Expect more delay with regards to my posts, and I’m very sorry to those who have birthdays within these first two weeks since I really chose not to open my Facebook account. Well, just E-Mail me at or if you want to know my mobile number (actually, I won’t ever disclose my mobile number here, unless you are my friend/follower/following on the following sites aside from Facebook).

If you would like to contact me, here are the following accounts that I have:

Google + (
PlayStation Network (msp_micyru_adiq)
YouTube (MolybdenumStudios)
Tumblr (molybdenum-studios-official)
GirlTALK (molybdenumstudios) (MolStudPhlog)

Since I would almost give up on Facebook, expect me not to reply to your messages. To my Twitter followers (I am also MolStudPhlog there), I am very sorry if I might not reply to your tweets. You may reply to this post if you wish to communicate with me. But for now, I will stay away from Facebook for two weeks or less.