Totes Agree with Senyor Komi!


Kung ako nga ang tatanungin, mas maganda pa ang mukha ni Wendy Valdez, kung ikukumpara mo naman siya kina Mariel Rodriguez at Kitchie Nadal, ‘no!? (BTW, the latter two are known for being pretty in person without makeup because of their KUTIS MAHARLIKA)

Wendy Valdez, however, had bad skin. That’s why she’s not so pretty (by Filipino standards), but her features could pass for pretty.

Agree to that! Well, Wendy is pretty, but she has really bad skin. That’s why I didn’t find her so pretty that time, just because she’s dark.

Anyways, that should not be an issue after all. Wala ngang sinabi sina Mariel at Kitchie pagdating sa pagiging maganda, kumpara kay Wendy, eh. Though Wendy is bitchy as her persona, people attested that she’s not bitchy in person pala, eh. Kung ako pa ang tatanungin, features-wise, Wendy passes for good-looking.

Walang sinabi sina Mariel at Kitchie kasi nga, Wendy lacks the dark eyebags–in other words, kung itatabi siya kay Mariel at Kitchie, she would definitely stand out talaga. I was really shocked like hell why Mariel is pretty in person. Siguro dahil sa makeup, pero without makeup, they even attested she’s prettier.


Kung hindi lang makinis si Mariel, definitely she would not stand out.

I simply do not get it why Filipino society thinks that having smooth skin without consulting the derma = attractive. I mean, come on, there are still smooth-skinned people who are not really attractive at all, unless nadadala ang ang features ng mukha niya sa kinis ng kanyang balat.

#KomiSays: Hindi ako nagagandahan talaga kay Mariel Rodriguez, pero makinis ang balat, oo.

And hello, Mariel is one of the celebrities who looks older than her age–in other words, kaya lang siya maganda in person without makeup is because of her skin texture. Period. Kung pangit sana ang balat niya, definitely legit ladyboy-looking na talaga siya. (I really doubt, she really has sophisticated features. One PExer and my couz saw her in person. Not really legit pretty. Even some forumers attest hindi talaga head-turner ang dating niya. After all, I believe Bashing 101. I think she’s pretty in person because of the makeup.)

Same with Kitchie Nadal. Also, hindi ko rin gets kung bakit marami ring nagagandahan sa kanya. I bet, hindi siya stand-out sa La Salle dati. Kung ako pa ang tatanungin, ang stand-out award would definitely go to Carla Abellana and Iya Villania–since these two girls are NOT given justice in the camera–but looking at their features, they definitely stand out.

Also, just because they ome from La Salle does not mean you will expect that ALL Lasallians are blessed with good keratin build-up. Hell, being blessed with good keratin build-up actually depends whether you have East Asian ancestry or not, and that’s it.

Anyways, having smooth skin is rather an asset to those girls who really do not have sophisticated features. Kumbaga, nadadala lang ang ganda nila sa kinis ng kanilang balat. ‘Yun na!

If you’re going to ask a Korean or a Japanese person, I bet, no one will think that Mariel and Kitchie is attractive once they see them in person without makeup (kahit siguro sa TV o pics pa ‘yan). You know how skyrocketing high their standards really are. They might say that Wendy Valdez is really pretty.

Because for Koreans and Japanese people, they think that their smooth, flawless skin is NOT enough to define a person as attractive. Features mismo ang tinitingnan, and if they like your features, they will surely envy you. Eh kay Mariel at Kitchie, I bet, no Korean or Japanese person will think they really stand out. Siguro sina Tricia Gosingtian pa o si Alodia Gosiengfiao pa ang mag-stand out.

You know that there are many Koreans and Japanese people who are smooth-skinned, but hell, kung sino pa ang mas marami pang acne marks sa kanila, sila pa ang mas attractive. Well, I’m pertaining towards the guys, ah. Impression ko kasi sa mga East Asian guys na makikinis, parang ang bading tingnan. Hell, ang mas brusko pa ang balat, sila talaga ang attractive.

What Komi is trying to emphasize is that, he thinks that having smooth, flawless skin does not make one person attractive. Tama naman talaga siya, eh. Skin color and/or skin texture does not define how good-looking and/or presentable a person really is. Kumbaga, he’s trying to emphasize that there are some people who are just good-looking without makeup because of their skin. Obvious naman na maganda “daw” sa personal si Mariel without makeup is because of her skin texture. Tama rin si Komi na maganda lang si Mariel because of her kutis maharlika, ‘yun na! As a matter of fact, Mariel once attested that Kristine Hermosa is pretty even without makeup and also in person is because, kahit tadtad siguro ng zits si Tintin, aba eh, hindi ma-agnas ang hitsura niya. I have seen photos of Kristine when she wasn’t super fair-skinned, and I really think she will be very pretty sooner or later. She’s one example of a person who is a late-bloomer talaga, kumbaga, she wasn’t very pretty when I first saw her, and when I saw her in Pangako Sa’yo, doon talaga lumitaw ang mala-Diyosa niyang kagandahan.

Well, the only attractive thing in Mariel is her face shape. ‘Yun na!

#KomiSays: Mariel is not actually very pretty, pero hindi chaka. Average-looking, pwede pa. In fact, mas chaka pa si Toni Gonzaga, kung tutuusin. (Mas ma-ere pa nga si Toni, sa totoo lang!)

Also, there are many people with flaws on their skin, but definitely still stood out even without makeup is because they’re blessed with good features and good symmetry.

#RealTalk: Having smooth skin makes average/so-so features attractive, that’s why people blessed with great skin do not need to undergo the knife.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more Komi Rants on senyorkomikado!

My thoughts about Wendy Valdez’s transformation…

Credits from FHM forums

Another lolli-bashing again! HAHAHA, kidding.

Alright, if you’re a skinny girl (as in waif-slim) with a C-cup and above and reading this post, it’s better if you leave now, because you might find my posts offensive to read, I’m sorry but this is for your own good haha.

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Julia Montes latest mukap…

Thanks FP for the pic.

My take: Mukha siyang zombie dito! And the mukap is for stage play, na pinagmukha pa siyang matanda dito… or is it because of a bad angle? LMAO

As much as she has the nicest angles (well compared to me, I loooook so-so average-looking chos!), this is the first time I saw her in a BAD ANGLE!

True enough, Julia is better-looking without makeup. Nagmumukha kasi siyang ma-ere with mukap eh, and nowadays, due to high-quality resolution of digital cameras, everyone would look more like walking wax figures from Madame Tussauds truly, than to look like a real human being. Compare the makeup photos of Hollywood celebrities–whether classic or modern, compared to Filipino celebrities. Ang mga mukap artists ng Hollywood are even more and more experienced, compared sa Filipino. If you want to look more natural than wax, makeup artists should take a cue from fashion bloggers like Tricia Gosingtian since she does her own makeup and guess what? She does not look like a wax figure even though she looks like a doll. You could still look like a human doll (read: human doll) like Dakota Rose compared to Ukranian model Valeria Lyukanova (aka the human Barbie) who really looks like a wax figure! Eek!

Aside from Julia Montes, sino pa ba ang mga mukap artist nila Kim Chiu, Yeng Constantino, Kathryn Bernardo at ni Jasmine Curtis-Smith? Parang they cannot imitate the way experienced makeup artists enhance their clients’ features, tapos adding insult to injury pa ah, parang kapag na-Photoshop, they might as well look like the horrible version of Cristine Reyes (check out LOOK Mag na may AA at Angelica P). ‘Diba may rumor pa nga ang kay Charice at kay Jinkee Pacquiao sa mga mag pics nila!?

The wonders and horrors of makeup

Makeup could do a lot of wonders, but to over-emphasize your facial features might make you look like a wax figure. To add insult to injury, what more kung dalawang beses ka pang nagpa-nosejob? Ha! Take a cue from Rufa Mae Quinto. While she has always been white-skinned throughout the years, it seemed that her nose just because bigger… in other words, too big for her face. Halos naging kahawig pa nga siya si Redford White eh. Also, compare her makeup free pics then and now–she looks too ordinary without mukap, and what is actually “natural” to her is like, no more. Pati boobs niya nadagdagan na rin, pati ang gluta, haha.

Actually, pale-skinned people do not need makeup at all. That’s when you enter the brown-skinned people at the scene, where they still do not look like wax due to their skin color. Whatever makeup you do with brown-skinned people, at least if it retains your natural look, you still look like a human being. Eh ang problema dito sa Pilipinas, kapag mineykapan ang isang artista, wagas! Nakikigaya rin sa mga Korean celebrities na cake-y kaayong mag-mukap! Notice that most Koreans, even ordinary ones have cake-y makeup done, and not even the Japanese people are spared. Since Japanese doramas have very high video quality, kahit makeup napapansin na rin. Pati flaws, hindi kayang takpan ng makeup. Now this is what I could say about makeup: Soft focus is really needed in every TV show or movie, because that’s one ticket to a good movie.

It’s not necessarily wrong to wear makeup, since I prefer using it more than going under the knife. Peace!

Analysis on Doppelgaenger’s

Yeng Constantino = Maja Salvador

Alessandra de Rossi = Rhian Ramos

Truth to be told, Yeng Constantino is better-looking than Maja. Mas malakas ang hatak ng first-hand accounts, na mas maraming magsasabing maganda talaga si Yeng, whether with or without makeup. Si Maja, on the other hand, malakas lang talaga ang appeal, and what makes her stand out is her dancing skills.

Meanwhile, Alessandra de Rossi has a slight resemblance towards Rhian, but the former is still better-looking. Although Rhian is said to be much prettier in person without makeup, people will agree more if I say that Alessandra’s prettier. Also, when it comes to talent, Alessandra is the winner.

Of course, beauty is really going to show when you are always getting rid and avoiding controversies in a consistent manner. Also, ang maganda pa kapag wala ka pang isyu is that, you tend to be more class.

Don’t you see why I do admire the more underrated ones? That’s because despite their talent, they don’t actually need to undergo casting couch. Kung sino pa talaga ang may magaling na manager, sila pa ang nalalaos ng biglaan, while people who prove their worth in showbiz industry are more often to be rewarded.


Angelina Jolie’s post-mastectomy breasts…

My take: Meeeehhhh… it’s too big for her frame, and I wonder why she was blessed (well not really!) with such full-cup C breasts for her waif frame. It does not suit her, I tell you! She looks much much better if she’s not a cup-C!

I bet the boob job speculations are quite true, and it’s all in the bra why Angelina has to make her boobs full–she wants to look fat! HAHAHA!

Also, she has no ass, but she has hips that are “forward” than “sidewards.” Therefore, it’s ugly.

Roxyisferox said about Phoem Barranda’s boobjob (haha, may seem off but relevant):

yung kay phoem, dapat magkalaman muna katawan niya bago magpalaki ng boobs. di proportional. parang pinasakan lang ng hinating orange.

In English, “Phoem should have meat on her body before she opt for a boobjob. It’s not proportional. It’s like orange-halves shoved on her chest.”

Yeah! This also applies to Angelina. I know that she’s only using bra to enhance her breasts, and the only reason why it’s a C because it’s saggy.

CLICK here for her Angelina’s naked photo!

They just seem big, but that’s because it’s saggy. Therefore, not too big, but not that small, either. Angelina has no excuses why she has a skinny frame with huge tits–it’s mere implants (and guess what? You could still breast-feed your children with implants!). Check out Lady Gaga’s tittays–they’re really saggy!

No wonder, there are lots of TMZ comments with regards to her post-mastectomy work!

CJ said:

She wanted new boobs and found a way to look like a saint in the process. Classy.

It was also rumored that Jon Voight discussed about Angie’s boobjob when she was not yet in her 20s, therefore, it’s kind of legit.

Talia said:


I thought she was courageous for having her breasts removed…I thought it really spoke to who she was as a woman and how she defined her power and femininity. But she’s so worried about having titties that she stuffed her chest with sacks. I don’t think that’s so courageous.

Letsbereal said:

Sounds like she wanted breast implants and her EXCELLENT publicists twisted the truth to say it was for fear of Breast cancer because of her relatives who died from it. I like Angelina a lot but I also know how smart she is. Implants come with risks too. She and the press twisted it to make it sound courageous when she probably just wanted a boob job. Probably.

Amazinglybored said:

So…. they look big, too big for her frame, j/s.

TMZ probably shouldn’t cover anything remotely sensitive and this topic is, not Jolie, but mastectomies. Don’t do it, TMZ.

This is the best comment I have ever received. She should have meat on her body first before having implants, and to think that getting implants is quite risky as well, she should have been better without those implants. She also has photos where she really looked meatier, and that’s where her boobs suit her frame. Don’t get me started that “skinny women with big boobs exist,” well they really do exist, but that’s because hormones will not be B&W–if hormones become B&W, it means that it also follows your height and body type at the same time!

CJ12 said:

im going to call bull**** on this one…she did so much **** talking about plastic surgery and never getting breast implants so she had to find another way to get her tits done without looking like a hypocrite. sad…

Meg said:

There is no way that she would have had a mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery and heal this fast. She would also have visible scars along the sides of the breasts, which are not evident here. I would not be surprised if this was all bullsh*t and not even true and she just had her boobs worked on. Being a nurse, I know there is no way in hell that she would have recovered this fast and also, her boobs would not be droppy as her’s are right now in this pic.

Not being a hater right here. While I do admire Angelina for being a humanitarian, that’s because she has changed from her sneaky past. People may accuse her for being a hypocrite, but that’s even more hypocritical is how you’re going to fling with a lot of men and you will deny it to death! It’s a good thing that Angelina will not marry Brad Pitt because of some issues regarding marriage–they will divorce immediately! HAHAHA! (Remember the Kim K-Kris Humphries wedding!?)

I do not doubt about Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy thing, but believe it or not, her breasts ever since never suit her skinny frame. Probably because she wants to look fat or meaty, she should have meat on her body first before having her breasts enhanced. No wonder, there are some speculations that she is having an eating disorder (haha, she was MEATIER than skinny, it only happens that she has a very disciplined diet, that’s all). I believe she either suffers from anorexia or bulimia, and this applies to some people like Snejana Onopka, Freja Beha Erichsen and the other super skinny models out there. Miranda Kerr, meanwhile, is out of the question. Given that she is super skinny, but that’s because she was born premature. No wonder she has this small-boned frame, so she opted to keep herself in good health, compared to other people who would defend themselves from eating disorder rumors.

Yes, you need a slim but meaty body to have bigger breasts! Skinny bodies without any meat should not allow cup-C breasts to come in! HAHA!|I think despite the bra, this is Angelina’s breasts at its smallest, and it suits her better.

I’d rather see Angelina wearing minimizer bras rather than the foam ones. I don’t really like walking Chupa Chups on the catwalk, unless you’re either Halle Berry or Tyra Banks (hahaha, speaking of hotness, they’re hotter).

Amber Tamblyn’s dainty feet|Amber is the one on the left.

We all know Amber Tamblyn as the main character of Joan of Arcadia and one of the lead stars in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. Sadly, she’s one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood, since she has very weird proportions that kind of not fit in the show business industry itself.

However, I noticed that her feet are very small for someone who stands at 5 feet and 7 inches (the matching size should be 9.5, and someone who is this tall should have a minimum shoe size of at least 8, unless she’s East Asian).

Guess what her shoe size is?

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