaka mas rockstar parin ang mga ATLETA. Also, take note, mas mataas parin ang antas ng mga ATLETA kesa sa mga artista.

#KOMISAYS makes a comeback on this blog!

Nakalipas ang mga taon, bumukod na sa wakas si Senyor Komikado rito. Para sa kanya, heto lang ang tanging paraan upang maihayag niya ang sarili niyang mga saloobin… sa pamamagitan ng WordPress. Higit sa lahat, tingin niya eh dapat lang siyang bumukod ay dahil na rin, nakakahiya naman kapag makita niya ang sarili niya na palamunin lang siya sa isang blog. ETCHOZ!

Speaking of Senyor Komikado, here are the things he has been ranting recently…

Parehas lang din na bobotante ang mga prudista, bukod pa sa elitista. In fact, what’s the purpose of your Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)-accredited license if you voted for Sotto or Fuckman? In my point of view, these kinds of people are SCUMS in my eyes. They shall NEVER EVER be allowed to breed, to quote Marlene Aguilar. Prude conservatives can be as bobotante as the liberal elites, because voting for Drilon and Trillanes is similar to voting for Sotto and Fuckman.

The prude conservatives also have a serious problem, esp. when it comes to critical and logical thinking skills. If the elitistas are bobotante, the prude conservatives are also NO DIFFERENT. Remember when I ranted about the Marcos and Duterte supporters who believed in Pacman as the “senator who must not be underestimated.” If I ranted about Manny Pacquiao, that’s because at the first place, he does not deserve to be a senator! Making him a senator only means that there are many Filipino people who are STUPID ENOUGH to vote for someone who isn’t qualified in the senate at the first place. Partida, Pacman approved of the Liberal Party horde to be removed from their committee chairmanships, but that’s his fucking job, you know. What’s something to laud there, eh?

I do understand Komi’s disgruntlement regarding these Sotto and Pacman supporters. Look, the more you watch TELEBASURAS, the more you believe that Titosen and Fuckman are qualified enough to become senators. It’s like justifying that the “PWEDE NA IYAN” mentality is completely part of the Filipino culture. PUNYETA naman oh!!!

The same people who voted for Noynoy Aquino, and still voted for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao should be included as TARGETS in the Duterte administration’s most controversial campain: OPLAN TOKHANG, or in simple terms, the war on drugs.

Dapat lang ma-TOKHANG ang mga bobotanteng supporters ni Noynoy Aquino na sinuportahan din sina Sotto tsaka Pacman. Itanong niyo lang si Marlene Aguilar.

Alam niyo bang kahit sabi-sabi ng mga pa-sosyal diyan na “BADUY” ang mga East Asian dramas, at least it’s understandable if they call teleseryes “BAKYA.”

Also, speaking of teleseryes, they’re all fucking cliché! Kaya sa Twitter, may #typicalpinoyteleserye pa nga na harshtag, eh!

Obviously, we call it TELEBASURAS simply because, everything is unrealistic. Sus! Pagkatapos ng awayan dito, sabunutan doon, sampalan dito-doon, it’s weird that your favorite artistas still get the same rebonded or salon-treated hair, while your crushie still has this gel-treated hair. Huwag kami oi! At dito na nga pumapasok ang putanginang beauty standards na nilalamon ng sapilitan sa mga madla: The straighter the hair, the whiter the skin, and the slimmer the body, the better! Kapag hindi ka pasok sa mga kategoryang iyun, you’re perceived as “UGLY,” unless you’re like, a black Hollywood star. See the double standards!?

Kaya siyempre, alam niyo na kung bakit ayaw na ayaw ko na may katulong o yaya sa loob ng sarili kong bahay. Manonood lang din naman sila ng mga teleserye. And worse, putak sila ng putak na hindi raw makabayan ang panonood ng mga makabuluhang channel gaya ng NHK. BOBO BA SILA!? Better watch telebasuras? And their mentality? Putangina, may Dunnings-Krueger syndrome nga sila! Akala naman nila, sila na magaling, but to be honest, they’re fucking stupid to the core. Their logic is like the logic of a person who’s high on drugs. Parang naka-singhot lang ng shabu, pwede nang ipa-TOKHANG for good.

…and speaking of Geraldine Roman,

I have lauded these four solons who transferred for good. Remember, PDP-Laban or the UNA party are not as “trapo” or “balimbing” as the Liberal Party! Mas tatawagin ko pang BALIMBING tsaka TRAPO ang mga katulad nila Lugaw Monchang FRAUDredo, Lucy Torres, Alan Peter Cayetano, at higit sa lahat… sina De Lima, Drilon, Trillanes tsaka si Kiko Matsing! At hindi ko na rin palalampasin ang mga idolo ng mga BOBOTANTE… sina FUCKMAN tsaka TITOSEN.

To those who call Rep. Geraldine Roman as “trapo’t balimbing (I’m looking at you, prude conservatives and liberal elites alike!),” then you should realize that Drilon, Trillanes, Pangilinan, De Lima, Sotto, and Pacquiao are the true example of what TRAPO’T BALIMBING really is!

Also, the yellow libtards and leftards are pro-protectionism! That’s a threat, because after all, they thwart economic liberalism… and worst: They act like TELEBASURA FANS, to think most of ’em I believe, do not really watch teleseryes.

HAHAHA this! They romanticize almost everything.

And lastly, THIS!

Kahit sino, kahit HIPON na nga ang maituturi sa’yo ng mga elitista (Melai), kahit siguro mukha kang BATANG HAMOG (Maymay), at kahit siguro mukha ka namang alipin sa gigilid (Miho), pwedeng-pwede ka paring mag-artista—and PBB is always there to give you a career.

Blame the Pinoy Big Brother culture for propagating such shit like this! Kahit pangit na nga siguro ang hitsura mo, o ‘di kaya kapag may hitsura ka naman eh pang-Jeane Napoles lang din naman ang level, pwede ka paring maging artista.

…and speaking of Maymay, siya iyung artistang hindi mo akalaing… artista nga. In fact, papano ba naman naging artista ang mga payatot na mukhang bangkay!? Why should walking skeletons be called as “models,” when in fact, Rita Gabiola, also known as the “Badjao Girl,” has more potential to be a model… and is better-looking than Maymay?

It’s because a lot of fantards are decreasing their standards. Iba talaga kapag fantard ng PBB, anoh?


I think, Senyor Komikado has gone really far… from his humble beginnings as a meme character (Komi Says Memes), to a full-time DDS (Senyor Komikado). He is now the voice of people who not only support the Duterte administration, but he’s also campaigning to BOYCOTT telebasuras and also advocating bobotantes to be the targets of the controversial Oplan Tokhang.

For me, even though my infatuation towards Masato Sakai isn’t as intense as when I first discovered him, my love for Kensuke Komikado won’t change!!!


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