Pamela Anderson before plastic surgery

My take:

It’s no denying that she’s really beautiful without the need of going under the knife. In other words, she’s really blessed with God-given beauty in her (AA, define God-given beauty nga!? Witch nose!? Orange halves!? LMAO).

I can’t stare! She’s (Pammy) too pretty talaga, which Kris Aquino will never have (although cute rin si Krizzy when she was with Rene Requiestas as her pakner!).

Well, there are some other pics of her beauty. Super sayang nga eh! She’s an epitome of a Canadian beauty that no other US American would ever possess.

Well, I find her better-looking than Angelina Jolie, face value-wise. Also, she already has a nice pair of tits that do not need augmentation. Overall, she does not need plastic surgery to become more beautiful.

There are other pics there in Google.

She’s better off with brunette locks and fairer skin.

I love Rufa Mae Quinto but…

I believe her boobies are fake.

What could someone do with being a walking caricature? LOL, as if she’s that cute? That was before.

Granted, Rufa Mae may have real boobies, however, kung totoo ‘yan, dapat deflated tingnan ‘yan kung nakahiga siya. In her case, tayong-tayo parin, eh. So I’d say nagpa-dagdag siya ng boobs.

Maganda na nga ang boobs niya, ah. But how come na nagpadagdag pa siya?

(Courtesy of Ms. P-Chi’s Instagram)

She’s very beautiful and sexy, without the enhancements. Actually, ang nagbago lang sa kanya is her skin color. I’ve seen her YES Mag issue and she used to be dark. Also, hindi naman ganun kalaki ang boobs niya dati. It just happened that she’s gifted with such a pair of cup-C and above chest, that’s why she’s well-known for being large-chested despite her petite, skinny frame.

One thing that makes even more admirable is her bubbly personality. Kahit sa totoong buhay, you’ll never hear such bad things against her, eh. Kahit love life pa ang isyu sa kanya, it’s just nothing. Kaya may movie siyang, Status: Single.

Starting from 2009, it seemed that she had a boob job na. Look at this pic:

Nakahiga na siya. Kung totoo talaga ang boobs, dapat deflated na ang dating. Eh ito, tayong-tayo. It is a sign that nagpadagdag siya ng boobs even though malaki na talaga ang boobs niya.

Halatang may silicone ang boobs niya, which made her boobs bigger, even though in “Status: Single,” gumagalaw-galaw parin ang boobs niya. Yep, it’s also possible na gumagalaw-galaw rin ang fake na boobs. Look at AA’s boobs in No Other Woman, even though it’s fake, it still moves!

She has a nice pair of tittays…

I really wished to be large-chested like her, and I was considering a boob job, even though when I was not yet in the puberty stage! However, it was only then I wished to be small-chested. Mahirap magkaroon ng malaking pakwan! Kung ang mga small-chested women, push-up lang, mga flat-chested naman diyan, no bra!|Si Pauleen Luna talaga ang may totoong boobs!

Mas mukha pa ngang totoo ang boobs ni Ethel Booba, and I have to say that she was actually considering a boob reduction.

Now who does not want to be modest-chested? Kesa naman sa tawagin kang:

Isip madre, katawang pornstar.

Even my other fella GIRLTalker Lizzie said that she has this love-hate relationship with her boobs. It’s harder to find dress sizes na small if you’re actually large-chested. Take a cue from Sophie Monk, she cannot find decent clothes just because she’s a skinny woman with cup-D boobs.

Actually, I really have nothing against women with super-stick arms, but the boobs are like, cup-C and above. I love P-Chi’s boobs, but she had it enlarged, which makes her:

A walking caricature.

GIRLTalk comments

quennna said in “Mga Artistang Packaged as Good-Looking pero hindi naman:

ruffa mae quinto
gandang puti lang

…the conversation goes on:


pansin ko nung nag guest sya sa ggv, nag age na talaga sya. nung bagong labas sya hindi ganyan kaputi plus parang may something na binago sa face nya, hindi ko lang matukoy kung ano.


mukha na syang caricature..
big eyes, small face, big chest, small waist… hehe


ang odd ng body structure nya…. I wish I have her boob size though lol


Haha, nakita ko na in person si RMQ. Omg, ang laki laki ng boobies nya. Hindi rin maganda tignan kasi parang ang payat ng frame nya. And she’s not pretty in person.  Sobrang puti na hindi healthy tignan – maputla in short.

Yep. Malaki raw talaga boobs niya in person. At super payat pa niya. Also, she’s not pretty daw.

Hindi nakakagulat. Mukha ngang tuyot na-lusyang na, eh. But I agree with ReservoirDogs.


nasosobrahan ng Gluta ang iba sis kasi dito sa pinas, white is beautiful… sadly.


Ka-batch dati ni RMQ yung brother ng friend ko in HS.  I just forgot kung anong school. Maitim daw itong si RMQ dati at pango ang ilong.

Pango ang ilong? Well, I’ve seen her old pics and she’s not flat-nosed naman. It just happens that her nose is too big for her face.


Idol yata cya ni Christine Reyes sa pagiging retokada lol but if you have money naman and use your looks as a way to earn money – why not diba?

I said:

Nakita ko ‘yung sa YES Mag mga old pics ni P-Chi, and I must say that her boobs are not that big — in fact, modest size lang naman.


pati yung sa may hips nya dati, hindi ganun kaganda yung shape. parang may umbok sa gilid na ewan. napansin ko lang nung napalipat ako ng channel, sa pbo parang may palabas sila ng isang comedian na hindi ko rin maalala kung sino. naka 2 piece sya dun pansin ko yung hips nya saka di pa sya ganun kaputi doon.

Exactly. P-Chi’s boobs are not grotesque-ly huge, it’s just that it does not look good, and she should have taken a thing or two from Sophie Monk. Recently, muhkang nagpabawas ng boobs si Sophie. It means that she does not really like the fact that she looks like a lollipop. Masagwa naman kasi talaga tingnan. If you’d notice, P-Chi would have been less of a Pamela Anderson if she only retained her cup size. That way, she won’t look like a caricature.

But I still love her, though!