My thoughts about Wendy Valdez’s transformation…

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Another lolli-bashing again! HAHAHA, kidding.

Alright, if you’re a skinny girl (as in waif-slim) with a C-cup and above and reading this post, it’s better if you leave now, because you might find my posts offensive to read, I’m sorry but this is for your own good haha.

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Angelina Jolie’s post-mastectomy breasts…

My take: Meeeehhhh… it’s too big for her frame, and I wonder why she was blessed (well not really!) with such full-cup C breasts for her waif frame. It does not suit her, I tell you! She looks much much better if she’s not a cup-C!

I bet the boob job speculations are quite true, and it’s all in the bra why Angelina has to make her boobs full–she wants to look fat! HAHAHA!

Also, she has no ass, but she has hips that are “forward” than “sidewards.” Therefore, it’s ugly.

Roxyisferox said about Phoem Barranda’s boobjob (haha, may seem off but relevant):

yung kay phoem, dapat magkalaman muna katawan niya bago magpalaki ng boobs. di proportional. parang pinasakan lang ng hinating orange.

In English, “Phoem should have meat on her body before she opt for a boobjob. It’s not proportional. It’s like orange-halves shoved on her chest.”

Yeah! This also applies to Angelina. I know that she’s only using bra to enhance her breasts, and the only reason why it’s a C because it’s saggy.

CLICK here for her Angelina’s naked photo!

They just seem big, but that’s because it’s saggy. Therefore, not too big, but not that small, either. Angelina has no excuses why she has a skinny frame with huge tits–it’s mere implants (and guess what? You could still breast-feed your children with implants!). Check out Lady Gaga’s tittays–they’re really saggy!

No wonder, there are lots of TMZ comments with regards to her post-mastectomy work!

CJ said:

She wanted new boobs and found a way to look like a saint in the process. Classy.

It was also rumored that Jon Voight discussed about Angie’s boobjob when she was not yet in her 20s, therefore, it’s kind of legit.

Talia said:


I thought she was courageous for having her breasts removed…I thought it really spoke to who she was as a woman and how she defined her power and femininity. But she’s so worried about having titties that she stuffed her chest with sacks. I don’t think that’s so courageous.

Letsbereal said:

Sounds like she wanted breast implants and her EXCELLENT publicists twisted the truth to say it was for fear of Breast cancer because of her relatives who died from it. I like Angelina a lot but I also know how smart she is. Implants come with risks too. She and the press twisted it to make it sound courageous when she probably just wanted a boob job. Probably.

Amazinglybored said:

So…. they look big, too big for her frame, j/s.

TMZ probably shouldn’t cover anything remotely sensitive and this topic is, not Jolie, but mastectomies. Don’t do it, TMZ.

This is the best comment I have ever received. She should have meat on her body first before having implants, and to think that getting implants is quite risky as well, she should have been better without those implants. She also has photos where she really looked meatier, and that’s where her boobs suit her frame. Don’t get me started that “skinny women with big boobs exist,” well they really do exist, but that’s because hormones will not be B&W–if hormones become B&W, it means that it also follows your height and body type at the same time!

CJ12 said:

im going to call bull**** on this one…she did so much **** talking about plastic surgery and never getting breast implants so she had to find another way to get her tits done without looking like a hypocrite. sad…

Meg said:

There is no way that she would have had a mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery and heal this fast. She would also have visible scars along the sides of the breasts, which are not evident here. I would not be surprised if this was all bullsh*t and not even true and she just had her boobs worked on. Being a nurse, I know there is no way in hell that she would have recovered this fast and also, her boobs would not be droppy as her’s are right now in this pic.

Not being a hater right here. While I do admire Angelina for being a humanitarian, that’s because she has changed from her sneaky past. People may accuse her for being a hypocrite, but that’s even more hypocritical is how you’re going to fling with a lot of men and you will deny it to death! It’s a good thing that Angelina will not marry Brad Pitt because of some issues regarding marriage–they will divorce immediately! HAHAHA! (Remember the Kim K-Kris Humphries wedding!?)

I do not doubt about Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy thing, but believe it or not, her breasts ever since never suit her skinny frame. Probably because she wants to look fat or meaty, she should have meat on her body first before having her breasts enhanced. No wonder, there are some speculations that she is having an eating disorder (haha, she was MEATIER than skinny, it only happens that she has a very disciplined diet, that’s all). I believe she either suffers from anorexia or bulimia, and this applies to some people like Snejana Onopka, Freja Beha Erichsen and the other super skinny models out there. Miranda Kerr, meanwhile, is out of the question. Given that she is super skinny, but that’s because she was born premature. No wonder she has this small-boned frame, so she opted to keep herself in good health, compared to other people who would defend themselves from eating disorder rumors.

Yes, you need a slim but meaty body to have bigger breasts! Skinny bodies without any meat should not allow cup-C breasts to come in! HAHA!|I think despite the bra, this is Angelina’s breasts at its smallest, and it suits her better.

I’d rather see Angelina wearing minimizer bras rather than the foam ones. I don’t really like walking Chupa Chups on the catwalk, unless you’re either Halle Berry or Tyra Banks (hahaha, speaking of hotness, they’re hotter).

A pessimist comment against Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy issue!|Hmmm… Angelina is already 19 here, but how come she’s small-chested!?

Jake said:

There’s nothing heroic about Jolie’s decision. First of all she never had cancer and she did NOT have a double mastectomy. She had a partial mastectomy or implant revision surgery to remove her old implants and replace them with new ones. She did NOT have her nipples or areola removed, she had them lifted to a higher position on her breasts. She has tried to sell this elective surgery into a tale of cancer survival, when she never had cancer. How is that heroic?

Like what people said:

While Angelina’s getting skinnier, her boobs are growing the opposite direction.

Meaning to say that Angelina already had implants ever since (probably at her 20s, we don’t really know)!

There’s no doubt why I have always been an avid basher of skinny women with a cup-C chest and above. Seriously, if these women exist, without the presence of hips and ass plus protruding ribs, EWWW… that is sooooo disgusting (again, no offense if you’re this type of person, physically). Unless if a skinny woman has the body type of Freja Beha Erichsen, now that’s better (Freja has small hips and ass, too, aside from being flat-chested). I was also very happy when I found out that Taylor Momsen is also small-chested! But anyways, TayMoms for me is someone whom I now admire because of her pretentious ignorance towards JB!

Or probably because Angelina lost her virginity at the age of fourteen, and that the guy had touched her tittays (well, some speculations say that once a guy touches your tits, it will get bigger). Well, maybe because of the heat energy coming from the guy, which stimulates both sides’ promiscuity!

However, during her pre-20s, her breasts are not that large yet. Well, I do not major in pre-med, but I think that’s because of her influence when flinging with the guys of her life, coming from what I have explained about guys + touching boobs.


On Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy and Osaka Mayor Hashimoto’s statement on comfort women

So I thought… Angelina had a boob reduction!? Kidding.

Well, she does not want to lose her boobs, despite the surgery. At least she’s keeping herself healthy.

But I suggest she does not want to lose her chest because she’s skinny. But I would appreciate it if she has Kate Hudson’s boobs (LOL she will be rather a laughing stock than a bombshell).

Congrats, Angelina! You’re still an inspiration somehow!

But as for Hashimoto-shicho, well, here he is again on his über-patriotic spree. Well, his leadership style is only for prefectural levels since his policies are too big to handle by the city proper. Well, inked people are the most discriminated in Osaka ever since he downgraded his position from governor to mayor.

I love Rufa Mae Quinto but…

I believe her boobies are fake.

What could someone do with being a walking caricature? LOL, as if she’s that cute? That was before.

Granted, Rufa Mae may have real boobies, however, kung totoo ‘yan, dapat deflated tingnan ‘yan kung nakahiga siya. In her case, tayong-tayo parin, eh. So I’d say nagpa-dagdag siya ng boobs.

Maganda na nga ang boobs niya, ah. But how come na nagpadagdag pa siya?

(Courtesy of Ms. P-Chi’s Instagram)

She’s very beautiful and sexy, without the enhancements. Actually, ang nagbago lang sa kanya is her skin color. I’ve seen her YES Mag issue and she used to be dark. Also, hindi naman ganun kalaki ang boobs niya dati. It just happened that she’s gifted with such a pair of cup-C and above chest, that’s why she’s well-known for being large-chested despite her petite, skinny frame.

One thing that makes even more admirable is her bubbly personality. Kahit sa totoong buhay, you’ll never hear such bad things against her, eh. Kahit love life pa ang isyu sa kanya, it’s just nothing. Kaya may movie siyang, Status: Single.

Starting from 2009, it seemed that she had a boob job na. Look at this pic:

Nakahiga na siya. Kung totoo talaga ang boobs, dapat deflated na ang dating. Eh ito, tayong-tayo. It is a sign that nagpadagdag siya ng boobs even though malaki na talaga ang boobs niya.

Halatang may silicone ang boobs niya, which made her boobs bigger, even though in “Status: Single,” gumagalaw-galaw parin ang boobs niya. Yep, it’s also possible na gumagalaw-galaw rin ang fake na boobs. Look at AA’s boobs in No Other Woman, even though it’s fake, it still moves!

She has a nice pair of tittays…

I really wished to be large-chested like her, and I was considering a boob job, even though when I was not yet in the puberty stage! However, it was only then I wished to be small-chested. Mahirap magkaroon ng malaking pakwan! Kung ang mga small-chested women, push-up lang, mga flat-chested naman diyan, no bra!|Si Pauleen Luna talaga ang may totoong boobs!

Mas mukha pa ngang totoo ang boobs ni Ethel Booba, and I have to say that she was actually considering a boob reduction.

Now who does not want to be modest-chested? Kesa naman sa tawagin kang:

Isip madre, katawang pornstar.

Even my other fella GIRLTalker Lizzie said that she has this love-hate relationship with her boobs. It’s harder to find dress sizes na small if you’re actually large-chested. Take a cue from Sophie Monk, she cannot find decent clothes just because she’s a skinny woman with cup-D boobs.

Actually, I really have nothing against women with super-stick arms, but the boobs are like, cup-C and above. I love P-Chi’s boobs, but she had it enlarged, which makes her:

A walking caricature.

GIRLTalk comments

quennna said in “Mga Artistang Packaged as Good-Looking pero hindi naman:

ruffa mae quinto
gandang puti lang

…the conversation goes on:


pansin ko nung nag guest sya sa ggv, nag age na talaga sya. nung bagong labas sya hindi ganyan kaputi plus parang may something na binago sa face nya, hindi ko lang matukoy kung ano.


mukha na syang caricature..
big eyes, small face, big chest, small waist… hehe


ang odd ng body structure nya…. I wish I have her boob size though lol


Haha, nakita ko na in person si RMQ. Omg, ang laki laki ng boobies nya. Hindi rin maganda tignan kasi parang ang payat ng frame nya. And she’s not pretty in person.  Sobrang puti na hindi healthy tignan – maputla in short.

Yep. Malaki raw talaga boobs niya in person. At super payat pa niya. Also, she’s not pretty daw.

Hindi nakakagulat. Mukha ngang tuyot na-lusyang na, eh. But I agree with ReservoirDogs.


nasosobrahan ng Gluta ang iba sis kasi dito sa pinas, white is beautiful… sadly.


Ka-batch dati ni RMQ yung brother ng friend ko in HS.  I just forgot kung anong school. Maitim daw itong si RMQ dati at pango ang ilong.

Pango ang ilong? Well, I’ve seen her old pics and she’s not flat-nosed naman. It just happens that her nose is too big for her face.


Idol yata cya ni Christine Reyes sa pagiging retokada lol but if you have money naman and use your looks as a way to earn money – why not diba?

I said:

Nakita ko ‘yung sa YES Mag mga old pics ni P-Chi, and I must say that her boobs are not that big — in fact, modest size lang naman.


pati yung sa may hips nya dati, hindi ganun kaganda yung shape. parang may umbok sa gilid na ewan. napansin ko lang nung napalipat ako ng channel, sa pbo parang may palabas sila ng isang comedian na hindi ko rin maalala kung sino. naka 2 piece sya dun pansin ko yung hips nya saka di pa sya ganun kaputi doon.

Exactly. P-Chi’s boobs are not grotesque-ly huge, it’s just that it does not look good, and she should have taken a thing or two from Sophie Monk. Recently, muhkang nagpabawas ng boobs si Sophie. It means that she does not really like the fact that she looks like a lollipop. Masagwa naman kasi talaga tingnan. If you’d notice, P-Chi would have been less of a Pamela Anderson if she only retained her cup size. That way, she won’t look like a caricature.

But I still love her, though!